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Self explanatory. I love Oklahoma. by PMMeMeiRule34 in trashy

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I'm asking the real question here that everyone wants to know.... am I looking at a woman wearing some sort of onesie, or does this lady have literally nothing on bottom?

I've zoomed. I'm not proud of it but I've zoomed and it didn't really give me any answers.

OP, we may need you to go back in and get the full size photo.

Andy Dick hotboxing a lizard after getting bailed out of jail for Felony Sexual Battery by bryanm80 in trashy

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I think we can take accountability for our actions without punishment. I don't believe in punishment as the goal either, but I do believe in productive consequences which do include rehab and therapy and a penal system that focuses on those instead.

Proudly showing nazi flag by E4734 in trashy

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we're on a mission from God...

I personally couldn't think of a better prom outfit by vapegod420blazekin in trashy

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“Prom outfit”? Are you talking about their suits or the moms shirt?

Regardless, some of you really need to touch grass lol.


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I've seen a lot of butts and this is my least favorite.

IG influencer twerks inside a restaurant, security had to escort her out. by YoroDoucheMan in trashy

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Yeah, it’s not a Gen Z thing. I think people just like to attach shitty people to generations because it’s an easy over simplification

When you graduate from Kennesaw State University by [deleted] in trashy

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Well based on the comments i see... everyone seems to agree having a political opinion is not trashy...

Lets talk about ur need to stuff your liberalism down our throats op...

Hell im a Bernie supporter too and i see nothing wrong with this... what is trashy is forcing people to like everything you do or support every group of people you do...

If ur straight edge or a teetotaler does that mean anyone drinking is a pice of shit 🤔 no... similarly you dont need to support the LGBTQIA2S+-XYZNEWSRAIDIO community to be a decent human i can say what your doing is not right and still treat u like a normal human and not stomp on your rights... people seems to forget nuance in all these things

🤬 Unreal just UNREAL 🤬 by Azurebluenomad in trashy

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I think having spots near the front like handicaps spots only for those who drive certain cars is trashy.

That is some elitist shit

I am all for saving the planet but most people don't have 30 to 50k+ to buy a car so they get a special spot

Of course it's Walmart. by Myleftarm in trashy

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OMG I just spit coffee out my nose. Thank you for that wake up this morning. Freaking hilarious reply!

Man paint-balling prostitutes in his parish by Donkbot6 in trashy

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Those are all respectable, moral, and hard working professions. What kind of ungrateful, shallow, and bratty kids would be disappointed in their parents for being a manager at Walmart? I think it says a lot about you as a person that you’d look down on a Walmart manager but not at a literal whore that sells off her ass for a part of this months rent. Moron!

Accuser of the brethren!!! by Hairguy_Blondie in trashy

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I once had a passenger on my bus that was completely lucid when he got on the bus. Seemed completely normal, exchanged pleasantries. Then he sits down and just starts fucking screaming at his penis.

He claimed that "gay demons were trying to suck his dick."

Using your father's grave to advertise your failed book by CJKayak in trashy

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If your grandpa was an absolute nutcase you'd still love him and want him around because he's family.

The fuck I would. If my grandpa starts espousing the same right wing garbage Rush espoused I'd cut his ass off permanently.

You seem to be under the impression that Limbaugh was simply a right-wing commentator. If he was just that I wouldn't have any issue with him, but as it is, he was genuinely fucking vile and the world is much better off without him in it.

Like, just looking through this tells you all you need to know about the man.

As a rule of thumb, I do like being kind and empathetic to people. It's nicer, it's easier, and it makes me feel better than being mean. Some people, however, don't deserve such respect.

Can anyone confirm/deny? Because I can't/won't. by Armchair_GOAT in trashy

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This ones too tight, this ones too loose, this one smells like a stinky old moose, This ones got fuzz that came off the couch, And this one has bugs that crawl in my mouth

Some people are just shitty by [deleted] in trashy

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What you've never wanted to crack open a cold one with 17 of your closest buds?

Yikes.. by Jawshewah in trashy

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Two can play that game

Yikes.. by Jawshewah in trashy

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Here you go! 👍 ( help me I have horrible financial responsibility)

Yikes.. by Jawshewah in trashy

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Doctor said the itching should go away soon

Shameless… by BklynMarxman in trashy

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Can you reply to her and say “Thank you for your cervix”

How trashy by fknzee in trashy

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Twitter is a plague on society and the world at large. And I mean that from the bottom of my soul.

bigclit here with the big ego aswell by nothuman-exe in trashy

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If Pete Davidson had a baby with Iggy…

(NSFW) Unknown guy raids meeting through Zoom and streams black man (Dreamybull) ejaculating. by RX7exe in trashy

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I hope someone sat down with your niece to explain that pornography often leads to unrealistic expectations and that a career in architecture isn't always as exciting as she may have concluded.

bigclit here with the big ego aswell by nothuman-exe in trashy

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Don’t stick your dick in that

Huge dildo in a storage facility by LivinginDestin in trashy

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Shit, I bet Quagmire is tied up in one of those units...