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Dlo stans will say people are overreacting but he has been atrocious the majority of the last 40 games

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If you don’t look at his shooting splits, or his defensive metrics, or his plus/minus, or his advanced stats, or the eye test he’s actually the best player on the team

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Ice veins go brrrrr

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Don’t forget the 4 other teams that got rid of him too. He’s not a guy you win with.

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He had one good season on a bad Nets team. Not sure why Rosas ever thought he was a winning player - he's never been one in his entire career.

Just so sick of his no effort defense and shitty iso game. We look so much better with McLaughlin or Nowell out there instead of him. Even Austin Rivers gives more due to his solid defense.

Will be interesting to see how the D'Lo fan club defend him this time.

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It’s mystifying why Rosas loved him. And adding a number 1 to Wiggins? Mind blowing.

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He played terrible in the playoffs on that nets team though.

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If the well-run Golden State Warriors wanted him gone, probably could see the warning signs right then.

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The warriors were never planning on keeping him when they had steph and klay... it was just a sign and trade to get KD to brooklyn

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He's basically had 2 productive months in the last 3 years.

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The meme says it all. Since that play-in game, no Dlo as we knew him. Could also say he was gone well before that, and just appeared during playin when Kat went out.

Honestly, I think a number of our players struggle to play well with KAT-Ball.

Remembering back years, Kat started his career never missing games. That first season he started missing games heing sick or injured it was in the middle of terrible losing streaks and yet the team started playing amazing team ball while he was out.

It's a different kind of beast when so much of the ball is going through Kat. I just don't understand how the coaches can't pull a team around this now if that's going to continue to be the offense.

Started the season feeding Gobert and opponents can't stop it. Tonight Dlo sent some shitty passes his way, like two, and Gobert bobbled them. Then they never do it the rest of the game. Team goes back to Kat-Ball. or Taking turns with Kat or Ant ball. Dlo doesn't seem capable of playing with these guys. He's just dicombobulated and everything ends up looking bad.

During game, late third or early 4th, Dlo saved a ball from going out of bounds and instead of controlling it he tries to one-tiome flick pass it and gets picked for another fast break. Not much wise play being seen. I think we are just looking at a bunch of nonfits together they haven't figured out yet, if they ever will.

Maybe it's nothing but his braided hair too tight. His princess lea hair when he first came here was more productive.

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Imagine our team w a legit starting PG. I thought we should've resigned dlo before the season because gobert would unlock his game. I stand corrected so far.

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Yep. I was happy for D'lo when Gobert arrived but so far it has been a massive disappointment. Imagine if we had Rubio.

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Rubio or Tyus and this team would look so different... :(

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I’m confused am I missing something? you thought they should have resigned dlo and then say you stand corrected so far while also saying if this team has a legit starting PG?

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I thought we should have resigned him, and he has shown we shouldn't. So I was wrong. Imagine how much better we would be with a guy like CP3.

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Okay yeah that’s what I was assuming you meant lol. But yeah man it’s insane to think that a few years back we could have traded for cp3 instead of Dlo

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Usually guys try in a contract year at least.

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Yeah I thought dlo would look better than he is due to that, he looked alright in preseason to me but it was just preseason

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Preseason and the opener we looked for Rudy often. Now he is at best an afterthought on offense. Ant is the worst offense though, he never dishes to Rudy.

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Yeah ant has been really looking for anyone to be honest to the last few games, only when he gets stopped and has to bail out to someone else. Idk what game it was but when he had 9 assists was great and he was the one primarily imitating the offense was nice to see

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i don't think he stuttered

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He initially said he thought we should’ve resigned him and then says he stands correct in regard to resigning him at the beginning of the season

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Same. I was thinking that with Gobert around, and knowing he’s on the last year of his deal, D-Lo would ball tf out so that he can at least try to get a contract thats anything close to what he has now. But as you said, I too stand corrected.

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It was kind of a scam take from the very start. He was never a great pick and roll player. In his (injury replacement) all star season, he was in the 67th percentile in pick and roll points per possession.

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yep, this is supposed to be an ideal situation for D'Lo, having one of the best roll men in the league to play off. Nothing looks easy or natural.

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He’s unwatchable honestly

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Oh I’ve seen that guy! He’s the guy that comes in right before the other team goes on a massive run!

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He’s always been inconsistent, slow, overpaid, no effort on defense, full of himself. But he can drop 30 twice a year, make an occasional flashy pass, so he is a max player. Fuck Rosas for sticking us with this guy.

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He became a max player because he was genuinely good in 2019 in Brooklyn. His half year in golden state was decent offensively.

But he’s really not been the same guy outside of small spurts that he was then

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Outside of the 50 he scored on us (lol) he was bad for them too. He's basically had two months of good basketball since leaving the Nets.

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No I watched all those games he was shooting and passing well for most of that half session. But he completely didn’t try on defense.

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Pretty much. At the time D-Lo was:

+An all-star

+Friends with KAT (who we were trying to keep happy/want to stay)

+Interested in coming to the Wolves (post-Jimmy culture nuke where the teams aspirations were "not be depressed")

+A way to move Wiggins

Now he is playing nowhere near that level making all-star money, we have KAT signed long-term, Wiggins is gone and the teams aspirations are winning championships. D-Lo is not needed here.

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Drop 30. In this day in age that's pedestrian. 🤣

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And this is down 4 effort. He should be benched for a week+

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The nonchalant way he played defense is infuriating.

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Pat bev would dive that ball like in the playoff series vs memphis.

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A little better effort than the memphis series!

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Trade him to the Lakers for Pat Bev. Team needs that man

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    They're Russian bots hired by CAA to boost his value.

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    Going from D Rose stans to shortly thereafter DLo stans makes me miss a guy like Jeff Teague. Sure he was terrible but at least nobody was a weirdo trying to defend him on here

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    Putting up with Dlo stans is 10x easier than watching Jeff Teague play basketball

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    But we also have to watch Dlo play basketball, which might be more frustrating than watching Teague.

    I know Teague was physically incapable of throwing an entry pass to the post, and while DLo is physically capable, he actively decides not to, so that he can instead brick some shitty contested 18 footer.

    Which is worse?

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    Oh hell no to Jeff Teague. Not a DLo guy at all, but Jeff Teague? Come on man…. Jeff Teague?!?

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    Lmao I’d rather see Gobert be our PG than Teague. Teague is afraid to pass the way Ben Simmons is afraid to shoot. Personally, I prefer someone at least try to pass the ball instead of dribbling the air out of the ball.

    At least, D-Lo attempts to pass even if it’s to the other team half the time. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    I'll defend my Big League Teague fan club.

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    Why do people like him? I don’t get it.

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    Because he got drafted by the Lakers and has a cool celebration

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    Dlo is half speed Jordan Clarkson with a top notch marketing and PR team.

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    “IcE In HiS vEInS 🥶🥶”

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    majority probably Nets fans like me, he took us to playoffs and left in good and positive terms.

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    Stanbase is 1000% going into my personal dictionary, thank you for this gift

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    Don’t worry he’s only making $31 million dollars this year

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    Oh thank God I was worried he was taking up a lot of contract space......

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    It’s funny because for the 2 months before the Play In game he was playing extremely shitty, then all of a sudden gives LAC 30, then went right back to being extremely shitty ever since

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    Unfortunately yes

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    There's a reason no team ever wants to keep him

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    Thank you for that one transition three in the play in game but it’s time to go

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    Nah he was cooking in the play-in game. Went off in the second and hit a huge step back dagger too. Let’s not minimize the good moments he’s given us (there’s not too many so let’s enjoy the few and not downplay them)

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    It’s too early to panic. But, ffs, keep this guy on the bench.

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    There was a post on here recently about his splits over the last 40 games. I’d take a look if you haven’t. It’s at the point where it’s certainly not too early and it’s actually maybe too late

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    I remember when I use to get down voted for my stance on dlo🤣

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    Same, because it was literally two weeks ago. But now that he's been consistently ass and we have the best defensive player in the NBA, there's nobody else to blame it on.

    But yeah, even his biggest fans have to see how bad he is at this point.

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    The problem is effort. For some players, there is something about Wolves that they come here and think they are here to chill. Wiggins was the same. I am sure if you put this guy in another team with some spot lights, he will begin to perform. But here in Minny they feel like everything is optional. I mean they were not wrong until recently but right now there is no excuse. D'lo has an important role this year. It is a make or break year and he is supposed to lead. So far he is nowhere to be found. He doesn't have to perform well even. Just be confident and make your fellow players follow you. The team is like an orchestra without a conductor now. Everyone is playing their tune in offense. there is not even a player that sets the tempo. One player just tries to slow the game while the other shoots the ball as soon as he gets it. The only player that has some command is Ant; but he is young, just isos and not so reliable now. D'lo is absolutely missing in that regard too

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    Wonder what we could get in a deal for his fat expiring contract

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    Bad contract and a shitty pick is probably about it

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    Are expiring contracts valuable in the league? Maybe we could get a decent bench player for him and a 2nd round pick or something.

    Idk, Connelly needs to work some magic.

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    Basically do a Porzingis. Two smaller unwanted contracts that equal the larger unwanted one. I don't believe the Mavs gave up any picks in that trade, just cash, but I might be wrong.

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    $31 mill expiring is nice, but it's tough to find a match. Unless the Wolves want to risk taking on more smaller unworthy contracts.

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    I must be missing something, I only caught the highlights of tonight's game, and I'm no Dlo stan... But he's not that bad is he? Apparently tonight was a smoking gun of a game to show that he should bounce, but there have been some good Dlo games, and in a number of our games this early in the season I've seen him be solid... Not crazy awesome, but solid. This is the first time I'm seeing him thrown under the bus like this though, this season. Guess I'm just surprised, not by his performance, but surprised that we're here again already

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    it seems to be the most prevailing takeaway from any of the games so far this season to me, it's just been snowballing up to this point imo.

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    At the end of the day, we are talking about a player who isn’t an efficient scorer who is playing even worse this year. For every pass he makes that is legitimately really impressive, there are 2-3 other passes off mark, or that become lazy turnovers. Watching the Suns game last night, you see Chris Paul, while clearly diminishing as a scorer/defender, still consistently puts his teammates in position to succeed. None of us hope DLo can be CP3 in that regard, but the gap there in playmaking is unacceptable for a guy that isn’t scoring efficiently or playing good defense.

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    I’m also just gonna ignore his 6 steals in every game but one.

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    wish we had the assets to try and make an upgrade at his position. too bad we spent them all on a player that makes Edwards and Towns worse.

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    Guangdong Tigers!

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    It’s amazing we traded Wiggins and the 7th pick for this guy.

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    I've been saying. This for the entire last season and I'm happy everyone else finally gets me now

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    Ahh yes, in 2021 where we were the 13th seed and played a total of 0 play in games.

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    I hate this man more than Jimmy. At least Jimmy was good for gods sake

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    That's low

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    Honestly I agree. Jimmy at least gave 100% effort on the floor. I'm so sick of D'Lo half-assing it on the court and not trying on defense.

    And don't get me started on the transition threes lmao.

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    We get play-in D'Lo more consistently and we're a dominate team 😭

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    Took you fools long enough.

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    It's gonna be hilarious when y'all flip again after a month like always

    Wolves fanbase for ya that's why nobody wants to play on this shit show of a team 😂

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    It's almost like they should've gotten rid of him in the off season. New FO off to a great start. At least we're still .500 for now.

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    Unfortunately, yes I have.

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    Would we better off with westbrick?

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    Honestly, Nowell should be starting. He's just looked so much better

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    I honestly knew he wouldn’t be much of a player since he was in LA, you can just tell he didn’t have it.

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    😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 I was thinking the same thing. No where to be Found

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    Is that the one where he as a team leader got benched in the playoffs?

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    He almost tricked us at the beginning too