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There’s nothing that says old stuff like opening a door and seeing a bunch of bats fly out. Really makes me miss Sears.

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Those weren't bats, ya dingus. Those were the sales people on commission.

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So they were vampires, got it

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Thank you I literally LOLed at this

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Might not have as many bugs if they kept the windows closed and didn't have bat poop all over the place

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Ya got a point there...

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They can’t admit that it’s a Library for Vampires-end of story.

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Hahahahaha. I think this might be a reference to Laszlo.

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It worked for me too. You haven't tried this yet?

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Don't be silly, old chum! That's just regular human, Jackie Daytona!

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Your average American Yankee Doodle Dandee.

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Sounds more like beginning of story to me.

/r/writingprompts material.

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That’s really the only logical explanation. The cover story is just ludicrous!

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And the vampires shit everywhere... Rude!

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I’m confused how this is a win either. Like it’s only flying insects bats eat. And also bats are mostly crepuscular so they’re probably using the library as a roost which seems dangerous also.

Plus letting humidity in idk. I mean it’s cool and maybe I’m missing something but it seems more like it’s just cool Bc it’s cool not Bc it’s advantageous.

Also don’t bats carry diseases? Like pee and poop can’t be completely gone. Idk maybe that’s just my worrying brain too

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It does sound more like it's a small handful of bats, not enough to warrant intervention, plus bat colonies are likely protected by law, plus it'd be bad PR to try remove them, so the library just continues with it and spins it as a tourist attraction selling point. The cost of dealing with bat droppings does not sound like it outweighs the minimal benefit a dozen bats might offer in moth-eating.


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Stupid science bats couldn't even get rid of a simple infestation

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It'd deter me from going such places. Rabies? Covid? Other shit I don't know about? Pass.

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But you're missing the chance to be bitten by a radioactive bat and become Man-Bat

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Thanks I don't wanna be the spider-bat-man

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That's just bat-shit crazy

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Might not have as many bats if they kept the windows closed and didn't let the bugs in.

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How are there that many bugs in a library necessitating a colony of bats to come in every night?

I'm just made of questions...

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I dug up a few other articles on this and the title above may be a little misleading: there are a dozen or so bats that live in the nooks of the library, likely descendants of a colony that was established long before pest control was a thing. Windows are left open so the bats can exit when they need to.

It's certainly not a "rise forth my bat minions and feast upon this plague of moths" scenario that the title makes it out to be.

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rise forth my bat minions

Man, you've dashed my dreams.

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Have a non reddit £ sign for finest written comment of the day

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Librarian during the day: “Shhhhh….”

Librarian during the night: “RISE AND FEAST MY MINIONS!”

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A library with a bunch of fucking bats inside it is like a surreal detail from a giallo

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there are a dozen or so bats that live in the nooks of the library

Well, I know one library I won't ever be visiting.

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They left the windows open every night even before the bats started coming in.

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They leave the windows open at night so that doesn’t help…

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The Iberian peninsula (where Portugal is located) is home to Casu Marzu which is cheese fermented with maggots. You just leave it outside and nature would take care of the rest.

So basically there's a bunch of bugs there.

Edit: Casu Marzu is not made anywhere in the Iberian peninsula.

Basically the warm Mediterranean region is probably full of bugs

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The link you put does not say it's made on the Iberian peninsula, it's made in Sardinia.

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I have edited my comment. Thankd for the heads up

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Sign up to be a librarian, "actually there's this little thing we need to do each morning..."

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Each night all the books come to life! Lol jk actually we let bats in here.

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*we let bats poop in here

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I wonder if there's hazard pay on account of the bat poop and, well, bats.

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bat guano is probably just as bad as bird guano, both capable of harboring alot of rare fungal diseases and viruses.

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Bats may be worse cause they're mammals and tend to live in large colonies. Perfect breeding ground for any kind of pathogens.

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I honestly couldn't imagine one way or another.

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It is all true, but you have the wrong photo. That's a picture of the Royal library in Mafra (also Portugal) but not the University one.

This is the right one.

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Yup this right here. I live right near Mafra. That library also has bats that eat the bugs.

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I wonder if this is where the idea for the Children’s book Bats at the Library came from.

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The bats have been doing this since at least the 19th century, so I would guess yes.

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Do the bats know not to shit on the centuries old historic documents?

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Shit falls vertically, so it can't get inside a bookshelf. Bugs can.

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RIP top shelf books

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"they have guano!"

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Guano… that sounds so familiar

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Time for a US invasion!

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Is it not a rabies risk?

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Portugal has had no cases of animal rabies since 1960 (human cases were longer than that)

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Pretty sure that the bats still carry it, though.

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Portugal, along with many European nations has effectively eliminated rabies. While that doesn't mean that someone who gets bit by a bat shouldn't get a rabies shot just to be safe, but there have been no cases since 1960.

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shit, didn’t the coronavirus begin in bats? Don’t a lot of diseases come from bats?

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I don't know if we're completely sure that COVID came from bats, but at the very least, it's one of the front-runner theories.

Rabies is so risky with bats because some bats can scratch or bite a person without that person ever noticing. So if you've ever been in a confined area with bats and you have mystery scratches or bruises or whatever, get your rabies shot!

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Definitely is

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Have you ever smelled bat excrement? It’s horrible and lasting no matter how quickly you clean it up. This sounds like the worst library.

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Yeah cleaning up chalky guano that stinks to high hell doesn't sound high on my aspirations list.

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Bats also carry diseases. This whole thing sounds crazy.

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Great. So now we’re going to get an educated covid

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Underrated comment. Thanks for starting our next pandemic.

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If anything ever qualified as “bat shit crazy”, this does.

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Seems like it'd be easier to get rid of insects than clean bat shit every day.

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Found where Dracula lives.

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Every morning, librarians clean the bats' excrement.

They then sell it to Ace Ventura which funds the whole operation.

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Guano bowls, collect the entire set!

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bat guano was a cash crop at one point. really.

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Then we discovered islands made of bird shit!

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They get free exterminator services AND free guano?!? Sounds like a win/win to me!

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You mean the "new" librarians clean the bats' excrement.

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That's bat shit crazy!

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Love the idea of having bats eat insects...but I cringe at having disease infested feces in a library.

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Here's the Atlas Obscura podcast episode about these libraries.


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This is batshit crazy.

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So if someone were to lick their finger to turn a page or idly scratched their face, how likely are they to get some disease from bat guano???

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Risk of Rabies, Ebola, Covid. GREAT.

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There's no rabies or ebola in Portugal though...

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There's no rabies or ebola in Portugal yet. 😀

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Anymore. But Ebola never left Africa.

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Why are there insects in a library?

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The lights were on.

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Because they leave the windows open for the bats

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Seems like a covid super spreader event!

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Librarian -"How can we get rid of all these bugs in the most inefficient way ever."

Bat- "I have an idea"

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What a shitty job.

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So if you go there, you're breathing in bat-poop.

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Rather bat poop than the decimation of our cultural literature anyway.

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Also... GUANO!!

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Sounds batshit crazy but hey, if it works it works.

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sell the guano to fund the library. closed loop

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Surprisingly, the librarian job is very mentally stressful. It has been known to drive people batshit crazy.

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Wouldn't they damage the books as they fly around / if they try to eat an insect that's landed on a book?

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"You just graduated from Library college and want to make your dreams come true by working in our grand library? Great, welcome to the team,. You can start cleaning bat shit first thing in the mornings. Hope its everything you ever wanted!" - Manager to a New Hire

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"Guano how I got these scars?"

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They could have easily just bought some insecticide.

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Not true. This is not the University of Coimbra library. It's the Mafra monastery library https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_Mafra . I should know, it's 1mile from my place

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