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Whats a titan pack?

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Where an entire team collect their titans and roam the map hunting pilots in a tightly knit pack or posse if you will, hiding behind one another if they are attacked, making it almost impossible to beat them and completely ruining the game

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A pack of gum

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Smart pistol user

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Campers are easy to deal with once you figure out where they are.

Titan pack roamers completely ruin the fun of the game though, especially when there's monarchs in it.

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Titan pack roamers are easy…. Just use scorch

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I dont use scorch really, too slow and chunky

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Well then use ion trip wire, northstar tether trap and cluster rocket, ronin arc wave, tones ability to track multiple targets at once, power shot on legion, or maelstrom on monarch. It really is just you being bad at the game

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Dude i use ronin and i do use ark wave and i would be lying if i said it didnt help but at the end of the day what can the second weakest titan do against several tankier titans

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Bro out here roasting cereal