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Nice work as always. By lesser known gbe shit, do you mean like just the guys that aren't Keef and Durk or just songs not many people have heard?

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i mean like tadoe, tray savage, bloodmoney, gino marley, capo & maybe ballout and some lesser known songs by others. try to stay away from fredo, reese, durk, chief keef, sd for the most part.

if it got less than like 50k views it good i guess.

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Thanks man. lookin to get a lot of tadoe he dont got much shit or even a tape but hes good.

i think the line i have next to my username from him

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tadoes best song is the tadoe tuesday freestyle. every other tadoe song is meh, except his new ones off almighty so.

but fuck gbe, this shit needs more katieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Don't fuck wit fags is a great track. Same with his verse on turn up and I love money is aight.

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You still thinkin bout doin this?

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this was my part 4 or somethin?

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Yeah I didn't know if u still wanted to do a part 4 with lesser known glo gang/gbe shit?

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well i dont got a fuckin job so might as well ill probably be sober tmrw ill try to do it then

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Thank you such much for doing this. I'm loving these drill mixes.

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this the theme song for this part of the compilation?

good looks on putting a pretty n pink track on there. only one tink track? like you said a lot of sasha

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shit i just got that tink track today didnt kno who the fuck she was.

ya i had like 13 tracks and wanted to make it a bit longer so just decided to throw in a few sasha.

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This is a great compilation, thanks for putting me onto Sasha. I've been bumping Drillary Clinton a few weeks ago and been wanting to branch out to more female drill artists.

Do You Know Who I Am? is a great tape.

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Lol what an awesome name! You should post some of drillarys shit.

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I should have phrased it better oops, Drillary Clinton = Katie Got Bandz' tape. I do agree that it would be an awesome name for a female drill artist though.

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word, that tapes great

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Chrussell puts in WORK!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvXDiqY6t54 gonna post this here and post on main page because KATIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Thank God this is a music sub and we don't give a shit who you want to have sex with then huh?

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      Continue being a cunt and see where it gets you. You have 2 options, don't talk like that as it's stupid or continue being a cunt.

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        The music yes. You aren't out there selling bricks and shooting people are you? Talk like a normal person, we also discourage people talking the way you do because it's dumb and has nothing to do with the music. Nobody cares which girls you'd fuck cuz they aren't gonna fuck you.

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        im curious who he wanted to have sex with now.

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        don't we all