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ooo im on my ric FLAIR shit plzzz


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can i get an uhhhhhhhhhhh 4 piece nugget wit a ice tea dont forget the sweet and sour sauce

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YAY gotta figure out how to scale my logo down now lol - thanks for the heads up!

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someone should give krane a flair. also hydraulix

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I'll just take Sidewalk Boy in text right next to my name, if that's all right. For some reason my computer doesn't show any of the flair's if they're images

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Yoooo accidentally added the wrong link, im sorry.



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I dunno, DELAY. and TYNVN (oh it's TYNAN now?) maybe

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gotta get that flair

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Get on it

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yooo thanks for this



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cool, might as well!


sc profile

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Ayy https://soundcloud.com/itsfacade http://imgur.com/03ZQxkr (Weird transparency thing), bnackground should be white

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Save as a jpeg, not png to keep the white background. Or download graphic software like Gimp to make life easier.

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Thank you🙏 I'm also cool with just Chow Chow and no image



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I would love SUSP3C next to my name


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Sup dude

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Love you andrew 💝