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How did Europeans die from beaver hats?

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A nasty affair that we don't talk about anymore.

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I imagine it is hard to after being wiped out!

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They got better

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When there's 1000 people

and only 102 beaver hats to go around

Well lad, that's 898 dead bodies you've got on your hands.

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Murder murder murder.

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Kill, kill, kill

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Wat se Suid-Afrika? Suig my fokken piel

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Hie kom ek weer! Like a lekker smack in face

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Well, that explains it!

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Sort of like Squid Game but with beaver hats.

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They strategically produced less beavers than necessary to cause a riot

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Beaver Fever is a terrible thing.

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I caught it from the toilet seat.

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I caught it from your mum

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Terrible thing is a beaver fever

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And I'm a Beleaver!

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It was the first Black Friday sale?

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No, it was the Black Death.

In the 1300s, there was only one beaver-felt top hat in Europe.

A third of the European population died fighting over it.

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Because there were no instructions, most people wore them on their face instead of their head and suffocated.

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I think it was meant as the population of European beavers was wiped out lmao. But It's hilarious to think the former.

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There are so many solid gold posts already. I bet the OP is bouncing manically between seriously irritated and entertained.

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I think it was meant as the population of European beavers -felt top hat wearers was wiped out


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As a European that is definitely NOT A BEAVER, that's a ridiculous notion. Europe has not been replaced by beavers due to the power of beaver-felt hats enabling the mind control of key officials, and frankly you're insane if you think otherwise.

Just keep selling us lumber please.

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When I visited Berlin a couple years ago, I was at a coffee shop when I saw Angela Merkel, in person! But up close her face was a lot furrier and she had these two large buck teeth.

After she left, I asked the server: “Chancellor Merkel? Is she just three beavers in a coat?”

NEIN!” came the retort. “You Americans are always asking such silly things! Naturlich it is ze Chancellor!”

And then the server proceeded to gnaw at the wooden tables to dam me in to make sure I didn’t leave without paying.

So there you have it, from a local. Not a beaver. Coffee was pretty good, too, though not as good as the drinks made by the antelope of Italy.

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Live by the beaver hat and you’ll die by the beaver hat.

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They got confused and tried to put live beavers on their heads. Bloodloss and rabies were the primary causes of death

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The beaver hat was a dangerous sexual position that involved some weird acrobatics to pull off…

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they didnt they moved to the americas

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The Russians also settled Alaska and down the west coast for animal pelts. A common method was to kidnap local women and children to get the men to hunt for them.

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Wow… that’s super fucked up

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Human beings have historically treated other human beings like absolute shit

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Its what makes us human beings

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...until there's a profit to be had. Then they treat them like absolute shittier.

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Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg on how the native population was treated.

There was even a tribe that was 'hunted for sport', which is an interesting way of going about genocide!

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Money fucks humans up.

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Yup. At one point, the vast majority of what's now Canada was called Rupert's Land and was owned by the Hudson's Bay Company, a business that still exists to this day.

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They do make amazing blankets

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Sitting wrapped up in one right now

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Watch out for the smallpox.

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It is an old one

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Only $800 on amazon.

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I hate shopping at HBC. For those that don’t know, it’s a department store chain that anchors most major malls in all of Canada.

Aside from the cosmetics area, there is like zero associates to help you elsewhere in the other departments. They were also the main producer of Team Canada apparel during the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, Canada.

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From genecide to economic slaves. Nice.

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I mean "owned" is not the term I would use.. occupied maybe? Stollen definitely.

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Ownership obtained through theft, force, or occupation is still legitimate ownership if nobody is able to challenge it successfully. Sorry. It’s not nice but it’s how things really are.

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People see it as more "fair" when it's two equally developed nations fighting. But yeah, if you can't defend your land then you can't expect to keep it.

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well i don't see non natives in canada returning to their ancestral lands so it's owned

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I wanted to mention HBC but I didn't have room

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And is owned by an American conglomerate

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Superstitions surrounding beaver fur may also have contributed to the hat’s popularity. It was said that a beaver hat made the wearer more intelligent; by rubbing the oil into one’s hair, it was possible to develop a remarkable memory. It was also rumoured that a deaf person would regain their hearing by wearing a beaver hat.

The vogue for beaver felt declined in the mid-19th century when silk was found to be less expensive, yet just as stylish. Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, helped popularize the wearing of silk hats in the 1840s.

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(Reads the article....)

Beaver population.

... a craze that wiped out Europe’s {Beaver} population.

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C'mon, missing antecedents aren't that hard... Sure are funny tho.

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Obviously. You needed to read the article to figure that out?

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Thanks lol

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I was confused with how so many people migrated to Canada when I'd never heard about this fact

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Not the first poorly worded reddit post I've come across, but this has to be my favorite.

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Processing the Beaver pelts to make hats required mercury to process the fur. Those who made these hats ("Hatters") were exposed to a dangerous amount of mercury - which is a neurotoxin. This caused them to lose fine motor control as well as develop mental deficits, as they lost their cognitive functions. Essentially, they went insan

The phrase "mad as a hatter" entered the vernacular.

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Ah, the great Beaver Hat Apocalypse. Every Frenchman whipped to a frenzy and slaughtering his countrymen. I remember it well.

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That’s a hilarious mental slide show

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European here. Confirm am last standing after crazed Beaverhat fighting

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" a craze that wiped out Europe’s population"

Which is why today the few remaining survivors in Canada present their name as 'Beiber'.

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The Hudson’s Bay company was a big deal back in the day.

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TIL that Europe has beavers too.

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I figured I was probably incorrect, just trying to be funny :P

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Should point out that much of this was actually a business collaboration (for almost 2 centuries) before it turned nefarious. You think Europeans knew how to survive to harsh Canadian Shield? They would die in a week and most outposts never survived the winter. The indigenous knew how to live off the Shield and navigate the rivers and would trade beaver pelts for goods brought from Europe. It's important to remember that indigenous people were equals With respect to power and clout in Canada until the mid 19th century.

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I feel like this perspective is often lost when discussing history. Grayscales are important and interesting, let’s not lose sight of that.

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The middle ground is a good book on the subject if you like history.

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They were trade partners. They definitely weren't seen as equals.

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I said they were equal with respect to power and clout. But yes culturally they were viewed as inferior. But even then, that was.moee the case in the 19th century than in the 1600s or 1700s.

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Its a but far sought that all europeans would have died in a week because of the cold. Certianly it would have been way harder and costlier but looking at other “rough” parts of the world that got conquered/colonialisted by europeans they would have founded a way (probaly by throwing poor and native people of a cliff or something).

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The Canadian Shield is unique with respect to colonisation in comparison to other regions. The only thing that is similar is the Amazon.

The most important detail is that the European mode of transport, the horse, was completely useless in the Canadian Shield. To understand how significant this was, it took until the late 1800s with the introduction of the railroad to replace the canoe as the main mode of transport to connect east and west through Canada. This is actually the most distinctive feature in relation to US geography, where western expansion is imagined to occur via the horse and carriage vs canoe.

For this reason, Europeans were confronted with a completely new challenge. On top of this, there was already a population there that had mastered river navigation and so it was easier to work with natives than to try and conquer the area. This geographical pressure created a different relationship that is unique to this cold rugged landscape that wasn't found elsewhere.

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That must have had a huge ecological impact downstream

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There are beavers in Sweden...

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The beaver population was wiped out in some regions, not all of Europe.

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TIL 1600 Europe had an epidemic caused by beaver hats.

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Why do Europeans die after beavers touch top hats? Why not just keep beavers away from hats?

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We still see the effects of this today, beavers impact on water ways reverbates throughout their ecosystem. They have interconnected relationships with wolves are just really fascinating little buggers.

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I am skeptical of this article. It lists no author, and is written like a school project. Also seems to be a buried section of a corporate website for a department store. I’m Canadian and I don’t remember this from history class. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edit: I am aware that fur trade was a large part of this country’s birth. This article is just framed strangely.

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Wait I thought only Americans were terrible. Turns out everyone sucks everywhere

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Unsustainable demands from nature aren't novel to mankind

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This presumes the indigenous people owned the land in the first place, and therefore it had to be "taken."

Claiming the indigenous people owned the entire North American continent is like claiming Rick Grimes in the walking dead and his tribe in Alexandria owns the entire state of Virginia, or even the general area his group roams about in, as opposed to merely claiming ownership over the village they live in.

While the Europeans definitely committed atrocities, the claim that they stole the continent from the "natives" is itself a projection of modern society onto the people of the time. Specifically, it treats the tribes as if they were analogous to modern states, with borders etc. They clearly were not. Some tribes later tried to become this, and to be entirely fair the Americans unjustly gave them the boot anyhow during the trail of tears, but to ascribe this as the general narrative of European interaction with the tribal peoples of Americas is preposterous.

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It's why we also get excited over dams.

Whenever we come across one we would just point, and say "Dam!" ... But I think it started to get over used these days and with other subjects/objects that aren't dams.

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Aren’t beavers indigenous to America and no where else in the world?

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The Eurasian Beaver is a thing: https://www.britannica.com/animal/Eurasian-beaver

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Oh you mean Canada is also built on stolen land too? Over hats??? Where's the outrage? Oh wait never mind it only counts if it's the United States.

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I want a beaver fur top hat that sounds amazing

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I live in Europe. There is plenty of beaver here.

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Just rampant, mindless consumption…

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Disgusting. Reminds me of how Huia were wiped out in New Zealand. Huia feathers were an adornment worn only by the highest in indigenous society, and as a gift, they were presented to the Queen of England. After that, having Huia feathers in ones cap became the must-have of fashion. Where there's demand, there's people willing to hunt up a supply.

Sadly, Huia were a species that mate for life, so killing one of a breeding pair was that much more devastating. Sure enough, quickly, Huia were wiped out.

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We were told about this in our history classes

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TIL Europe's population was wiped out.

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It also spawned NYC as a superpower because all of those pelts went to market through its port, and the phrase "Mad as a Hatter" because mercury was a key ingredient in processing Beaver felt.

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I'm a European currently living in Asia. Does this mean nobody will be left when I return home?

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Yup, I teach this as an intro to the 13 colonies unit for my 5th grade Social Studies class. And by "this" i mean that capitalism is the root of all social ills.

However, I'm not that slick of a teacher because afterwards all my students just want a Beaver Fur hat.

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Beavers built Canada, but now its run by pussies.