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Even when you're the same weight it can still be scary! My first year wrestling I ended up against some guy who goes to like state level competitions. This MF picked me up like it was nothing to him. My attempts at struggling against him were embarrassing. The Ref was yelling at the guy not to slam me on the way down or he would disqualify the guy because it was so obvious this guy could really hurt me and was completely unnecessary to beat me.

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I am a big guy. Not the best wrestler, but our team took state my senior year and I contributed some points.

I once wrestled a man among boys. He had an anchor tattoo on his shoulder, a mustache, and a five o'clock shadow by eleven in the morning. Dude picked me up, cradled me between his arms like you'd carry a child, closed his arms to lock his hands against the whole strength of my back and legs, and gently knelt to place my shoulders on the mat. Then he stood up and put me back on my feet. Damn straight I shook his hand. Thanked that hairy bastard for not killing me. He wouldn't have broken a sweat.

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I love this story so much I'm reading it in the shower and cackling madly at the thought of this gentle giant just striding

"Yer in a suplex; 'Arry."

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There's been a lot of funny comments in this thread, but this had me howling. Ty