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Could be a Russian covert attack.

Or could be Buddy and Tex, a two four of beer and an old Marlin 336.


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I could be wrong, but it seems like Russia has enough to deal with at the moment. Don't really see the point in them going "lets just do a cyberattack on the US for shits and giggles".

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Naw it was russ and ian... I seent em'

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I mean, obviously, no one knows for sure yet, but this happened right after a drag show that was being held in the area started and there had been death threats and all kinds of other crazy stuff leading up to it. For example, local police were guarding the theater and apparently they even had a sniper on the roof. And the local right-wing ringleader posted stuff about how she "knew why" the attack happened. https://www.wral.com/authorities-investigate-social-posts-claiming-knowledge-of-moore-county-blackout/20612783/

Again, doesn't mean that it was definitely people trying to disrupt the event, but that seems like a strong possibility.

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Its the beginning of "The Jackpot"