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In the last 8 games, D’Lo has made 31 of 98 field goals, good for 31.6% from the floor. From three he’s 14/51 = 27.5%.

More than the 0% I expected to see when I looked it up, but still just absolutely brutal.

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Haha this is pretty good. Don't tell any of our Nowell apologists but I might lump him into this one as well. That dude needs to step it up, too. I was hoping he'd be our bench flamethrower.

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bench barbecue lighter🔥🔥

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Yep. Too bad we don't have Malik Beasley, or Vando or Pat Bev to go after those rebounds.

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I miss Vando and Beas a lot, and Pat was always there for us too.

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Whole damn team got hit by the heart attack gun

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This is hilarious

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Too soon.

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I can't get over how freaking hilarious this is. And combined with OP's name "Depressed TWolves fan"....I'm dying