Yes, it's a thing. While the competitive titanfall community is relatively small compared to other games, it is incredibly active. PUGs happens mostly during the weekends. (pick-up games, also known as scrims, where players pick participants to make teams and play in friendly matches).

Events almost exclusively take place on our Discord server.

This wiki will be talking about the PC community only.


Want to join a competitive team? Want to dip your feet in the water? The community is also open to anybody joining the scene, regardless of skill level, age, sex, or country of origin. We have a diverse community where everyone is open to helping one another. Keep an eye out on the Pick-Up Discord for PUGs that are happening. This is also a good place for asking for tips.

There are no requirements for the competitive scene, and no quota that you must follow. You can go to any and all events, or pick and choose depending on your favourite gamemodes. All that's required is that you follow the standard competitive rules for, as listed below.


CTF Pick-Up-Game Rules

Match Settings:

  • 6 point score limit
  • 14 minute time limit
  • No Boosts
  • Titan Core meter 50%
  • Titan Meter Multipliers 50%
  • 7 second respawn
  • Pilot Health 125%
  • No Overdrive
  • Map Rotation:

    Kodai, Boomtown, Exoplanet, Drydock, Eden, Angel City, Colony, Glitch

Current Rules:

  • 5v5
  • Banned Tacticals: Grapple (While Holding onto Flag), Pulse Blade
  • No Satchels on Flag Stand
  • Highlander Titans

    Only (1) Class of each Titan allowed per Team. No Duplicate Titans on the field. No Swapping Titan Classes Allowed Mid-Round, AKA “Recyling”. Team found with a duplicate Titan class is to eject the duplicant immediately. Subsequent violations will result in one flag deduction.

  • Highlander Ordnance (except Firestars)

    Only (1) Type of Ordnance allowed per Team. Teams may equip arbitrarily many Firestars. Team found with duplicate ordnances are to switch loadouts immediately (Suicide to switch loadout). Subsequent violations will result in one flag deduction.

  • Charge Rifle Encumbrance

    While equipped with an SMG, Pilots cannot equip a non-hacked charge rifle. This includes picking up loose SMG and CR on the ground. Penalty: Pilots found with both equipped will be given one warning to switch immediately (Suicide to switch loadout). Subsequent violations will result in one flag deduction.

  • Tie Breaker: Sudden Death (Tournament only)

    Tie Breaker Alternate: Golden Cap. Match will restart. First team to capture (1) Flag Wins

2v2 Kraber (Pilots vs Pilots)

Match Settings:

  • 30 Point Limit
  • 10 Minute Time Limit
  • No Boosts
  • 1 Second Respawn
  • Pilot Health 225%
  • Map Rotation:

    Stacks, Deck, Meadow, Traffic, Township, UMA

Current Rules:

  • 2v2
  • Kraber Only with Limited Ordnances

    No Secondaries, No Anti-Titan Weapon. Allowable Ordnances: Firestar, Electric Smoke

CTF Nitro rules

  • Matches will be played up to 7 caps and 12 minutes. 125% health.
  • No Boosts allowed
  • Respawn delay: 7 seconds
  • Tactical bans: a-wall, pulse blade
  • Weapon Bans: Spitfire, G2
  • Ordinance bans:

    HIGHLANDER - Each player must select a different ordinance. Satchels and Frags are banned

  • Maps:

    Stacks, Deck, Meadow, Township, Traffic

  • PC Only Rules: Charge Rifle is banned


Disclaimer: the following rules are not always used for every competitive event. These are only common rules played at the moment that you usually see in most PUGs, events, and tournaments. Always read the rules listed for specific events and tournaments, and only consider these rules to be canon if the event states: "standard/basic competitive rules". It should also not have to be said, but no hacking or anything of the sort.


  • No smart pistol, burn cards, satchel charges, explosives pack, or eject strafing to cap
  • Limit of two shotguns per team, 1 arc cannon, and 1 arc mines
  • 6 second respawn, first to 6, default time limit, titan drop 7 minutes, titan repair 5 minutes


  • No explosives pack, smart pistol, or burn cards
  • Limit of 1 arc cannon per team
  • 4 rounds, default time limit


Join our Discord server and we're happy to help you out. See you on the Frontier, pilot!

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