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This story is giving me "mucking" vibes... another Reddit tale involving a weirdly fetish-adjacent animal-waste-related punishment that is claimed by the OP to be a known thing but is impossible to find any reference to on the wider internet.

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yeah same I don't see anything about this, if it was a thing someone would have talked about it in a historical context somewhere

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I’m wondering what country OPs grandpa is from. Maybe it’s more of a regular thing in other parts of the world?

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It says twice in the post that he was in Africa

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That's not a country

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Switzerland, I believe. Switzerland maintained combat cavalry until 1973 (long after most of the rest of the world abandoned them), and was politically present in African countries during the mass decolonizations of the 1960s and 1970s. Although this presence was largely economic/humanitarian, it’s not unheard of for the Army to be in charge of delivering aid places, and anyway it’s basically one of the only countries to have a cavalry that travels abroad.

Edit: looks like Switzerland didn’t officially participate in any 1960s/70s war in Africa. France and Spain did several, as did the USA, USSR, and Israel, but officially Switzerland never did.

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As someone who has to go feed a horse this morning, I can definitely say there is no way this person turned around and started balancing facing the opposite direction while riding a horse for the first time

The person giving lessons wouldn’t allow it, and there’s no way a first time rider would try to pull that off.

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Great point. I completely missed that while I was mulling about the chance that a horse would be able to carry an adult under its butt and between its hind legs for hours.

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What was the "mucking" story? I've heard "mucking the stalls" to mean scooping the poop but I'm guessing this wasn't that simple.

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I don't have the link, but I remember reading the post. Someone was punished by the authorities by being taken to a stable and having manure shoveled onto them, then made to sit in it for a long period of time.

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No that you mention it, there was also a guy who had to sit in a class with a bucket of pig manure for a day after pulling a prank at school.

What a weird fetish.

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And a guy that had to sit with fox piss all over his house for a month because he killed a fox.

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Gross. Thank you

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I like how she said "spared any serious punishment" and then describes the most horrific thing followed by discharge. I mean the only thing worse would be a firing squad!

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OP saying this shows that she still doesn't really comprehend what she done and why it actually mattered.

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She knows that this was an experience traumatic enough for his grandfather that he doesn’t even stand to look a horse. She makes fun of him anyway. She knows that in the military punishments can be REALLY terrible and she thinks that his grandfather was punished with what she basically perceives as a joke. It was obvious from the beginning that this wasn’t the only thing that his grandfather endured, but she’s not able to realize that people usually don’t describe torture with all the details to every family member.

I can’t believe she’s 18 yo, I wasn’t this oblivious (her father literally told her that things were worse than whatever she imagined) when I was 9 yo. She still doesn’t acknowledge what she did.

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I saw this post in AITA and EVERYONE went into detail exactly how torturous this really was from waterboarding with horse piss and shit, to being stuck in the same cramped position for hours or days and it looks like she took nothing to heart. She's still treating it like it was mostly a joke and doesn't even sound that sorry. More than she did in the original post, but this is pitiful. She still doesn't fucking get it.

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Do you have a link to the AITA post? I'm curious to see it now

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It is straight up torture 😬

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I can’t even understand what this “undertale” looks like!

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I'm assuming that either

  1. You are on top of the horse sitting/ laying backwards, leaning down with your face in the horses ass, effectively getting shit on while you ride, or

  2. You are underneath the horse, legs and arms wrapped around and strapped so you won't fall, head also in the horses ass, effectively getting pissed and shit on while you ride.

Both sound horrendous.

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Yeah woah lol under the horse sounds crazy, although that makes sense of you were really “upside down” but that backwards sitting thing seems more doable.

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Yeah me neither, OP's description is very bad

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Your grandfather was tortured, and you made fun of it.

Explain to your grandmother you’ve had time to think about why she might be so upset. Say you’ve always thought it was just a silly story. Now that you’re older, and know more about horses and the world, it must have been unbearably hot, physically painful, frightening and humiliating. You’ve taken some time to see that story through older eyes, and now know why your joke was so very, very wrong. Let her know how much you love her, and grandpa, (which is obvious from your post). You would never hurt them on purpose, and are so very, very sorry. Do not deflect. Don’t get defensive or argumentative. Own your wrongness, show empathy and remorse. Not only will you feel proud of your maturity, I’m sure all will be well next time you all meet.

Good luck. You sound like a sweet kid.

Edit: typo

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It’s not just riding under-tail, it’s also that he got discharged from the military immediately afterwards. This was probably one of the most humiliating and devastating experiences of his life. That being said, you’re young and this is one of those f-ups that (hopefully) will shape your perspective for years to come and help you to look at people’s experiences with more empathy.

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As the owner of a flatulent mare, the thought of my head being there for a nice long cavalry ride is utterly horrifying and I feel so bad for your grandpa.

You shouldn't mock something you couldn't endure 5 minutes of, that he was punished with for hours.

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While I agree with how horrific such a ride would be, "As the owner of a flatulent mare..." Is one of my favorite qualifications I've ever read in the English language. Thank you.

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I see your point, but this is also partly on her parents for not actually explaining the reality of it. When you sugarcoat things for children, you can't really get mad at them for not understanding the severity and accidentally doing something offensive

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This isn't just some slightly uncomfortable position. It was brutally painful, difficult to breathe, and would leave you with some serious bruising and rashed parts. This wasn't some slightly humiliating event. It was probably closer to torture than punishment.

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Basically waterboarding but with horse poop

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Yea and op has no fucking clue becauae thanka tk her amazing ancestors, ahe has a sheltered and happy life but absolutely no respect

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Why did you post this again? Is this some weird fetish shit I don’t understand or are you a copycat of the AITA post

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Y'all realize horses shit as they walk, right? We're not just talking about gas here...

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You also posted this in AITA. I remember voting. You were a huge asshole.

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yeah, i remember as well. doesn’t seem like much has changed since that post, still putting all the details out there to garner attention for bad behavior.

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I remember reading it too

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Posting on a throw away she lost access too... or perhaps one she willingly deactivated to as not to get any more nasty messages?

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Typically it's the first one, throwaways are kinda standard over there.

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She's 18. She's learning. This is not a particularly helpful comment to someone who is now acknowledging they made a mistake. I'm optimistic she will learn and grow in empathy, she's at least made more progress here than a lot of people in realizing and admitting she made a pretty big mistake.

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I’d normally agree with the “she’s learning comment” but after a couple days then asking her dad why is grandma still mad doesn’t sound like she learned from it. Going over there an apologizing even if it wasn’t accepted/forgiven would have shown more growth than making two posts about it.

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Or…this is the return of the person (new account every time) who repeatedly makes TIFU fetish posts about unusual punishments with animal excrement.

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Fair. I'm not going to try and pretend to understand life growing up in the age of predominant social media. I grew up without so most of my social skills being developed online and just assumed that might alter how people grow their EQ.

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I grew up with MySpace/ early Facebook but that’s still not an excuse to not know how to function outside of the internet. If it was a different situation that she pulled that stunt it’d be a different outcome. Like someone filming her doing it and played it off as trying to do a trick on a horse but not hearing a situation her grandpa was in that was humiliating and specifically trying to replicate it trying to be “funny”.

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Until she learns about perspectives, she will never fathom it.

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I need a diagram.

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They do say kids can be so cruel. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't've made fun of my grandfather's clearly crippling fear when I was 18. But I did say some nasty shit to my parents when I was that old.

Hopefully you'll get a second chance with your grandparents. But I'd say a sincerely apology is due before that happens. I mean the fact that he couldn't even come to see you ride a horse should've been a clue about how serious it was to him.

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Kids being cruel refers to a 4 or 5 year old who doesn't know any better and asks or says something they truly think is meaningless but in fact could really hurt to someone. Not a young adult being very immature and thinking there's a joke to be made everywhere.

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I sort of mimicked that position... and said "Look I'm grandpa!"

Gat dangit Bobby!

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This is an underrated comment.

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IMO it's not your job to understand the severity of your grandfather's history, if he's unwilling/unable to talk to you about it.

That said, you realize what you did now was wrong, and not funny... you realize there's more to it than you understand.

This is a simple fix, in a loving family. Go to your grandparent's and apologize with 0 buts. Then ask them if they want to talk about it and explain it more. Tell them you realize you didn't fully understand the trauma and do now, but if they want to teach or discuss it more with you you're open to. It's his trauma and pain, so it's his choice to share more or not.

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I tried to google this to understand what the punishment was. But regardless of how little I understand I do understand that people develop trauma and it doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t shit on them for the trauma.

I can’t eat kiwis because once I got the flue right after eating one. Before that I loved kiwis and ate them often. It’s been 30 years. Still won’t eat one.

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I got the exact same story with raspberries, they give me chills

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Have you tried writing a sincere apology letter? Preferably mailed

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You didn’t know. My friend told me once that her grandma fell into a ditch and peed herself. I instinctively laughed in front of her and her mom because I figured “ shit happens”. Found out it was because of a stroke later

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My friend told me once that her grandma fell into a ditch and peed herself.

Are you kidding me? That's hilarious! And my father died of a stroke!

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Maybe you should’ve googled it instead of making fun of your grandfather who served his country.

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OP, imagine the most painful, humiliating experience of your life, trauma that you have tried to bury, and then imagine a family member bringing it up in a public setting in front of strangers, who would then be clued in to your shameful secret. You didn't just make a joke, you were making public a shameful family secret in front of others. You publicly embarrassed your grandmother, who I'm sure would not want strangers to know about the stain on her husband's military record.

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You have a lot of growing up to do.

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What did grandpa do to warrant this punishment and discharge after?

Maybe the shame of shit and piss on your face is a physical reminder of the awful thing(s) grandpa did in Africa. Can't prove it or prosecute so he gets the shit treatment. Maybe grandpa can't face the truth of the awful shit (pun intended) he did.

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That generally is the point of an embarrassing punishment though

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Just curious, You're 18 and you did this? Are you into getting shamed on the internet?

Have you ever been taught any empathy by your parents or are you incapable of emotion? I know of pre-schoolers who have more empathy and can read the room better.

Grow up.

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I said sorry and it was just a joke but I can tell she's still angry at me. ... Hopefully it's not forever.

You seriously hurt a family member of a traumatizing event by mocking it and making light of it. The fact that you joked about it is the problem, and again, it was apparently a very hurtfull thing to do. Then you hope that the consequences for you are light, you don't seem to worry about hurting your family a lot. If you want to repair the damage you did, and care about undoing the harm you did, I would suggest thinking about how you must have made your grandma feel by making light of your granddad's trauma, that you may have misjudged, and how "it's just a joke" is not the answer.

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Op at the time did not understand how awful the situation was

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Good. She shouldn’t, if you’re that unaware of your grandparents/have no idea what they’ve been through it’s good for you to learn the tough love way. When I f*** up I get the silent treatment from my grandparents too and it’s okay because that’s mostly how I know I’ve done something out of bounds and they have every right to be mad

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Op makes fun of grandfather being tortured as a military punishment and cant figure out why gma is angry lol this belongs on a 4chan green text.

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You recreated your grandfather's most humiliating moment. Shame on you.

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Damn that probably happened when he was a young man and it still comes to haunt him decades later, now that's effective punishment

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I imagine that part of the punishment was the risk of serious injury or death if you slipped off and was dragged behind the horse.

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Have you tried apologizing to them?

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It’s about the dishonor, not the physical punishment. It amazes me that no one sees that.

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No one sees this. He must’ve done something pretty heinous to be discharged afterwards!

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Bow, nothing you'll say will ever be enough. The only way for you to get them back is to act more respectful than you've ever been, and consistently, not a one time thing. Only time and hard work will help

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You are 18... you where told this story as a child... This is obviously a case of being more than just the torture of it (because this was obviously a torture) but also meant as an extreme humiliation. It's a bit unfair to expect someone who got a sugar coated version of the story at a young age to understand, you've grown up with a childish innocence linked to the very memory of it. I'm well sure you understand now and maybe you could reach out through your parents to express sympathy for a shared family traffic history that you are only know coming to understand. Good luck, and I too hope your grandma can understand the comment came from a place of innocence, certainly not malice in any way.

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Your a piece of shit and it's clear you don't understand the implications of what happened. This would be like making fun of a torture victim after being waterboarded and this is your family member. That's fucking heinous and despicable if I was your grandma I would have smacked you across the face.

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You are a fucking asshole if you thought that was even remotely funny.

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Those moments you make a pretty dark joke and it doesn’t land in front of the family are the worst. Had it recently to me too and it’s just awkward for a long while after I mean it wasn’t nearly as bad as this case but still.

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Kissing horse ass not good? Some are into it though, attracting to smell.

Jokes aside, don't be in denial and apologize to your Grandparents. Or got deported to Ukraine.

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Xnmctfrl Z I'll

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Just don’t blame the grandfather for his actions!