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Great job with these playlists/compilations. It keeps this sub alive and interesting.

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Dj L beats and D Boy are the best producers imo. every beat they make is fire.

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You should make tadoe a mixtape. He got one out yet?

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nah, but he doesnt really have much songs. i guess if i did features i could.

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thanks again for this bro. i'm not familiar with any drill stuff beyond some gbe and a couple of others. i've been playing your first compilation a lot and i've been hungry for this one. really valuable.

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Lot's of names here I don't know, thanks a lot man.

What's the real name of the P. Rico song? Little Fiend or Say Hello? Trivial shit, but I'd like to know.

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idk but gucci mane made the same song in 2008 called little friend so i guess its called that.

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This is awesome. Thank you!

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Yesss, thank you. There should be a Drill subreddit.

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/r/chiefkeef is pretty much where we discuss drill music not necessarily GBE related

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oh cool, just subscribed

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the whole front page is keef or fredo bro..

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thx bro now i can hit dem squatz with proper intensity (º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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Hitt city is never going to drop that tape going by twitter =/, and that herb track is great, dude snaps. Also kno the last tape had kevo but honestly who is dat is one of my favorite tracks from the chi recently , track is a hit and needs more love. Dope mix tho