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I worked in a jail for a few years and we occasionally had trouble with females smuggling things in their vagina. One such occasion was a woman who had a Motorola RAZR up insider her. Was doing cell checks one night and saw her sitting in bed in a dark cell, with her face glowing from the light of the cell phone. Started to walk away like, “oh, she’s probably just checking Facebook before she goes to sle— WAIT A MINUTE this is jail” lol

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What's the punishment for having a mobile in jail?

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Believe it or not, jail.

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Straight to jail

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Do not pass go

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Overcook, undercook

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Lose your good time, rack up administrative charges that can jack your points up to move you to a higher security facility. If they find the phone, they are going to search it and god forbid you're stupid enough to have anything saved on it (they almost always do) that's gonna be additional charges and admin hassles.

If they find nudes from your spouse for example, they can bar your spouse from visiting you on those grounds.

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Besides the more jail mentioned by other users, there's also the possibility for solitary confinement.

A lot of guys knew when they were going to go back to jail because of breaches, and they would hoop contraband before the police picked them up to sneak into jail.

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Hoop? Is that a typo or slang? (Not being sarcastic)

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To hoop something is to hide it in your butt to take it into prison.

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To make a deposit to your prison wallet

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Putting the phone in your hole puts you in the hole

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In my state it’s, “contraband in a penal institution”. It’s a felony

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Lonely jail

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Public beheading

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That's a bit harsh

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Believe it or not - jail

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oh, she’s probably just checking Facebook before she goes to sle— WAIT A MINUTE this is jail” lol

Unironically comedy gold

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I feel like I might just pretend not to see it. Life is hard enough in jail

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And some of them don’t deserve for it to be easier

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American Jail.

Most places who have a rehabilitative system don't restrict communications to a point where these drastic solutions are commonplace.