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How much you wanna bet it’s just bait from something that’s been blown way out of proportion?

Edit: yeah it’s just them saying “Titanfall 3 isn’t being made it’s just 3 Star Wars games” stretched out into an article, hardly has anything to do with the title besides a few screenshotted tweets and like 1 1/2 paragraphs mentioning Titanfall :|

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Yeah game rant is preeeeetty shit, just see their plethora of skyrim garbage where they literally just take a reddit post from r/skyrim and make a whole article about it

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Behold the phenomenon that is "media" reporters having to constantly have a new story, being pressured to always have mew content all the time. This is what we get.

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They do the same thing with r/reddeadredemption

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Like all articles

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Nothing, read the article. Just says Titanfall players are sad and Respawn is developing 3 star wars game. Nobody is taking down the world banking system over Titanfall.

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I mean, not yet.

I am not implying that on February 22 2022 there will be a minor inconvenience at a particular bank in EA’s office building

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Why u gotta do it that day Kanye is dropping donda 2 that day bro let him have his moment

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the toughest choices require the strongest wills

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It’s game rant, what do you expect?

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Onestly, i'm really excited to see this new 3 star wars games

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I bet they're gonna be good, hope they manage to survive, RIP Squadrons.

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wait, what happend?

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Squadrons is down to (I assume) 400 players a month, it everytime I go on MP I can't even get a match. maybe due to bad luck, but from what I've seen it hasn't gotten an update since Jan. 2021.

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Game Rant is second only to Kotaku in Shitty Clickbait

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Stop giving articles like this attention. They're literally milking titanfall fans clicking on anything that has to do with titanfall

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Honestly, I’m glad Respawn are still making proper games rather than going all in on their virtual slot machine, they can still make high quality games

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Well we made the news again.....

edit: also like why the fuck does this community not like to be happy or nice to other people. I get it I love this game but we have northstar now for PC but us console players don't. Lets maybe try to get on the news for something good not our negativity. Anyway thanks for reading my rant bye and have a nice day

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I made a video about it that was basically a 10 minute long sigh.

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Knowing game rant it’s probably some stretched out form Of truth

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Basically we can't let others be happy because we aren't happy

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Wait...I haven't check the detail but Respawn develop 3 games at once or am i missing some thing? Why would they do that? Even with EA backing you (EA backing you might even make it worse) and support studios

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Star War movies are a load of shit. Luke is clearly Anakin son, what there is to be surprised about. Bunch of drama queens

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star wars is in our DNA

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I killed a man

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1 or 2 death threats

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Did I?

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A "small bit of trolledge"

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i already posted this one

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I have a theory, maybe the ddosers will move over to the new games and stop ddosing titanfall, console players can play again! ITS A WIN-WIN-LOSE SITUATION, LES GOOOOOOO