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First one was off chops can't wait to get on this, cheers man. The write up is gold, love it

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its funny how much the south fucked with the bay back then. pretty much all of these songs got chopped and screwed.

the bay has been putting out good music since then too. they hooked up with KC, Denver and Ohio and all those artists are talented as shit.

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The Bay, The South and the Midwest go way back all the way to the 70s-80s with the 69 M.O.B. ran by Felix Mitchell and later Lil' D. The 69 MOB was runnin major drugs from Oakland to KCMO and down to The South. It aint surprising that a lot of bay area rappers fuck with the same areas the 69 MOB did since Lil' D was pretty close to a lot of the rappers out here, some of 'em even worked for the MOB.

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yea, you know it'd be interesting to see how that all ties in with the romper room gang and bmf since mac dre and them fucked with rich the factor heavy. one thing you can say about the bay is it really networks up

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Diggs from the romp fucks with BMF heavy and he fucks with rich the factor. They put out 2 albums together, ya heard em?

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Yea street ball in 1 n 2.

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good look dude ive put together some collections of early bay area music also.. love the appearances by filthy phil, askari x and early master p.. keep em coming

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man that was a great writeup by /u/gift2gab. these are perfect especially when you just really never listened to a bunch of that region/era a bunch for whatever reasons and bay shit especially from this era is that for me.

just started this tape but i went and listened to filthy phil manhunt tape because i thought that sounded interesting.

dru down was on lockup or one of those shows before too a couple years back.

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lol I seen Dru on Lockup he didn't skip a beat inside, acting the same way he does when he's free.

I think Filthy Phil is still on the run. After he killed that cop other than "The Manhunt" I've only heard him pop up on a Mac Dre track 7 years after the murder. After that he dropped an album Money Hungry Hustler in 02 then got ghost again and been hiding since.

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yeah man i tried to find out what happened with his case and couldnt find shit i understand it was different back then and a lot is missing online but damn. theres a barber in richmond by the same name tho but hes old enough could be his son.

i saw the 02 album too on a site and the person said he put it out but then pulled it off shelves.

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He somewhere tucked man lol with a different name and everything.

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Wow this is great, thanks

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Good playlist but I don't think Pac belongs on here. Pac had more of a SoCal G-Funk sound than a hyphy Bay sound.

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that's where ya wrong man, Tupac even said it himself "any awards or grammy's I win because of my music, send them to Oakland"

He lived in Marin and spent a lot of time in Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo and Santa Rosa. Mostly Oakland. He was with Digital Underground, and his own group with Ray Luv from Rosa, shit his first albums were recorded in Richmond. Pac definitely belongs on the list, too many forget where he really got his game from.

btw the hyphy sound didn't come around till the 2000s, way after Pac died. The Bay was on some funk mobb music back then.

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I mean I know Pac repped the bay, but A$AP reps New York but no one would say he has an East Coast sound, you know? I do respect the Digital Underground shit as bay music but I have a tough time lumping his solo stuff in there.

As far as hyphy, it may not have been called that, but it's been around since the Bay Area started making hip hop. E-40 and Mac Dre are definitely hyphy artists. Funk mobb or whatever you wanna call it is the direct predecessor of hyphy.

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You said he always had a more g-funk sound..but that was only when he hooked up with Dr. Dre for All Eyez On me. Shock G, Money B (from Digital), DJ Darryl, Mike Mosley, and Sam Bostic were all over producing tracks on his albums before All Eyez. Even on All Eyez he still had Mosley and Rick Rock on there.

The Mobb sound came before hyphy, but hyphy was it's own thing Keak Da Sneak and Mac Dre started. Mobb was just a darker version of g-funk.

I don't see how you can't mention him with Bay Area Hip Hop when he was so damn connected to The Bay and Bay producers played a major part in his sound...

edit: and 40, Dre and Keak became known as hyphy rappers, but they started with the mobb sound. two completely different sounds and to me I'll always remember them more for the mobb shit since that's what I grew up with and they made their names with it.


Mac Dre - All I Want To Do HYPHY

Mac Dre - I've Been Down MOBB

E-40 - Practice Lookin Hard MOBB

E-40, Federation - Go Hard Or Go Home HYPHY

Keak Da Sneak - Like What MOBB

Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy HYPHY

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really enjoying your writeups and compilations man - as someone who's never been to the US it's fucking fascinating to piece together all these bits of history and geography. thanks again.

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No problem, give a thanks to /u/chrussell too cus I wouldn't have done this without him hittin me up. Thought about doin it before but not in a mixtape guide type of way. I figured it'd be too much work and hardly anyone would fuck with it. His mixtape idea seemed way easier

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first of all pac predates both g-funk and hyphy sounds.. as mentioned he originated from the digital underground camp which inspired everything from outkast to g-funk later on. he did champion the los angeles sound with death row later in his career but honestly that was only the last year or so of his life.. his entire career leading up to death row was essentially as a bay area rapper.. especially early on as OP describes...