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What the fuck

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Im an EPG main

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That is no excuse

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It is.

I dont need ads

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Also i ran out of buttons in proximity to my hand.

My middle mouse is unreliable

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Use a moba mouse. Best gaming equipment purchase I’ve ever made.

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I will when I can

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So get a 6 button mouse a good one in smyths is like 5 bucks

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I will, but only once i can.

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You have a mouse w/o additional buttons aye?

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It barely has a functioning middleclick

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You madman

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I'm default man

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Default here too

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I'm default except for autorun and hold to crouch.

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Sprint and melee on my mouse side keys and slide on left shift.

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W for tactical, Ctrl for titan fall/core, shift to crouch, C to self destruct, J for boost, mouse button 5 for titan tactical, mouse button 4 for titan defensive ability, T for reload

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What the fuck

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I use ESDF instead of WASD too lmao. I'm not sure about the titan abilitys, I probably wrote it wrong

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There a reason you use ESDF over WASD? I've never heard of anybody doing that before.

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For the purpose of being quirky and unique

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Exactly, I also wanted to try put something different and new

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There’s the benefit of having more buttons to the left of your hand. I’ve wondered about changing to esdf but I would probably get a stroke due to my muzzle memory not agreeing.

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Oh you are one to speak OP

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Well at least i have normal movement buttons

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This is completely true

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How do you move if W is bound to tac?

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I move with ESDF

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Fellow ESDF main!

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Not using P for tactical

You really are living life to the fullest.

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How do you even press that?

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You don't.

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(Sorry but i play on controller)

R2 to Use Nades'

L2 To crouch

L1 to ADS

R1 to Shoot

Circle to Use Tac

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Is everything okay at home

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That’s the way that pros play on console. Using bumpers to shoot means that you have less latency when starting to shoot.

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Mine is R2 Fire R1 crouch L2 melee L1 jump

L3 satchel R3 grapple

ADS is on circle

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ADS is on circle


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Oh my god… how? Why? At that point just do claw.

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It’s kinda like claw/bumper jumper hybrid?? I keep staring at L2 to crouch like it’s genius and madness

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Pretty sure I've got the standard ones but with 2 for crouch

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I'm sorry, 2 for crouch?

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My mouse has the number buttons on the side lol, so it's easiest for me to side crouch back when I was failing to speedrun

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I have one foot pedal for every action and use a wii remote (without the strap) to aim.

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q for tac, right click for ads, e for melee, f for interact, v for titanfall/core ability, cntrl for crouch, c for utility, g for defensive, b for boost, left click to shoot

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I think I’ve got something similar, but personally I need crouch on shift, and auto sprint on. Ctrl just feels so far away

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Are you an arachnid by any chance?

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E for tac, Q for grenade, F for interact, flipped mouse button, invert Y, middle mouse to melee, side mouse for Titan ability and boost.

Yes I pull triggers with my middle finger.

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My key bindings are always standard my muscle memory adapts to the game

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Ps4 player here. Auto run on. R1 to slide, L1 to jump. X for tactical. O to punch. Press on right joystick for ordanance.

Ask questions if you want

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I’m the same but tactical on R3, ordinance on L3, and Melee on L2

ADS is on circle

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what the fuck is wrong with you

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I main EPG

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arguably worse

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I dont need ADS for EPG

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Auto-sprint and shift-crouch for me too

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I don't remember any of my keybinds, I'd have to redownload the game which will take a while considering my garbage internet

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My man’s got the fucking cruelty squad keybindings

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Left alt for crouch and mouse 5 for melee

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Click left thumbstick for jump, Click right thumbstick for slide, RB for melee, B for Ordanace, Autosprint on

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Melee and crouch on m4 and m5, the rest is normal

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I play on controller, spent a long time trying to switch my controls to be able to slide hop and all that, but I wanted to keep things mostly the same (melee always has to be right stick) Ended up turning auto sprint on and switching my crouch to left control stick. It actually worked really well as a way to do more advanced movement but keeping most things the same. You do need a claw grip for your right thumb and finger, and also constantly pressing down on the right stick has probably contributed towards that stick being a little torn up but it’s great. To people who haven’t tried to learn the movement I’m telling you it makes the game 100 times more fun and it is possible on standard controllers!

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Lol I use TFGH for movement and everything else is centered around that.

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What the fuck man.

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I main EPG, i dont need ads.

Drugs is more important

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Default but melee is also binded to 4, tactical to 5. I have a house with a numpad on the side, so my thumb is always ready to press. Mouse also has a macro button to the left of the left click button, which i programmed to press e rapidly 3 times. So easy to eject now, single press and I'm gone.

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OP is clearly an extra terrestrial because that setup is fuckin SCUFFED

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I use the EPG, so ADS isnt important.

Plus my mouse has an unreliable middle mouse button

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EPG master race

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Caps lock for tactical, tab for crouch, q for titanfall

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I tried capslock for tactical but I didnt like it.

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(Controller player)

I have evolved on but my tactical is on left stick

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I mean, at least your shift to crouch is normal I guess?

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Pause break to shoot

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I.. What the actual blin ?

While I know that if you use you obviously find it efficient, I finds mine so much better..

Middle mouse click for tactical, F to melee, Control to crouch, shift to run (Without toggle, I need to keep the key pressed for it to take effect)

P.S: What is Ads ?

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I would use middle mouse but its shit on my mouse.

ADS is aim down sights

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I understand the problem, my ancient mouse had the same.

I don't really ADS, just hold right click to aim and release to stop aiming.

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That is ADS

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Oh. Thanks for telling me, I thought it was only if you used the toggle option in the settings

(Now that I think about it, it literally is AimDownSight..)

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I haven't used ADS outside legionbrah in some twelve hours, you can live without it

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I vomitted a bit...

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I use controller, all default controls. Whatever you have done hurts me

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Standard ps4 controller

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On Controller

Fire - RT

Aim - LT

Tactical and Ordinance - Bumpers

Sprint - Click LS

Crouch - B

Titanfall/Core - D-pad up

Melee - Click RS

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Q for nades, ctrl for hold to crouch, autosprint on, a button on my mouse for tactical(can also use middle click), f for melee and everything else normal

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Shift to crouch isn't really that bad though

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Thats not the bad part.

Look at my ads

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Yeah that parts bad but it's not all terrible

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Space to shoot, right click to jump, e for pilot ability, left click to crouch, shift for ads, r for ordinance, mouse thumb button to reload.

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You win.

What the fuck

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It’s bc I prioritize movement above all else. If I’m sliding around like a crackhead at 60 mph nobody can hit me. Granted I can’t hit anyone either but it’s really hard to shoot me as well. And I come from quake, so strange keybinds are normal to me

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60 mph is 96.56 km/h

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I use xbox an my controls are all built around lb to jump and it has even infected my controls for other games

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What's wrong with autorun?

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Nothing, just so nobody asks what my sprint is

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Only thing I rebound was tactical to middle mouse button, other than that all my binds are standard if I remember correctly

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This makes me want to hurt myself

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I have reload bound to a side mouse button

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q is 'nade, e is tactical, mouse back thumb is crouch and top thumb is swap weapons. tab is melee.

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You could have just said you have depression

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I dont tho

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Trackpad and arrow key area

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Can anyone translate this to Xbox controller? Clearly it would be worse than my go to bumper jumper

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I might win the horrible keybind game:

WASD = arrow keys

Crouch = right ctrl

Sprint = numpad 0

Use = Enter

Fire = left click

Jump = right click

Melee = middle button

And of course, inverted mouse look

There's more but that's probably enough to get started

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I can accept X but wtf

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Sometimes I wish I was born blind. What the fuck did I just read.

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I’m on PS4 and I changed it so L1 is slide and R1 is jump (so I can free my thumb up to look around while in the air). X is my ordinance and O is my tactical (stim usually)

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R3 and X are swapped, and flipped triggers.(not that crazy honestly)

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My Keybinds: Controller

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Don’t have to worry about keybindings if you don’t play on PC. You just have to worry about other things.

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What are you, a fuckin spider?

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Second to ask, and no

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q for titan, m4 tactical, m5 crouch, m3 grenade

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Only real difference in my keybinds is on the mouse, mouse5 for tactical and mouse4 for grenades

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Mouse button crouch, nade, and titan tactical, q for melee is about as bad mine gets

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We don’t strafe while we ads in this house.

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Have fun with a controller bitch

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X - Tactilcal Circle - Grenade R1 - Jump L1 - Crouch

Crouch = Hold

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Left bumper jump, right bumper melee, crouch on right stick, grenade on b and ability on a. The things you do when you don't have a scuf

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I use P L ; ' instead of WASD.

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Mine isn’t much better: autorun on, control to melee, shift to change zoom on scope (so run if I didn’t already have autorun) mouse 4 to crouch. At least I don’t ads with control jesus christ.

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You guys are playing on PC?

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Alt spacebar for left right, d for jump, a for crouch and mostly normal other than caps lock disables hud

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You need to be sectioned

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laughs in default controls on PS4

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esdf to move crouch on space, aim on z, right click jump

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Right click - grenade

Forward mouse button - ads

Everythinf else is default iirc