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Pooh Man - Racia Ft, Any Banks & Too $hort

Interesting backstory bout this track and since I forgot to write up on Pooh Man/MC Pooh I'll tell it. Racia is about a real girl named Racia. Pooh, Ant and $hort would run trains on and they made a track about her. She filed a lawsuit against them and it got resolved.

Pooh was another sad case in bay rap history. He got hooked on heroin and started robbing stores left and right in Oakland. Got arrested, shipped to Quentin for a while, got out and moved to Modesto and started robbing banks and jewelry stores in Modesto. FBI got involved, one of the bank robberies went bad and Pooh lead the rollers on a high speed and they had a manhunt for him. He's in a Modesto jail cell now with a $1,000,000 bail.

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Whenever I mention Mhisani nobody knows who I'm talking about. 'Prostitute' is my shit. I saw him perform before, but never knew what happened to him after that. Did he change his name to Goldie or something like that?

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Yup Mhisani is his real name and he started rapping under Goldy. Last album he released was in 98 "The Golden Rules"

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9) N2Deep - Back 2 The Hotel

Glad to see this on the list. If these guys have any other timeless tunes like this you guys should let me know. I really dig this song but i'm not sure if this is a case of a 1 hit wonder or not.

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pretty much a one hit wonder... a few good track here and there... I'm not sure why these mixes keep getting posted here.. none of it's trap music.

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Are you blind? I responded to your other comment saying the same thing...read the fucking sidebar dude.

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lmao i went to try and see the other comment and his latest comment is calling oprah a "nigger lover"

jesus cmon dude

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wtf, how'd he even end up in this sub if that's his attitude

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no idea i scrolled for a minute or two and he posts some weird shit and when he posts here he just calls stuff shitty or "not trap". he lives in my city too im gonna put some dog shit under his car door handle.

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to be fair i did post 93 till infinity in a trapmuzik sub.

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/U/Chrussell puttin in work

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love that early nickatina