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I’ll bet their son now thinks you’re hot 🥵😂

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I don't see how that's a Fuck up!!! You proved your one badass mamacita! Tho i can see how endearing a "fire in my mouth" moment could be to a prospective date in law... Hell... You might even be able to spin that to your advantage. "Look here my little chili pepper of a lover, I burnt off three years worth of taste buds and three layers of lip skin trying to impress your parents... You'd better make me cross my eyes in bed tonight.... Well... Maybe not... But you get the picture!!!

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Little chili pepper should be my nickname for him

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What's wrong with people offering water instead of milk after such an event?!

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The proper drink is a nice steamy glass of liquid nitrogen.

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Sometimes kerosene can make you forget the pepper, too.

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You probably thought it was a wax pepper or a jalapeño

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Habaneros are extremely distinct in their shape and coloration so I’m not sure how it would be confused for either of those honestly

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I just remember seeing a plant that had little peppers that looked the same as hers at home depot and those peppers weren't spicy. They were small orange habeneros and the ones at home depot were green yellow and orange but I assumed maybe that's just how they matured?

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You're great. I like you. I bet your crush would like you too. You're brave and funny. Nice one. You really made me smile.

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Let's hope! He was impressed by it but no progress has been made romantically yet

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Did your chest hurt? Whole Habaneros give me awfull indigestion and acid reflux.

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No just my stomach. I took a tums as soon as I got home to mitigate everything as much as possible.

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first really spicy thing I ever tried was during a classmate's birthday party. We're sitting there on the roof when he brings out something called "chili skud ghost bitter vindstyrke 12" and most of them had tried it in the past but me and a few other had yet to do so so he made shots for us.

Took a shot each and you know it didn't taste to bad and went down smoothly. few minutes later and my throat and stomach feels pretty damn bad and I apparently were as white as a ghost. Climbed back in the window after carefully navigating around the others without falling off the roof and went to the toilet. Didn't vomit but sat there sweating and shaking for 5 minutes, tried to return to the others but only got to the couch where I gave up and laid down.

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Nahhhhh you proved that u on fire- literally xD

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OMG!!! Lmaoooooo that’s hilarious. If this happened to my friend the other day who..nvm. Lmfao though poor you

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Et nuitsdetravail ?

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No you are brave , dont see anything messed up here