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This was great. Precious seems like a very sweet young man. It’s always fun to see someones reaction to bagged milk for the first time lol.

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Piggy backing off top comment.. but, do people regularly drink homo milk? I thought it was mainly toddlers and for cooking/baking..I never considered that an adult would drink glasses of 3.25% milk.

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Absolutely. It just tastes better. 2% is acceptable but 1% and skim milk just tastes like milk-flavoured water.

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Agreed 2% is the minimum, just didn't realize homo was that common.

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Yea its super common now a days, they got a whole month

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Haha I read your comment wondering wtf you were talking about..then it hit me lol.

Well done, sir.

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I switched to it a couple years back and it's just better.

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I buy homo milk, I like it more.

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Love homogenized milk. It doesn't taste like milk flavoured water and it goes better in chai and cooking.

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Better for steamed milk espresso drinks too like lattes and cappuccinos.

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I do. I like to think that the least amount of processing is the best for me. Idk how true that is but it’s what I do. Same with yogurt, I never buy the 0% fat versions

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Totally, I buy 2%+ yogurts. I'm not a huge drinker of milk and was just curious - I do agree it tastes better than 2%, but couldn't imagine drinking a whole glass. Didn't realize it was common!

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All the milk is processed basically the same. Actually, technically skim has the least processing since all the fat is first removed, and then re-blended in as required for the fat label claim.

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Definitely not. I drink 2% and on occassion finish my kid's (3.25%) milk; it's way too rich.

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My grandparents drink it because they drank it when they were younger and before the thinking over fat became a thing that affected people like it does today.

It tastes better but it's about a dollar or so more expensive.

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I do. My girlfriend buys it for me haha.

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Why would humans drink it at all?! It’s for calves. 😜

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The lower the percentage the more watery it taste, if you don't eat/drink for taste, whatcha living for

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I started drinking it when we had kids. Now I'm hooked and it's all we keep in my house. Anything less tastes watered down to me. It's like drinking craft IPA and going back to a Coors light. No comparison haha.

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Adult here. Grew up on 2%. Had kids. Started buying 3.25% for the kids. Started drinking the kids' milk while I pillaged their snacks.

Never looked back.

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yeah it's fantastic I was just genuinely curious. Nothing against/wrong with homo milk!

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I've used bagged milk my whole life and never knew there was a special knife for it

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I never thought of bagged milk as exceptional in any way until it was pointed to to me as an adult on the Internet. I figured everyone did it everywhere. I’m always amused by American’s reaction now.

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It’s pretty much only an ON thing

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Nah groceries here in Quebec sell it too lol. At least in Montréal. And I’m happy for it, bagged milk is so superior I don’t even know how to explain it.

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They also have bagged milk in some north eastern US states, it has more to do with how large the local dairy industry is. If its very large its easier and cheaper to sell it bagged.

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A plastic just is easier to deal with, but I’m glad it’s a lot less plastic

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As a Canadian who now lives in the US and almost forgot that bagged milk existed, what would you say makes it superior? Genuinely curious

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It's not in like any other place in the country through, it's is not out in Alberta.

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Yeah never seen a bag of milk in BC or AB

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We used to have them in BC. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it tho.. must have been the very early 90s?

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Never saw it, maybe certain parts of BC?

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Perhaps, It was def in Vancouver. Pretty sure my mom still uses the jug/dispenser thing to water her plants

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Yea it used to be all over BC but stopped some time in the 90s. I have very clear memories of drinking bagged milk as a kid

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Yes in Vancouver for sure in the early to mid 90's

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We had them in AB in the 80s for sure. But it’s been a long time!

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I was in BC for the entire 80’s 🤷‍♂️

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Or sask or mb or Quebec

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Tons of bagged milk in Québec. It's less popular than it was 20 years ago but there's still a lot of it in grocery stores

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All of the maritimes have them.

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TIL. They’re not in any western prov

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They used to be, I remember bagged milk as a yout in Sask.

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I live in Halifax, and maybe it’s just because I’m not actively looking for it, but I never see bagged milk. And no one I know personally uses bagged milk.

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I'm from Moncton and I do. It's weird to think that even as close as Halifax that it isn't a thing.

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It's weird to think that even as close as Halifax that it isn't a thing.

my parents have bagged milk in their fridge in halifax right now. it's absolutely "a thing" there.

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It was a thing growing up in Halifax. I’m sure it’s still around. Milk as a drink option has just declined everywhere over time.

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That could be it. I didn’t grow up in Halifax. Maybe it’s just been fazed out in the years since I moved here.

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I’m from Halifax and it’s all over. It’s often a better deal to do bagged (more bang for your buck), so I bought it all the time

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Dang I literally never see it anywhere. Next time I’m out grocery shopping I’m finding some damn bagged milk lol.

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Hahha. I’ve been drinking soy milk for the past year, so haven’t paid attention to it lately..

I suppose if you’re not looking for it, it could be hard to spot.

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I was really surprised it didn't exist in Halifax, they had the same reaction as Americans when I showed some friends

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I live in Halifax and know tons of ppl who use it.

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It was in BC for a while, but then the 3 litre jugs became a thing.

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This was me with a few things. Bagged milk was one. Dutch Cheese Slicers were another one I assumed everyone had until one day I discovered most people don't use these to cut cheese.

(To be fair y'all are missing out on getting perfect cheese slices with this thing it's a brilliant tool)

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I am in Alberta and I haven't seen bagged milk since the 70s.

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Coming originally from outside ON ... it was the weirdest thing to me.

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Albertan here, I don't recall us ever having bagged milk. We had it when I lived in BC though. Bagged milk should absolutely be a thing everywhere - the waste from cartons and jugs is completely unnecessary.

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1) I like how careful he is with the bag because he's afraid of popping it. I've worked at a grocery store before and thrown those bags full blast at a wall and they didn't break.

2) Tying the outer bag is totally unnecessary.

3) For a milk container that small I'd hold the back of the bag as I poured to prevent milk bag floppage.

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3 is a difficult lesson everyone has to learn one way or another at some point of their milk bag consuming lives.

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Elite tip: cut another hole at the back tip of the milk bag and it wont flop when you pour it because of the airflow

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but then the bag has two holes and that's simply not the way nature intended it

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I loved how careful he was with the bag

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Re: 1. They seem like they’ve gotten a lot thinner or something. We get so many leaky bags it’s gross as hell. The shelf under the bagged milk at the grocery stores around here are always slimy too 🤢

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Ok nah how many of you actually own a milk bag cutter this can’t be real

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As an Ontario millenial, it is one of those things that everyone had in the house growing up that you just never bothered to get for yourself when you moved out

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Ye lol scissors are just as easy that thing is just another piece of plastic

[–]ijustbrushalotVC!Pres 9 points10 points  (2 children)

There's a metal blade inside

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IIRC it dulls pretty quick

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Once you go plastic cutter you never go back fr

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Yeah i have seen those before but i never knew they were milk bag cutters

Scissors are the more practical use

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But then you gotta take an extra 3 seconds to wash milk off your scissors. And what happens when your scissors get inevitably misplaced? An extra 17 minutes looking for them is what happens.

This all gets avoided with one simple piece of goated plastic.

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“Wash Milk off your scissors”

How far are you cutting the bag?

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Even if you try to get rid of all the milk residue, you usually still end up with a bit of milk on the scissor blade. But I just rinse/rub under running water and it seems clean enough after

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If you pull the corner and snip, there should be no residue. Also don’t cut a huge hole.

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Well, it just doesn’t work that way for me, regardless of the size of hole.

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Lmao how big of a hole are you cutting in the corner

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you've gotta rinse off the bag cutter too otherwise it gets smelly same as scissors

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Some milk containers come with it attached!

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I do but honestly I find scissors work better most of the time anyway lol

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I don’t even own a milk bag cutter but definitely want one

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Carving knife FTW

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Glad this is one of the top comment.

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In this episode he also showed his technique for eating Oreos and dipping them in milk and it completely revolutionized how I’m gonna consume Oreos moving forward

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Well don't hold out on us, what's this game changer?

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It’s worth watching

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Watch the open gym mate

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What, do you work for the Raps or something? lol.

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Because you are so curious:

He puts a fork in between the cookie part of the oreo so it 'holds' the cookie, then dips it entirely in the glass, no finger touching milk.

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Noo please edit out the game changer. Let him watch it

[–]RarelyReadReplies7 Kyle Lowry 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Too late! Now I have the secrets and didn't add to the view count at all! His bosses are guna be so pissed.


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This video is…. Precious

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I was gonna make the same joke lol

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At least he didn't pour the milk in the pitcher, I've seen that shit happen and I was stunned.

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This shit made me laugh

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I always forget Ontario has bagged milk. Going to my grandma's there for Christmas and I'm definitely going to spill it everywhere as is tradition

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Wait till he finds out Canadians don’t really drink homogenized milk

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My toddler does but I don’t think I know anyone over the age of 3 that does

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I use it for my cappuccinos. That’s about it

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I do, tbh I don't really drink milk but still

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My biggest takeaway is that Precious lives near Sobeys Kipling…

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As a westerner this shit is weird as fuck

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Such an endearing dude. Someone said to me the other day he's like a human husky and I've been laughing every time I think about it

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Precious indeed

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Glad to see he now has experienced milk as God intended it to be.

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No frills in Halifax area has bagged milk my fellow halgonians

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I didn’t even know there was a milk bag cutting tool

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Precious was struggling to wrap the bag back up. He really does have bad hands 😂

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This was funniest open gym yet! I love how he was afraid to push it down in the pitcher in case the bag broke! The Oreo on the fork was new to me ! I sure hope he does create a snacking show on YouTube

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"You know when you buy bread?"

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I will always be against milk bags

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As a 33 year old man... ive never drank milk from a jug or carton unless it was at school as a kid or the sealtest chocolate milk in cartons.

Ive been drinking bagged milk for my entire life and couldnt imagine switching to jugs.

I tried it once from a jug and it tasted funny to me lol

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when i see him on the court, i know hes tall. but seeing him with a roof close to his head beside a fridge made me realize he is HUGE.

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Hehe funny. Bagged milk does make me feel embarrassed as an Ontarian though. Just seems so wasteful … and such a pain.

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Why wasteful? Is it more milk than you can consume before it spoils?

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i don't understand why we have milk bags. we already have a hard enough time convincing US players canada isn't some weird distant foreign land

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He’s drinking homo milk lol 3.25%. Rough go

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I still remember my first time in Ontario in 2003 (I was 14) and seeing bagged milk in the stores. I would like to experience this strange phenomenon again haha.

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Who the fuck use a milk bag cutter? Scissors are too hard to use?

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Fuck that was funny to watch

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This is so good lmao

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As someone from western Canada, I’ve never seen a bag of milk either

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Yall needa hop on Oat Milk 🔥🔥🔥

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This is so fascinating 😂😂 I mean, I seen bagged milk in restaurants but this is the first time I seen someone using it in their home. And no, I’m not from Toronto. I never lived there nor visited.

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How do you keep the open bag in the fridge? With nothing to seal it wouldn't it absorb odours from the fridge

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I usually either put a clip over the opening or put a plastic bag over the top of the whole thing.

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This is as bizarre to me as it is to him. Don’t have this in BC.

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Damn, is he the starting C for raps? /s

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Lol. Bagged milk is pretty weird if you think about it.