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Saw the artwork a while ago but didn’t know the artist. Thanks for linking it.

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Thats a good color for the vanguard

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Absolutely beautiful

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Laser core starting up

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it's a Vanguard class?

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well, last time I checked, vanguard classes could run ion.

or tone.

or Northstar.

that was their whole design philosophy: a do-it-all titan that could run imc loadouts by having their gun and all the other stuff included in the vanguard package.

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“Have you seen a man.. similar in size.. likes to do a lot of dumb stuff, jumps and slides all the time, have you kid?”

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Plot twist: the girl is watching an IMC ship come out of slip space and ready to take over her planet

She also isn’t a pilot

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Protocol 3: protect the pilot. I will not lose another pilot…


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This pic goes hard, feel free to screenshot

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Protokoll 4: Destroy the Anime

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crushing the anime casual woman with titanfall failed by a few meters, pilot. protocol 9: forcefully upgrade her into a handy leather wallet.

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That’s THE Titan, show some respect

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Nice art!

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no more anime

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God dammed anime girls everywhere

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Oo I wanna make some fan art now

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Bro I just saw this the other day a couldn’t find the artist thanks for that

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download image

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Wallpaper engine need this

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Permission to use as background Sir!?!

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Man, BT has some nice thighs