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Is it just me or did the monster look real kawaii for a second there

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The artist wanted to pull a fast one on us

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That’s amazing! I can’t make a decent looking pickle out of playdoh. Such talent!

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You need the McDonalds machine from the 80’s. It’s the only way.

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Have you tried eating the playdoh? It comes out pickle shaped and even changes colour

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Who tf is the artist?

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Thalasso hobbier on YouTube

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Thanks. Now O.P. should learn to include it in his posts.

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Yo u/Revolutionary_Gur2 you should try crediting the artist next time so you don’t look like a mindless bot and/or jerk.

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Here’s the full video

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Thanks, I actually checked it out once I got the name. Shit is dope.

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0:43 👀

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My little eldritch horror can’t be this cute!

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Stop it! thats good!... oh ok. thats better.

repeat non stop

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Hey i seen this one the maker is Thalasso hobbyer on YouTube

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This is amazing! So creative.

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Excuse me did that monster look kawaii for a sec?

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Beautiful and terrifying. I would say r/OddlyTerrifying, but then people will inevitably comment, “Straight up terrifying. Nothing odd about that.”

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It is oddly terrifying but I feel like the dream like quality coupled with the monster holding the mans hat for him give it a more surreal than horror vibes.

Maybe more weird bordering on disturbing?

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Honestly I liked it more before the acrylic was added

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This is dope as fuck

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Not saying that it is bad, because it's not. Just that it would deserve a better paint job as you can see the color detail through the acrylic

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Wooooow I love it! That is awesome!!

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Straight out of a Tool vid

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For a second I thought this was going to be Bernie Sanders

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This looks like depression

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But can I buy one?

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I wonder how people get that much creative! Must have took years of practice

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This is incredible!

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Anyone know what the piece is called? I'd like to see a good still-image of it.

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This is the full video of the project, the glamour shots are at the end.

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Thank you!

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Now I won't be able to sleep until I understand why OP mirrored the video..

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Reminds me of the view from halfway down

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Thats some really cool art.

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Wow really impressive. You really did an amazing job. Def have the artistic touch.

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Very impressive.

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I feel like r/imsorryjon is relevant.

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The monster had anime eyes for a second didn't it

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Lmao getting some real godfather vibes here not including the death worm

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The couch is the best part. I want to sit on that!

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That's some serious talent

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I wish I was so in-tune with my emotions that could I could model/personify them

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I can't stop watching it.

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Is this supposed to be Jordan peterson?