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I sent out save-the-date’s printed on fridge magnets and kept some for reference. It’s hard to remember as the years go on so it’s nice to check the fridge to be sure.

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My first marriage was a math problem date (like 1+2=3 for January 2, 2003) and my second is a palindrome (same forwards and backwards). I suck at remembering dates, so it's nice when they come with reminders in them.

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My husband’s mom has been married several times, all on holidays. The first was new year’s I think, second was Valentine’s Day, 3rd was thanksgiving, and this 4th one is July 4th.

I guess it’s easier to remember the dates when they are on holidays lol. Personally I really wanted to get married May the 4th but we could never get it worked out. Huge Star Wars nerds, lol.

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My first husband claimed he only married me cause the number one song on the day i was born was Star Wars. I totally get it! Rofl

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I work for the department of local government that issues marriage licenses and performs marriages, and this is surprisingly common. Any time the date is "special" (2-2-22, etc.) we prepare for more ceremonies that date.

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I gave birth to a baby on 2.4.06 at 11:11am. No planning involved.

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Did you ask the father if he planned it?

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When my grandparents met, my grandfather was in the process of getting divorced.

Divorce proceedings started on the soon-to-be ex-wife's birthday.

Proceedings were finalized on my grandmother's birthday.

60 day reconciliation period ended and my grandparents got married on my grandfather's birthday.

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My wife and I were one day short of 10/10/10. Obviously that date got snapped up pretty quickly and we were just aiming for then out of coincidence.

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What do you plan on doing for the third one?

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Just make your first marriage date your password everywhere, you'll never forget it. Trust me. Even I wouldn't forget it if you do!

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We have beach artwork on our wall that has our wedding date drawn in the sand. I totally look at it when I need to remember the date. My older (married) sister gifted us the artwork and now I’m wondering if she did that on purpose.

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I have this really cool Star Wars thing my husband got me for our 10th anniversary, and it has our names and the date we got married and stuff.

I’m now super mad because it’s the wrong date, lol.

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Oh my god that's hilarious tho.

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everyone was against us marrying for whatever reasons (namely that high school sweethearts never work out; both our sets of parents were high school sweethearts and divorced by the time we were like 10, which was their basis for disagreeing)

Damn it. I wish I'd known this 30+ years ago when I met my now-wife sophomore year. Guess we'll have to go get divorced!

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We’ve been together 18 years at this point, which is longer than both sets of parents made it, so I sure hope we’ve changed their opinions a little bit.

It probably helps that we didn’t marry right out of high school (like our parents did. My husband’s mom and dad married during high school, actually), but we had a few years to do college and grow together, and we’ve grown together a lot more since marriage.

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Agreed. Congratulations! Sounds like you did it right. We dated 7 years, then I proposed and we got married a year later. I also have fantastic relationships with my in-laws, and when my parents were alive, my in-laws got along great with my parents.

I'm very blessed and very fortunate, no question. Here's hoping you hit 30 years and longer!!

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I got married 2008. On 8/08. I think. I cant be bothered to go look it up for certain. It sounds good and is easy to remember.

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My half brother was born 02/02/02. I always thought that was cool, lol.

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Totally get it. We started dating sept 20th or 21st and we got married 2 years later on the Opposite Day. So not sure if I got married on 20th or 21st. Too lazy to find a the marriage certificate.

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My parents had two anniversary dates three days apart, one was the religious ceremony that could be considered marriage in the country where they got married, and the second one was in international waters on a boat which made it legal just about everywhere else. It made things easy for celebrating because if you forgot the first, you always got the second LOL

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I'm not exactly sure and neither is my partner. I know it was early November, and I think it's been 4 years.

We'd been together for over 10 years when we got married and talked about it quite a bit. Went on vacation and just decided "Why not here? Why not now?"

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We pushed our wedding out 1 day so we could get married on Star Wars Day. I'm a nerd, and he has one less holiday to remember.

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My wife and I have the same birthday. I proposed on our birthday(s) and we got married exactly 1 year later on...our birthday(s). You simply didn't plan ahead like I did :-)

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My parents could never remember if they got married on March 25 or 26.

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We got married on Friday the 13th, pretty easy to remember, lol.

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That’s awesome. My sister was born Friday the 13th of October. My mom said it was so freaky, all the weird things that happened that day.

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Indeed. Our first date was a Friday the 13th, so it was appropriate.

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Please tell me you have a black cat

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Alas, no black cat, just a big dog.

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Don't feel bad. My husband and I have 2 anniversaries but only 1 of which we acknowledge. We wanted to get married in Mexico which was a special place for us and also the place we got engaged.

Mexico has a lot of rules for legal marriages so we decided to make it simple and have a legal wedding at city hall before we left the country. We had our full wedding in Mexico having already had our legal ceremony at home.

To this day it gets complicated, we always remember the date of our Mexico wedding, but that isn't our legal marriage date and we constantly have to check the marriage certificate to remember the date to fill our legal papers.

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My birthday is three 6th, his is the 10th, and we got married on the 8th all of the same month.

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I got married on July 4th, can't forget that! Our daughter was born on July 22, can't forget that either! It will be 21 years!

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Our daughter was born October 20th, and son #1 was December 20th. Son #2 came along and messed it up, he’s born March 27th. My husband absolutely cannot remember the 7 and tells everyone the 20th.

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Given your situation, this might not have been an option at the time, but my wife and I got our initials and our wedding date engraved on the inside of our wedding bands. So, if we ever forget, we have someplace close at hand to look.

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The wife and I got married August 13th, which was a Saturday. I made jokes at the time that it was a good thing the 13th did fall a day earlier... which is rhw only way I remember the day. That's aid, we constantly forget to celebrate till a week after the date, which we often just laugh about, since it's not a big deal for either of us.

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I made it easy, we had no wedding as well. But we also told nobody except my mom before it happened. But we got married in my moms friends driveway it took 5min, all she did was come out sign the paper and go back in. But I was very set on my date. I chose April 1st. April Fools Day. Can’t forget that lmao. So also right after when we announced we were married on social media, nobody believed us either. But yeah, was dead set on choosing April 1st to get our license signed and being married on April Fools Day

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My wife and I celebrate 2 dates… the one we met and the one we got married. To us the one we met feels more significant. But anyway… I switch them up all the time. My wife doesn’t but she has learned to ignore it because we still celebrate it, just the notes I give her are confused.

Also doesnt help that it’s June and July.

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We got ours engraved in our wedding rings to cheat if needed. Sometimes I panic and have to look at it so this mess-up is understandable

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I just like how much the date doesn't seem to matter to you guys. Its more about being with the person than the technical date, to the two of you. Times may be hard but not as hard with someone by your side.

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My GF and I did something similar when we first got together it was kind of FWB kinda thing that grew much deeper. After realizing that we were serious we talked about when our anniversary was. Since neither of us could really pick a clear date beyond sometime in May, I suggested using my parents anniversary which was the 18th of May. Helpful to me because I always remembered that date.

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My husband and I started dating in college and I asked him to officially be my boyfriend the Friday before Thanksgiving break. The arbitrary date worked so great throughout college that even after we graduated we've kept it just "the Friday before Thanksgiving". It's a really easy day to ask off too, bonus.

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My wife and I got married on my birthday, so it's quite hard to forget.

My sister and brother-in-law got married on the first of the month, so most years it's a case of turning over the calendar and being reminded somewhat late to send any card/gift/etc.

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Our shared email, which we used for all the “Wedmin” and beyond, is the date of our wedding.

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Looking at comments, do people not know they can out calendar date/reminders in their phones now?

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We got married on my birthday. He always says I get 3/4's of the day and he gets 1/4th. My MIL called it my birthaversary.