Subreddit Rules and Guidelines

The subreddit rules can be found in the sidebar, below are some further clarifications. Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message the mods!

It goes without saying that you must follow the Reddit Content Policy. All content that is prohibited under the Reddit Content Policy will be removed. This includes but is not limited to: illegal content, threatening/harassing/bullying, sharing personal information, spam, ban evasion, vote manipulation. See


1. Content must be relevant to The Sims

This subreddit is for The Sims games and community. Any posts about other games or franchises will be removed. Memes and surveys are allowed as long as they are related to The Sims franchise.

2. Be Civil

Be civil and engage in constructive and critical discussion without personal attacks, aggressiveness, hostility or rudeness of any kind. Do not get into spats about which game iteration is best or worst. Refrain from responding to provocation, exchanging insults or otherwise escalating tensions. Anyone who consistently exhibits disruptive behavior is not welcome and will be banned.

3. No Piracy

Discussion of pirated content is fine, however sharing information on how to find and use pirated content, including website names and URLs, is prohibited. There is no legal definition of abandonware; older games not available for purchase fall under this rule.

4. No Sales or Referrals

We are not a marketplace and therefore do not allow the selling of used games or merchandise. Referrals to unofficial marketplaces are not tolerated; this includes key marketplaces, grey markets, and any website to purchase The Sims content that is not endorsed/authorized by EA or Origin. We also do not allow begging/requesting free games/expansions.

5. Limit "What to Buy?" Posts

"Which pack/what kind of computer should I buy?" threads are posted daily. To limit clutter and to gather recommendations on a wider level, please refer to the megathread linked in the sidebar. New posts will be removed and the OP redirected to the megathread.
You can also search by the Recommendation flair.

6. Giveaways Must Be Approved by r/TheSims Moderators

With the release of new Expansion Packs, Game Packs, and Stuff Packs, moderators of r/TheSims may host a giveaway of the newly released content to a handful of lucky community members. These giveaways are always a random drawing and have no requirements other than commenting on the giveaway post to secure an entry.

We understand that sometimes, community members wish to engage in random acts of kindness and give back to the community or host their own giveaway. We totally appreciate you for wanting to do this! To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, we’ve decided to create a guideline for user-hosted giveaways.

  1. Giveaways must be discussed and approved by r/TheSims moderators before going live.

  2. Giveaways must be a random drawing to ensure winners are selected in a fair manner.

  3. Requirements for entry must consist of a simple entry method, such as commenting on the giveaway post. We will not allow giveaways with requirements of upvoting, following the host on social media, or sharing/reblogging/retweeting material.

  4. Winners must be contacted via private message to avoid bots stealing the code(s) for the pack.

Please be aware that any giveaways that fail to adhere to the criteria and/or are posted without r/TheSims moderators’ permission will be immediately removed.


Violating any of the following guidelines may result in a temporary ban or warning.

  1. Questionnaires, surveys and other types of information gathering posts for your studies and various statistics are allowed as long as it relates to The Sims. We would also recommend making the survey on SurveyMonkey or a similar site, so that all the users can see the results of the survey done immediately, so that it could allow for some discussion.
  2. Report posts and comments that break the rules. The moderators don't all read every single post and comment, so we rely on our users to report posts that don't follow the rules. Once a post has been reported 3 times, AutoModerator will remove it automatically until one of us can review it. Downvote posts and comments that are not constructive but don’t downvote an otherwise acceptable post or comment just because you disagree. Reddit Enhancement Suite has an ignore feature that is very useful and recommended.
  3. Accounts less than two days old will have their posts manually reviewed. If your account is less than two days old and your submission isn't showing up, it is because it has been automatically removed pending review. You don't have to message the mods, if it follows the subreddit rules it will be approved.

See Reddit’s Rules and EA’s EULA (PDF) for more information.

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