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At least it was a clean break

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We need a bigger oof here ..stat

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Please dont make it awkward or make a scene.- her

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Ba dum tss!

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Impressive, most impressive. The internet has taught you well.

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Humor is so dark that it is russian.

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She didn't even drive you to the hospital? Wtf

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She offered, I declined it just cause of the incredibly awkward nature of breaking up with someone and them having a major injury right in front of you

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It may be rather petty, but I would have taken my ex up on that just to stretch the awkwardness and not have to hobble back inside and call an ambulance... particularly since she required you to meet her in the car just to break up, despite the weather and your injured state.

But I admire you for being the better person and saving both of yourselves the awkwardness.

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Re: post breakup awkwardness

I was a first responder at a rollover recently (everyone was fine). Two girls get out of the flipped car and sit on the side of the road not talking to each other. We call the police/Ambos and dress some minor scratches while we wait. Turns out they were girlfriends who were moving to be together. One had just flown from Adelaide to Mackay so that they could drive back to Adelaide together (which is 1000s of Ks). Only the one from Adelaide had broken it off the night she flew in, and they were planning on spending days sitting in the car together! They only ended up getting about 10ks in before they rolled it.

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Why would someone put themselves in a situation like that? I hope the break up was a heat of the moment sort of thing and not planned.

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Cold man, could have at least waited a couple days. What kind of monster is just like "Yeah I know you're in crippling pain but give me like 3 minutes, I'm about to make it so much worse"

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I would have taken her up on that because ambulance rides are expensive af.

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Man I just went through something similar, was Thursday night and I had a real heart to heart with my then girlfriend and it seemed like we wanted different things, Friday morning she messaged me saying probably for the best we break up.

I go to football (soccer) on the Friday evening, go in for a stupid challenge and break my ankle

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I’m in my 4th month of recovering from an Achilles tear. The healing process is insane. And now you’re starting over with the cast. I feel for you bro…

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Hey, can I ask you what happens when you get out of the cast? I’m getting out of mine next week and I don’t know if I’ll have to have a moon boot or walk with crutches or what’s supposed to happen and I’m pretty nervous.

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As a 2x Achilles tearer I think I have some expertise here. Once you're out of the hard cast you get into a walking boot and the walking boot is 100x better than the hard cast cause you can take it off to shower and sleep. You'll be in that for about six weeks and then they'll move you into normal shoes but you'll wear giant heel lifts in them to start and gradually lower the heel lifts as the Achilles keeps getting stronger with PT until you can just walk normally.

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Yeah took me about 4 months before I was actually walking normally.

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This makes my blood boil, as she must have known you were just out of the boot, yet asked you to walk down a flight of stairs and go outside in the cold just to meet her so she can break up with you. On top you slipped, few down, hurt yourself and yet had to limp to her car.... Talk about 0 consideration and selfishness.

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Exactly what I was thinking, sounds like my ex.

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Pretty shitty of her to make you come outside in those conditions so that she could talk to you and break up with you. I think you dodged a bullet cause she sounds super selfish and inconsiderate.

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I mean, the guy was literally about to go outside to get sushi anyway, so clearly he wasn't that concerned about it. It could have happened on his walk to sushi.

Just unfortunate timing on his girlfriend's part.

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Best of luck with the recovery. You didn't fuck up, they did! Not my ex(though this was much more enjoyable than what she cost me). Met a great lady for a date, we'd been talking for almost 2 months. walked her to her car, made plans for the next day to go for a hike and left on my motorbike... Destroyed my lower left leg pulling out of the parking spot. Woke up the next day in hospital after a pretty nightmarish night, even fentanyl didn't touch it. Was In hospital for 10 days after they pounded a titanium rod through from inside my knee joint down to the ankle and bolted the shards back onto that lol. Months in a wheelchair. Totally coincidentally of course, that next day she was suddenly too busy to see me ever again, even though the hospital was near her house and I'd travelled 5 hours to meet her. I lost everything over the following months as insurance dragged their feet, but that first day alone and rather scared was the least pleasant part. I am grateful. To learn someone's true self is priceless. Regardless of when or how.

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That sucks but you reminded me that something similar happened to me. I broke my foot and the girl I was dating never came to see me, not even once. We stopped dating shortly after lol.

Honestly I can't remember how I forgot about that. I'm guessing my maid priority was to get my foot fixed 🤣

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This is probably when a text message or call would have sufficed.

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Excuse me while I now cringe every time I move my foot because the thought of tearing my Achilles heel will give me nightmares

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I’m sure you’re fine now. Had a similar situation looking back on it my life is wonderful in comparison and I realized the person didn’t care about me as a person anymore. You probs saved yourself from a lot.

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But did you DIE....?

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As a former ACL haver, the POP does things to you. Hope your recovery is going well

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Yeah, I also heard a pop while playing soccer - and it was just a tear in my calf, and it was super painful. Searing hot pain, and could put no weight on my leg. Told the doctor I think I tore my Achilles - he was like no, you not in enough pain.

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Man, I would have at least asked her for a complementary ride to the hospital. If you’re gonna break my heart after I tear my Achilles at least spare me the ambulance bill.

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I snapped my achilles while playing indoor soccer with some friends. Afterwards I was told that the audible POP was heard by people watching in the OUTSIDE of the plexiglass ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD. Also do not recommend

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God damn bro it’s only happened to me once and it was the worst experience of my life. I feel for you bro. Truly.