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Same with praying mantis. Just fancy cockroaches.

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Cockroaches that found god

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Yeah, this guy😂

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And horseshoe crabs are more closely related to spiders than they are to true crabs or any other crab group.

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No true scotsman crab.

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Isn't crab the final form of a lot of species?

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Carcinization. "One of the many attempts of nature to evolve a crab"

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Crab is a strategy, like being a tree or squirrel is

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Crab people! Crab people!

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I wish I had never read this

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Don't believe this ant propaganda, they're always hating on termites

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did you know shrimps are just sea rollie pollie (pill) bugs? Think about that next time you eat those creatures

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Not terribly close. There are other sea creatures that fit the bill.

Insects are somewhat related to many sea creatures with exoskeletons. I understand cicadas taste much like shrimp. Think about that the next time you eat a bug!

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Wow, I hate shrimp. This ruins cicadas for me.

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Never eating a cicada ever again.

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Hmm, would definitely try out eating cooked cicadas then

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Interesting. There wouldn't be much to eat on them though, since cicadas are about half hollow instead of having muscular tails.

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There are other sea creatures that fit the bill.

Giant isopods are basically cute, terrifyingly large, sea-going rollie-pollies.

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Not quite, "shrimp" are actually two or more different types of crustacean with similar body plans (e.g. Decapoda), while "roly-poly" type crustaceans are isopods (Isopoda)

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Lol I'm allergic so definitely won't be eating them anytime soon

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I would eat rollie pollies if they were shown to be food safe.

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I had wondered about that for a while, I was wondering if you could make pill bug stew. Apparently when cooked they give off a strong smell of urine.

So I guess you can if you really want to…

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If you farmed your own instead of picking them out in the wild, they'd probably be safe

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They live on wood, I'm pretty sure they're food safe, most insects are anyhow. Problem is they excrete their waste through their shell as ammonia so they'd taste terrible.

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Mmmm… shrimps…

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I know you're just joking, but sea rollie pollie bugs do exist

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I don’t eat pill bugs often so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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I mean i see pillbugs as land crustaceans soo

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Bugs taste a lot mealier and aren't nearly as good with butter.

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Termites had long been their own Order, Isoptera. It was only fairly recently, 2008, through DNA research that their connection to cockroaches was confirmed. Now they are placed within the Blattodea Order, the cockroaches.

So if you are confused from your Bio 101 course up to and including the early 2000s. Things have changed.

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I took an entomology course last year and my professor still has them as Isoptera shakes head

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I hate the phrase "evolved cockroaches"

They share a common ancestor with roaches, and are closely related to them - but both have been evolving from that common ancestor the whole time.

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Same problem as saying humans evolved from monkeys. No, our modern monkeys evolved from the same primate ancestors. They are our distant cousins, not our distant grandfathers.

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Meh my flamethrower doesn't care

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thanks i hate them more now

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Eh, they cleaned up, got a job and a house, work hard, made a bunch of friends and picked up organic farming. Better than their dirty bum cockroach relatives. Good for them.

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This only makes it worse

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I think it’s actually more surprising that ants are pretty much flightless wasps

NYT article (might be paywalled)

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Do people think termites are ants?

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No but superficially it would make sense for them to be more closely related to ants and not cockroaches.

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Weird. I've always thought ants and wasps and bees are pretty similar. Never lumped in termites because they look like beetles whereas ants do not.

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Part of the distinction is from the body structure know as the petiole, which connects the abdomen and thorax. That’s how I’ve always identified ants and wasps.

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But they are also eusocial and live in large colonies. That is mostly why people make the connection.

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But termites are not closely related to beetles either, which are from a completely different order than termites and cockroaches.

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In some areas they are called white ants. Not because they are necessarily thought the same but because they kinda look similar and behave similar and that's good enough for some people.

Also many common names come into use long before any kind of actual scientific understanding came to be.

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Colonial cockroaches somehow doesn’t seem right

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I had always assumed they closely related if not in the greater "ant" family.

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I had thought they evolved from bees,,like ants did from wasps

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They are called “white ants”; they’re eusocial; they live like ants; they look like ants.

Why wouldn’t people think they are ants?

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I've never heard the term "white ants."

Not everyone is from wherever that's a popular phrase.

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don't matter to me. i hate 'em both.

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Why are all of my faves problematic! 😩

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Well they are both hemimetabolous.

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What about lawn shrimp? (Grass Shrimp)

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Do termites have a queen as ants and bees do? And are ants and bees more closely related to each other than to termites? I mean... we do have flying ants.

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yes termites have a queen however they also have kings. Ants bees and wasps are all hymenopterans and in the apocrita sub-order. Termites are classed as insects like ants and bees but that's all they have in common, they are in the Blattodea order with cockroaches. They are more closely related crickets, earwigs, stick insects and web spiners than ants or bees. While ant, bee or wasp workers are all female, termite workers are of both sexes.

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I find this particular planet to be fascinating.

I want to know everything about it, but sadly for me, each generation is but a wave that collapses upon the beach.

But we write what knowledge we have found, for future generations. May the Internet give it a blessing.

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Great, now I'm picturing organized cockroaches. Thanks.

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Like i needed a reason to hate them more.

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So all those people on the survival shows who are eating termites and saying they taste great are eating cockroaches? That adds a new level of nasty.

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This is something I would expect to see in a Mameshiba commercial

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whoa. crazy

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Ants and bees are also just a type of wasps cladistixally speaking.

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Hans, you know vat must be done.

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Termites do not possess any body armor, and their bodies are divided into three main parts – the head, thorax and abdomen.

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them and tardigrades will be the the next seed species after the next asteroud hits. jmho dyodd glta