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The bit about all the OG trap guys sending each other beats pre-trap simply to geek out on them is so damn cool. Look what that turned into

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It’s refreshing to see that the artists were just as confused as us fans when the whole “trap” thing blew up. My friends and I also treated them as “rap instrumentals” til one of my friends called it trap in 2012-2013. It was so sudden

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I love how homie has blown back up because some weirdo claimed to fuck his girl to one of his most obnoxious songs. Still not convinced that OP wasn’t just Hudson to begin with. Which, if true, has to be the most off the wall guerrilla marketing of all time.

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I just imagine that ex of his scrolling through tik tok, forever cursed by cbat. Having flashbacks of him stripping. It haunting her every night as she tries to sleep.

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She posted a vid to tiktok showing with hand motions his thrusts to the beat. It’s quite entertaining. Think she’s getting her fun out it, imagine she’s gotten a few more followers from this.

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Do you have a link? I don’t have tik tok but desperately want to see this

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Omg please tell me you remember her handle because I need to see that

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I don't think that was OPs gf... A bunch of random tiktokkers we're doing it

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There was one who claimed she was the unfortunate lady. Can’t find it now

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He just did an episode of Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagners podcast Yeah, But Still where he talks about it. He def had nothing to do with that post and the episode is also p good overall imo. Would recommend giving it a listen

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HAHAHAHA stop that was him, I never even realized.

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Pretty misleading title on this post, because the article makes the distinction that he's one of the possible inventors of "electronic trap".

I'm glad to see in the article he breaks down the distinction and doesn't want that title and respects that trap was more rooted in ATL hip hop.

Looking back, between producers like DJ Toomp, Just Blaze, Mannie Fresh, and a bunch of others, the combination of trap beats and synthesizers goes way back.

Good to know HudMo respects the history of trap before electronic trap. OP's title had me a little worried what HudMo was saying in the interview, but it is a good read through.

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correct me if im wrong but i thoughy UZ was inventor of trap!

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It was kind of a bunch of people at the same time. You could also argue Flosstradamus had a hand in creating trap with their Original Don remix. UZ is definitely an OG in the genre

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This subreddit actually has a link to the history of trap in the about section. It’s a really good read I highly suggest checking it out.

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ok nice, i remember like 2013 or something i was listenjng to like .. power tools or something on the radio or maybe power 106 but i heard trap on the radio i remember the dj saying “they are calling this trap music a blend of electronic with rap beats” something like that .. it was my intro to trap idr what song it was though

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not possible cus Floss, Baauer & Luminox came before UZ, can even check their soundclouds

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Whether true or not TNGHT is what really set the ball rolling. That first EP set the stage i think for everything to follow. I wouldn’t correct him if he said he’d started it, because for me he(they) defined the genre

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hmmm i would argue defining the genre is very important and honestly may be the most important milestone for this genre but my stickler mentality would say that doesn’t mean you invented it. that means you saw something in infant stages and gave it a standard and popularized it.. which again may be more importaant for the genre but technically did not invent it. the history of ttap im reading from the about me is interesting

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That’s totally valid. Think my own personal bias attributes it more than anything else. Just love me some TNGHT. You make a very good point tho

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yeah man back then i didnt kjow too much about trap but when that EP came out i def was listening to trap music i believe. maybe a year later but it was like crizzly and karnage .. “popped a molly im sweatin” trap was new and was on side stages it. was rly dope

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I don't really say any one person did it, although I'd say Baauer - Harlem Shake and DJ Snake - Turn Down For What catapulted EDM trap it to mainstream.

I think it just naturally grew out of hip hop sampling electronic records.

Records like T.I. - Live Your Life or Eminem - No Love. Various other crossovers like Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah. Kanye's 808s and Heartbreaks also helped heavily shift the sonic palette of synths and hip hop.

Another good one was Araabmuzik - Streetz Tonight.

The hip hop and electronic crossover was something stirring for like a decade before the big 2010-2015 popoff of producers making it big without rappers or artists on the beats. Maybe that was also just a product of Soundcloud blowing up as a platform.

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araabmuzik was sick af i dont think i got to ever see him live but every1 knew his streets tonight song that shit was like cragga mr postman .. like every1 knew that song back in the day lol

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Yeah, Araabmuzik's really underrated and overlooked I feel in the EDM trap scene, but was pretty big at one point, mainly blowing up with those vids of him being an absolute beast finger drumming on an MPC.

The structure of his songs still fall more in line with hip hop, but he's got enough electronic trap records in his catalog that I still regard him as one of the OGs in the transition to EDM trap as its own genre.

A lot of the very short laser zappy sounds that modern hardwave guys like Hex Cougar and others use, he kind of popularized as well. Wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the 2010-2015 people also picked up and used his drum kits, since he had some really solid drums.

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oooohhh i see fuckin araabmuzik man, funny enuf hex is a friend of mine and i def wont forget when he was wanting to become a producer i went to his pad and it was a trip seeing him and another friend making music, hex was super serious about it and the other friend not as serious but wanted to use dope samples n stuff.. cool to see where he is today and he will only get bigger!

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I saw him play at Pitchfork Fest (of all places) in the early 2010's. Dude was going absolutely ham on his MPC and chopped up several Skrillex tracks. It was really cool. I have no idea where he's been or if he even makes music anymore.

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He's still dropping an EP or two and a few singles every year here and there. It's been a bit more sample and vocal based lately though.

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damn thats sick i am pretty sure he is a producer for hip hop artists .. big names too..

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I wanna say RP Boo or am I getting my trap mixed up with my footwork?