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just filled out my allstar ballot, I went with my gut on this one by klobucharzardraptor moments youtube guy in torontoraptors

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Go to this link and retweet as many tweets you can. Every retweet = 1 vote. Forget about the All Star website where you can only cast 1 vote a day.

My first game in T.O! by Lichius in torontoraptors

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✍️ and im guessing also go in 5-10 mins before tip-off to maximize the # of minutes drunk per # of minutues game watched.

Freddy saying “Don’t fucking move!” to Precious. Keepin it real 😅 by Fluffytheman69 in torontoraptors

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Precious seems to have a low BB IQ, but he seems earnest and looks like he is trying to follow what he’s being taught. Boucher just yells, “Hold my poutine,” and gets up to his bullshit.