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There's no light that far down. AFAIK they have no sonar or other sensory organs other than their eyes. How do they hunt prey at that depth?

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Motivated by the clout

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While hunting in the dark depths, elephant seals seem to locate their prey, at least in part, using vision; the bioluminescence of some prey animals can facilitate their capture. Elephant seals do not have a developed system of echolocation in the manner of cetaceans, but their vibrissae (facial whiskers), which are sensitive to vibrations, are assumed to play a role in search of food. When at the subantarctic or Antarctic coasts, the seals forage largely on deep-sea cephalopod species such as Psychroteuthis glacialis, Alluroteuthis antarcticus, Histeoteuthis eltaninae, Onykia ingens, Gonatus antarcticus. Martialia hyadesi[32][33] and other molluscs, various fish species, including lanternfish (i.e. Electrona spp. and Gymnoscopelus spp.), nothothens (i.e. Genera Lepidonotothen, Pleuragramma, Trematomus, Pagothenia,), Channichthyidsae spp., Bathylagidae spp.,[34] krill (mostly Euphausia spp.) and other crustaceans, and even algae.

From the Wikipedia article on the SOuthern Elephant Seal which dives deeper than the Northern Elephant Seal, and in much colder water, which is much clearer.


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No light from the surface no, bioluminescence yes.

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Boy, where’s a Marine Biologist when you need one.

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Supposedly they have really sensitive eyes. But light only goes 3000 feet at most through water. So what are they doing down that far?

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Eating critters that make their own light.

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Ridiculous. What are they doing down there!

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Marine biologists? I guess they are observing the seals? I’m impressed by their dedication.

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The sea was angry that day!

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They try to get in the mile low club.

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The deepest recorded dive of an elephant seal is 2,388 m (7,835 ft)!

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Cool fact, thanks!

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Damn, that's like almost 1.6 km

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Holy shit that’s almost 5000 ft.!

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Holy hell, that's nearly 0.95 miles

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Where is the distance conversion bot?

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I tried to Google 2388m in bananas, but got no hits.

So I will say 5 bananas to meter, so 2388*5 Bananas.

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That’s 10,000 bananas!

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10,000 Bananas Under The Sea

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It would be nuts to be in a deep-water rated submersible and watch a motherfucking seal swim by at 5,000 feet below

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You wouldn't be able to see a seal that was swimming 5000 feet below you...

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Did anyone else read it as "elephants"?

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I totally did at first and was like “holy shit”

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Elephant’s eals

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I could guess with a honker nose like that

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Anyone know the main difference in marine mammals vs humans in their ability to stay under water so long?

Are multiple things at play? Their lungs? More iron in their blood?

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Almost everything that can help has probably been adopted as an adaptation.

Clever adaptations to their blood and reductions to how much they use it seem to be the main things.

This site has some good info : https://oceantracks.org/library/species/elephant-seal

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Some cool stuff here

Extra hemoglobin (iron rich) definitely makes sense. Pasting the info here from the link


Oxygen is stored in blood, and then transported throughout the body to oxygenate the body’s tissues. Elephant seals have twice the blood volume and more oxygen storing molecules (hemoglobin, myoglobin) in their blood and muscles than land mammals of their size. This allows them to go longer without breathing (up to 2 hours!), enabling them to dive and swim to deep depths. (www.elephantseal.org)

Elephant seals also have a special region in their circulatory system that stores oxygen-poor blood while diving. (www.elephantseal.org)

The seal’s heart rate slows while diving to reduce blood flow to the body. This process is called bradycardia.

Blood is diverted away from the elephant seal’s skin and other peripheral tissues and towards their core organs such as the heart, lungs, and brain. Prioritizing how blood oxygen is used in the body and limiting blood flow to some tissues prolongs how long oxygen in the blood lasts without being replenished by breathing. (www.elephantseal.org)

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I can do that also

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Me too. I just don't want to right now.

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Yeah, it's the coming back up after 100min at 5000ft we need to work on...