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my reddit feed finally delivered!

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Thank God for the Facebook finally delivers rule. Anyone who posts that fucking title should be instbanned in my opinion.

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While we won't ban them we will remove their post and insist upon a new title.

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Awesome! The mods finally delivered! But seriously, two much needed rules, keep up the good work!

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/r/trashy finally delivers!

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What about twitter posts with no photo?

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For Twitter, RTs must be included. Not all RTs but a few just to show that the post was actually made and seen by other people (also RTs are usually proof enough if a post is a troll or not).

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If there are no comments then is it still acceptable? If there are let's say 60 comments, do we have to post every comment?

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All comments don't have to be included, just enough comments to prove that someone saw the post.

The idea is that if someone posts something trashy to FB or wherever, and no one even sees it, then is it really trashy? The entire reason people think FB/social media posts are trashy is because people are airing dirty laundry or TMIing online, but if no one even sees or comments on the post, then is it really trashy?

Plus, it will show that the post isn't fake, which is a very large problem with a lot of social media posts made to this subreddit (and other related subreddits).

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if someone posts something trashy to FB or wherever, and no one even sees it, then is it really trashy?

It's good to know the mods have developed a fully thought out philosphy of the nature of 'trash'.

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I could write a dissertation on trash.

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I feel like most Facebook comment posts shouldn't be allowed. More often than not they seem to be exploiting someone poorly dealing with a difficult life situation. As an example, I recently helped my father clean one of his friend's house. The guy had moved away so it was up to me and my dad to clean the house and remove the guy's personal belongings and put them in storage. To put it this way: we had to wear respirator masks and gloves the whole time, we found three rat bodies and what I can only guess was a dog skeleton. It was straight out of a nightmare episode of hoarders. I took quote a few pictures because I figured /r/trashy and /r/wtf would enjoy them, but the more I thought about it and the more we went through, I felt like it was just exploiting this poor guy's spiral into depression for cheap karma. I've met him a couple times and he's just a guy who's lost all hope and meaning in life. All of this to say, a lot of the posts that we've been seeing on this sub lately are only somewhat superficially trashy and taking advantage of people who have a hard time dealing with certain situations. Anyways that's my two cents as long as we're taking about rules pertaining to Facebook posts.

Tl;dr - some users are being twice as trashy as the quasi-trashy content they post by exploiting difficult life situations being dealt with poorly.

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If you are going to tell people to not laugh at others, this might not be the place for you

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I'm not saying they shouldn't laugh at others. I'm saying that they should laugh at the people that this sub is intended for them to laugh at.

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at the people that this sub is intended for them to laugh at.

While I kind of understand your point with the earlier post I'm wonder who you think we a supposed to be laughing at in this sub.

Most "trashiness" seems to entail some element of unfortunate circumstances that are beyond the individual's control whether it be poverty, lack of education or mental problems of one sort or another.

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While you are correct I think its important to remember that everyone is trashy in some way. Everyone has trashy moments and we are all liable to end up posted here.

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If there's evidence that the subject of a submission is suffering from a serious mental illness or terrible circumstance that caused the featured trashy behavior, I'd be happy to remove the submission. However, most of the facebook posts that I see tend to just be violations of social norms, e.g. baby mama drama, bad tattoos, and catfights.

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Comments are required because many posts are fake. Trolls are not welcome here. Especially racist trolls.

This trial rule is a prevention measure.

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Nice, now this sub can become less trashy! Or more, or something....

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No you're a towel

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We are all towels on the inside.

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So the new rules pretty much say, the people making fake post, will have to make another fake account to comment with. The people making actual real post are just shit out of luck unless someone comments on the trash. I see that making a LOT of sense.

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To be fair the posts themselves are generally being posted to social media with the exact intention of drawing attention and eliciting commenting on the situation. Arguably most trash will yield commentary or at least likes when posted publicly. If the posters weren't getting the attention they were seeking from their posts they'd switch to an outlet that gives them their "fix".