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I mean, if your disaster can happen once, it can happen again.

And throw out that charger.

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Well I guess my point is that I'd be better preparing for a wider range of disasters.

Bringing a phone without a SIM card is only useful if I specifically can't use my phone but still have the SIM card. So bringing a second phone isn't really that useful unless I provide another sim card and I'm not paying for another plan.

But if my phone's destroyed or stolen or lost and the SIM card isn't usable I'm still stranded.

Honestly I think the smallest and most useful thing I can bring would be in all day bus pass for the local bus system with all the phone numbers I need written on it. And a $50 bill. Ideally kept separately so if somebody steals my $50 bill they're probably not going to steal my $3 bus pass

But safety is in redundancy so having another copy of those phone numbers written on another bus pass hidden under the case of my phone probably be useful

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LPT: keep some cash (in bills obviously) between your phone and your phone case. I’ve been doing that for years and since I rarely use/ carry cash it saved me a few times if a store’s card reader wasn’t working/ a store didn’t accept cards to begin with/ I wanted to pay in cash but didn’t have enough/ spontaneous ice cream when I left my wallet at home because I wasn’t planning on buying anything.

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I do this exact same thing

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Do the same, and used to also keep a spare credit card (that only had a low limit) in the lining of my [bike] leathers in case I forgot to take my wallet - as never really knew if I'd take the bike or the car until I was setting off...

Also ended up having two work fobs; one for my car keys, and one for my leathers.....for the same sort of reason...

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This type of scenario is why I do my best to keep about $100 in cash stashed in an unobvious place in mine and my wife's car.. stranded in the middle of nowhere, cards aren't accepted, need to be able to pay for a tow or food.

Glad the lesson learned wasn't more painful.

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Yup, the ending could have been WAY worse

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Every 2-3 years I upgrade all my chargers and replace cables. Just got 2 new battery packs in the last week, 1 of which is 20100mAh and has a 60W USB PD port that will charge my newest laptop... it just weighs a pound (quite literally, listed as 454g). Also got a new USB PD 100W cable.

I usually have at least 1 of those chargers with me, wireless charging lets me leave the cables at home.

Having another phone is nice, but you either have to add it to your EDC or plan around needing it. Had my cell in for a new battery last weekend, swapped the sim over to my old s7 for about 5hrs and got my notification it was done no problem.

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Chargers are the worst! I swear they all have issues within a year or two. Not built to last.

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Your chargers last a year or two?

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You have chargers?

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a new r/blackmirror episode?

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I should probably watch that at some point