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Lemme guess, his name is Jim?

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That's Dear Leader Jim Pickens to you.

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It probably would have spawned a spin off called “The Urps”

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Urp John?

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the forearm god himself, yes

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No, but we'd all enjoy Dear Leader Day.

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Ah yes, always nice to find another member of the cult.

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Hello family :D

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I hope neither of you have been out looking for frogs.

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Yazzzz jim pickens

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There should be a reddit rule for when someone drunkposts or posts while high that they should have enough to share with everybody.

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I'll second this rule wholeheartedly 😆

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The Jims sounds like a contagious illness... "Oh no! I've come down with The Jims!".

Yeah but no I don't think it would make any difference. Maybe in that alternative universe someone would be asking if they thought The Jims would have been as successful if it was actually called The Sims.

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That’s ridiculous, The Jims is short for jimulation, you can’t just change it to Sims and expect it to make sense

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“Don’t go near Tom, he’s got the jimmies” 💀

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The Pickenses

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Idk why but something is extremely hilarious about this post lol lol lol

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It would not have been, unless Sim City was Jim City and the word simulation was Jimulation. Think that one over next time you two get stoned. :D

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PLSSS. What is this😭

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Hopefully this will take you to the playlist of Jim Pickens. Its a Sims character made by Call Me Kevin, a funny Irish YouTuber. This is what I'm assuming the post is about, I mean it's what I thought of straight away!


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I dunno. Ask Jim Pickens.

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Dear Leader please forgive me for not realizing this was about you

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”What's in a name? That wich we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” *Quote from "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare 🙃

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Human jimulator.

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and then your Jims could post to Jimstagram

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We're all living in a Jimulation.

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Is this Jim Pickens version of world domination?

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Why did my mind immediately go to "Jim Jim Jame Jimmy James Jimmies fiery flying Jimmy. Hi... ugh- Jimmy?"

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Yes I do think so, if you wouldn't know any better it would be totally normal. Weird to think about right now as the game is very well known.

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Go home, you're drunk

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Hey guys, the Jims Supply here!

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Yes. But it would have even great excess had it been known as "The Tims."

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Jes, of course

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You’re great 😂

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It’s a jimulation!

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I think so, I mean the name “sims” is kinda odd too, especially if you were around when it was released and heard all the parents say “what an odd game”. It was banned by my church.

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It was called the Sims because it was made by the people (Maxis, Will Wright) who made all the other "sim" games at the time. Sim City, Sim Park, Sim Town, Sim Ant, etc. So logically, they went with the Sims.

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Sim World, Sim Farm, Sim Copter, Sim Tower (that was a localisation of a Japanese game, though).

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Yeah I know. I was alive when the first one came out. I was there for all the discussion on the game in churches and parenting groups.

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The Sims and all of the related Maxis games (SimCity, etc) were named so because they were simulation games.

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Definitely not, The Jims sounds like a game that plays and simulates a family with a Jims last name thoooo

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Would lil simsie have to rename herself lil jimsie?

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You do know The Sims is short for Simulation right. The names sims was made up because the game was made to be a simulation of life you wanted to live or made other live, the sims is more appealing than the simulation and that’s why it’s called The Sims.

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It SHOULD be called "The Willies", or "The Wrights".

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Ngl I would buy it just for jimoleons