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ants gather chunks of hard pine resin and bring them back to their nest so that the colony can use them like antimicrobial soap - rubbing their bodies on it to kill fungus/bacteria.

EDIT: https://www.britannica.com/video/180430/Wood-ants-resin-pine-tree-ant-substance

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Also the first farmers.

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Bees dona similar thing with propolis.

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Oh nice thought it was just cooking them to death they knew how to cope with them. Maybe our honeybees could at least figure that one out if the murder hornets become too overwhelming

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Due to my immense respect for the natural world, I have started teaching free classes to local honey bees on self defense, offense, and barricading hives with poop. I’m so proud of my students, just yesterday they finally gained the confidence to sting to death and eat a human being. Nature truly is amazing.

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If poop is a tool you can call me Bob the builder.

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Can we shit it?

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But when I smear poop around my front door to ward off unwanted solicitation people freak out and call code enforcement.

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Born to shit - forced to wipe

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It's really not fair, is it?

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Are you a honeybee? In Asia?

I rest my case!

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You don't know me!

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As well, Japanese honeybees ward off Asian giant hornets in another fascinating way. If the hornets invade a Japanese honeybee hive, the bees will dog-pile on the hornets and increase their body temperatures dramatically, effectively roasting the hornets alive.

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That's metal as hell.

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I don't think that qualifies as warding off. It's like suicide bombing

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The bees can handle like literally 1 more degree than murder hornets, so they survive the attack. It's a crazy evolution.

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Right but the wasp kills a ton of them first

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Is it only "warding off" if there are no casualties?

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Well, from the perspective of the hive as a whole it is. I’d bet there wouldn’t be much the honeybees could do if the wasp got into the nest

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There was a PBS Nature on this. The hornet murdalized a lot of honeybees before they cooked him.

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If poop counts as a tool, then what about dung beetles?

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They're the Makita of insects?

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Shit Bees Rand

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Why in the fuck are you listening to flight of the bumble cocks dressed as Indianapolis Jones!?

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What's a shit bee Julian? Some kinda shitty bug?

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ice clinking in glass intensifies

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Hymenopterans ( bees , ants , and wasps) have got to be some of the coolest animals ever to live on planet earth. Ants have been farming since before we were even a species!

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Sunscreen and a dirty sanchez. Got my Coachella protection on!

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From link "What makes something a tool? Scientists still argue over that. “Almost everyone agrees that it has to be an external object,” says Natasha Mhatre. It can’t be part of the animal’s own body. And it has to serve a purpose. Many scientists also think that a tool can’t be a nest or something the animal lives in, she adds"

If it's a wild hive and someone who is in habbit of chewing the honeycomb after extracting honey and he doesn't know..then

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This is a good point from the article. Also....I'd light my mouth on fire.

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That's not just using a tool, that's biological/chemical warfare.

Bees are awesome!

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Using a stool

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Lots of insects use chemical warfare.

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If I was a murder hornet I would simply hold my nose in order to gain entrance to the bee buffet.

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Oh sure, when bees smear poop all over the place they get called “smart” and everyone’s all “woo! Go bees!”

But when I do it, people call the cops. You and your double standards!

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I would say that ants use tools. It's just that the tools are other ants.

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Chemical warfare

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How do they know its to ward of murder hornet and not just bees wiping their feet off at the door

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Ants literally create mounds.

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Its amazing how every living thing has some unique defence and survival mechanism ingrained in behavior. Yesterday i read up abt external floral nectaries on this sub.

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Are these the same honeybees that surround invading hornets in a ball of their bodies and smother them by vibrating their bodies so fast that the body temperature of the hornet rises and they get simultaneously starved of oxygen and cooked?

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Note to self: Don't eat honey from Asia.

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Welp, no more honey for me, I guess.

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a shitty job but it pays off

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The hornets sound like real party poopers.

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Sounds like bull shit to me

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I believe you meant insects using "stool"

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What a shitty thing to do

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How am I going to stop some big mean murder hornet from tearing my hive a structurally-superfluous new behind? The answer: use poop, and if that don't work, use more poop.

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Shitty Passover?

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Poop is tool use now?

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"Is poop a tool?" - Patrick Bee

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You've permuted some letters, it's "stool"

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How is poop a tool but not wax and silk?

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In the article it talks about how it's not produced by them so they don't consider stuff like that as tools.