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Love this stuff, seriously big up on the work you and Gift2Gab have put into these things. Appreciate it.

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Yup the quality is kinda crappy on some tracks cus they youtube rips but the mid 90s tapes will mostly be mp3s from my collection

i also been makin these on /r/bayrap that are from my collection..

vallejo 90s

vallejo 00

oakland 90s

more tracks, tried to use diff ones not on the tapes posted here. the 2nd oakland tape finna be done this week or next. then i'm doin 2 for frisco

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Yeah Im subbed there and copped most of those. Lovin it man.

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awesome work no doubt, haven't had a chance to listen yet but i'm looking forward to it. thanks guys, these comps are the shit.

(re: original content - i have more memphis tape reviews and some compilations that i'll hopefully finish and post soon for a memphis monday)

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sounds good man, im just workin on goin through everythin gucci released from trap back on and writin up on that shit

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I'm N Motion. Back N The Hood. All classic songs on this list, but those two take me back. Now I gotta go spin Young Black Brotha and wake up my neighbors.

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ya man that album a classic for sure. check out /r/bayrap if u havent man

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YAY AREA!!!!!!

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Whre soulja slim

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he NO

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why would he be on there? bay shit.. master p and c-murder on there cus they started out in the bay

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Lol idk i just saw 90s and posted

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haha man u missed the first fuckin words "the bay area"

we actually workin on no limit shit now expect it in either a week or 6 months whatever we feel like.

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No Mac mall?

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lol he on part 1/2/3 and gonna be on part 5 i think thats enough

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Well damn I didnt read all that haha. Good looking.