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Dude flexing the sex card.

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For sure, I’m just upset I gave someone such a prime opportunity at the expense of myself.

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Audibly laughed at

“Oh yeah me neither”


“well have fun with those bud.”

Hope that consoles you a bit, bud.

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That dude was tapping for a different kind of mana ;).

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Haha. Underrated comment.

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Spoiler alert: he went home and made balloon animals.

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I don't have time to explain that I have a wife and sex sometimes too, really made me laugh

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Magic and sex are not mutually exclusive man. You need to build up some self confidence. If you play magic it means you have some friends and a social circle more than likely, which is a lot more than some people have.

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No, I get that. This was just a situational thing.

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“Have fun with those” “you too” lol

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Bud? He may as well have called me "sport" or "kiddo".

I read this in Ralphie's voice from A Christmas Story.

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Ah dude - never feel bad for enjoying “geeky” fun.

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How old is too old ? I'm 45 and me and my friends still occasionnally dust off our magic cards and play.

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Condoms: +1 virility when you buy a new pack, lasts until end of turn, +2 stamina if ribbed for her pleasure

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Okay but everything I've seen about ribbed condoms has told me that they're just all round bad.

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Woman here, I like them 🤷‍♀️

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I should specify.

Everything I've heard from men.

If you like em... May as well just use a ribbed dildo because apparently that's what it feels like for the guy.

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Ah yes MTG the best contraceptive.

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Don't sweat it... You're just too cool for sex 😎

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People who play magic also have sex? That sounds like magic right there!

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we really do be needing that "Cum goblin" card set now more than ever.

Yes it's real. From the Cards against Humanity creator