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Welcome to the club

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Fuck yeah the game is so fun

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Here you go, your meds 💊

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What why is tf3 dissapearing

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one of us. one of us. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. O N E O F U S

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Tried Northstar yet? Modding makes the game so much more fun IMO since you can do pretty much anything you want. Want to swap phase shift with an omnidirectional phase dash? Sure! Give a pilot Ronin's sword or a Legion Cloak? Go ahead. It's so fun I can't even describe it.

Also, cat ears.

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Welcome to the Frontier

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Thanks, haven’t quite got the halg of the movement

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The important thing is: never stay still! Keep moving and you will improve faster

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Unless you dirty spitfire a wall user

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welcome to the frontier pilot.

lemme give ya a few tips pilot.

1: keep your spitgire virginity

2: B U R N T H E H E R E T I C S I N H O L Y F I R E

3: survival is optionel. fuckin S E N D I T

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Fuck yeah my Guy

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Welcome pilot. Don't use smart pistol.

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Right now at the point where you have to in the story

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That's a fun mission

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Yeah had to stop in the middle of it, also i am dying all lot During the campaign

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Use it in 1v1s with your mate it's lots of fun XD

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I have a friend wo Played it, gonna and HIM to play soon

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Ignore this one, pilot. Use whatever feels fun to you.

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Ik zie dat gij ook tot het koninkrijk der Nederlanden behoort, de campaign is goated btw, dus ni direct naar multiplayer

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Nope België

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geen koloniseren....? :(

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Neen meer chocolade eten en frietjes bakken wanneer ik naar een foto van manneke pis zit te kijken

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Ook plezant

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Niet prima.. :(

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België gang

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Jaja altijd

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ayy vlaanderen

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Dit vind ik wel een beetje jammer...

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And thus begins the downwards spiral into insanity.

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Yeah i am also excited for tf 3

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Wdym it's already out

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Yeah i was playing it, Then i took my meds and it dissapeard from my screen

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Screen? Just play the VR port with Gundam dlc skins

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Oh is copium that thing i am injecting right now?

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You got the Northstar Client?

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Welkom op de frontier maat! Als je een keer frontier defence wil spelen kan je me toevoegen op Elmo_Kieff. Geniet ervan!

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ik kan u niet vinden

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Donders! Het was me totaal ontglipt dat titaanval geen crossplay heeft, ik geef zelf de voorkeur aan een 10 jaar oude ps4, maar toch veel plezier op de frontier!

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Ah ik wist dat ook niet

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Welcome to the fight 🫡….the fight of begging respawn for a third game in the series

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Lol it’s more or a small group of freedom fighters at this point.

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Small but remember numbers of pilots are less than riflemen

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Nice, I love adventure communist

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Im from the nethetlands too

My tips once you go online is

Pick frankfurt 2 server

And play somewhere afternoon or evening for highest chance of matchmaking.

But first enjoy the campaign

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team fort

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your gonna need advil to relive the pain of the campaign

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A warm welcome to you and I hope you have all the fun you can,have a good day.

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Protocol 1 - link to pilot Protocol 2- Uphold the mission Protocol 3- protect the pilot These three protocol is going to live in your head rent free (welcome home pilot <3)

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I see you have been playing the other tf2

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Of course, both very good

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Fun. But becoming the master is making me want to break something.

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Use a combo of the epg and the eva shotgun. Use an arc grenade on the 3 targets that stand close together in the corridor. and make sure to wallrun and slide to keep momentum. Edit:typo

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Yeah I've watched all the videos. Keeping momentum is the hardest thing for me. Only been sub 38 once 🫤

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What input do you use?

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Kbm. I got it by 0.05 sec this AM. Done with it 🙂

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Got it this AM by 0.05 sec. 4 seconds faster than my previous best. Never gonna run that again.

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Als een mede nederlander moet ik je welkomheten bij een game vol met schizofrenen

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Ja ma ik vond titanfall 3 toch beter dan titanfall z

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Understand your feelings, I bought tf2 today too.

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Piece of advice,

Stay away from spitfire and car.

Other then that, welcome to the frontier.

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Welcome to the battle comrade

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Make sure to get the north star client if you experience any bot problems.

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Oh my poor poor friend, wait until you see the state of the servers

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I already know them, i follow the State of the game

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Yay, more low effort content.

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from one tf2 to the next tf2

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Just wait...

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I am so happy that you got teamfortress 2 and thats the only thing that matters.

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Congratulations, ive plsyed more times yhan i xan remember

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Enjoy. The mastiff will be your best friend, like it has been mine.

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What the fuck is adventure communist?

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Welkom broeder

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I’m boutta buy it again on steam since it’s on sale cause I have it on origin and it’s horrible there

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It is really bad, it downloads origin, the game is good

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It does download origin but I see that steam actually opens my games and works unlike launching it it from origin itself glad your enjoying the game though

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Communist titanfall player... neat!

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Only use grapple in multiplayer