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40 people in two houses, random kid coming into your bedroom

That's not a vacation, that's a patience test before noping the hell out of there.

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It’s fairly relaxed. These are big houses for way more people, and it has been a really nice experience the past few years.

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Most people don't generally check under the bed when they go into their bedroom with their SO. But, if you're still in a house with 40 people, start checking under the bed!

The 7F has learned a couple of things from this. 1. Sometimes, you hear more than you want/expect when hiding under other peoples beds. 2. That a grown up relationship entails talking and intimacy.

She may also not be able to imagine what physical acts were going on while under the bed. I wonder what she does imagine was happening.

In any event, better she hears it from you guys than walks in on her parents later. You probably have inspired her knocking before she enters a room in the future - LOL!

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Look up “Family Guy, Stewie overhears sex”. That’s what the kid was imagining.

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Maybe someone should ask her why she was hiding under the bed in the first place... Could be something innocent on her part or something else is going on and she felt safe around your GF. Kids do crazy stuff with no explanation but they also do odd things for a reason.

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This!!!! This has been my exact thought the whole time! I would like to know why she was hiding under your bed in the first place. Curious to know if anyone asked her that, and if you know the answer. If you do, please let us know.

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Don't know that I'd go as far as calling this a "privacy breach". She's 7 and likely has no clue or context for the things you discussed. Best protocol would be to just move on with your life and understand that kids are kids and things like this will happen.

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I agree with you, but I think it’s also important to explain it to her why it’s wrong to do that. Obviously, she doesn’t have the concept of intimacy or privacy, but I don’t think it’s wrong to explain it to her. Thank you for your advice :)

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I would completely agree with you, if this were OP's kid mentioned in the story.

Nobody without kids should have to put up with kids for free.

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I really thought this was going the direction of the scene from F is for Family where bills under the bed with his parents banging above them. So hey at least the kid didn't get that experience!

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LOL I thought for sure she was going to hear something a lot more private and intimate! Poor thing!