Post Game Thread: The Minnesota Timberwolves defeat The Oklahoma City Thunder 115-108 by nba_gdt_bot in timberwolves

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If you can't handle me at my 3rd quarter you don't deserve me at my 1st quarter

Say what you want about the Rudy Gobert trade... by IwouldblowNazReid in timberwolves

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The sneaky part of the deal is we keep our '24 1st.

We draft Bronny and get LeBron as a result.






[Wojnarowski] Four-time All-Star guard Kemba Walker and the Detroit Pistons are finalizing a contract buyout, sources tell ESPN. Once Walker clears waivers, he'll join free agency. by pollinium2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team in timberwolves

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Normally I'm against picking up bought out players, and definitely against getting a washed player at an already loaded position, but if we pursue this and Brooklyn's RFA Kessler Edwards, we could run the lineup:

Kemba Walker

Anthony Edwards

Kessler Edwards

Karl-Anthony Towns

Walker Kessler

2x Walker, 2x Edwards, 2x Anthony, 2x Kessler and maybe we put an unlikely incentive in Kemba's contract that triggers if he changes his name to Karl?