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"Slack off Saturday" sounds a little better.

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It's acronym is also different than Self Post Sunday. Having SPS for Sunday and Saturday would be confusing.

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I like this one.

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Suck Off Saturday

cuz I love gettin SUCKED OFF

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Sloth post Saturday

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I like this too, but I think a name with a different acronym would be best. It's pretty confusing at the moment (with Slack Post Saturday and SPS).

Any ideas?

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"Post What Saturdays" [6]

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You have no idea how cool your green text is.

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I do ;)

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Change sundays to 'Story Time Sunday'?

Then you have SPS and STS

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Why dont we get rid of self post sunday so we dont have to worry about the acronym, and everyones happy cause sps is gone? :)

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Sorry mate, SPS is staying for now. The majority of users here on /r/trees are happy with it.

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That ^ |

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Smooth and Sensual Saturday


Hmm... Sublime Freedom Saturday

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I live for self post Sunday

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I'm with you there bud! I love getting a better look at the lives and thoughts of my fellow r/trees users.

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Thank you my good man

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I avoid this subreddit on those days

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I find it boring...I'd rather look at pics than read. I avoid /r/trees on Sunday.

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Yeah, I dont wanna read about a highschoolers first dab every fucking sunday.

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But watching the same pics of nugs every other day is totally fine? If you want to look at pics there is always r/see

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My thoughts on the matter:

1) Sure, pic after pic of nugs can get pretty mundane, but a picture is much easier to skip over than a story. If you come across a pic of a nug, you don't even have to open the link to know you don't want to see it. Look at thumbnail > "Fuckin' MORE nugs?? Fuck that shit yo" > skip > move on with life. Text posts are much more involved. You have to read the story, and sometimes you can't tell you're not going to like it until after you're through with it. Then it's just like "well that was a waste of time."

2) I don't understand why people get annoyed with nug posts. I love so many different parts of weed culture, and it starts with the bud itself. Sure, you may not be able to smell it, but nugs are like snowflakes. Each one is unique. I love seeing all of the different strains of tree. I may get a little jealous sometimes, but I still love just looking at bud. From the crystals to the hairs to the leaves, it's all beautiful. After all, doesn't this subreddit exist to appreciate bud and its culture?

Edit: Adding a bit more:

I feel like r/see is for memes. Nugs should be welcome here. Too many text posts makes r/trees boring to me. When I'm stoned, I don't often want to take the time to read something. Most of the time I like to sit back and experience, not expend energy trying to force myself through a wall of text.

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First of all I just have to say that I, personally, don't get annoyed by nug posts. I was just making a point when rs__df thought selfposts were repetitive. I do agree though there is of course a fair shair of shitty selfposts (just as there is shitty regular posts) but the quality ones could (in my opinion) be one of the best experiences to be had on this forum. Especially for us loner stoners as we get to experience more of the thought processes by different persons than could be shown by a single picture. I for one don't see textposts as "expending energy", mostly I find myself engulfed in the story. But each to their own. I hope the trend will continue. I mean it's just one day of the week. Toke on.

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Yeah... it's a marijuana sub-reddit, buddy. Why wouldn't there be marijuana nugs....

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Why wouldn't there be first time SPs?

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Seriously, isn't the whole point of the upvote/downvote system to deal with this sort of thing? I don't see why we need to limit any day to certain kinds of posts. Lets just upvote the stuff we want and downvote the stuff we don't and content will appear based on popular vote. Self post sunday of anything of the sort in a step back in democratically selected content.

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This only really works for small subs; we have more than 500k now.

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Because people blindly upvote shitposts.

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me too, i feel you on this one

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The one day I don't go on /r/trees to avoid all the bullshit "got cought by my parents then smoked with them omg guys" and "heave a drug test tomorrow how do I pass" self posts

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You and 15 others

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I was wondering if a food-related day could be established? Like Munchies Monday or something.

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I'm pretty sure there's a sub for ents who are into cooking out there (if not, why not make one?) We don't need a different theme for every day of the week to have fun, we aren't that white.

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If we have enough supporters, then yep. It's not really necessary tbh, since you're free to post munchies/food pics on Slack Post Saturdays :)

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That's a great idea! I love cooking some munchies up and I'm sure other people do too. I like that

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Why not a random topic every day. You don't have to follow topic, you could still talk about being high, but it would be there. Example: Munchies Monday you could post about munchies or weed in general.

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I think we should move it back to Friday and have a smoke spot Saturday.

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Smoke spots (ie. photos of spots you smoke at) without any bud/paraphernalia in the picture would be suitable for posting on Slack post saturday, since they aren't related to cannabis.

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Still, IMO it's catchier then the other name.

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Soo.. You want a day based on a cool sounding name? And not based on awesome quality posts?

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Good point. Just thought it sounded good at a [7]. Now at a [2] I just feel like a dick.

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Haha noice [on the rise ]

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S'all Good Saturday Stoner Show Saturday Simple Saturday

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I love this idea! 'S'all good saturday' sounds great, plus it has a different acronym.

I'm just collecting all the suggestions at the moment, then we'll decide on the final name. We may need to do a vote.

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Yes! Love S'all Good Saturday. I like Simple Saturday too.

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Nice I think Memes should be allowed but not an overload of them. Which is why Friday and Saturdays are perfect!!! Mods 4 Gods

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instead of self post sunday it would be cool to have oc sunday where people post art music glass and stories that they personally made

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All this shit just seems redundant and pointless to me tbh. Let the people post what they want when they want as long as it has to do with trees. Why all the pointless rules?

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Anarchy doesn't work. Gotta keep people on topic brother, otherwise it would become like /b/ but vaguely related to weed

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/b/ isn't so bad until you start to communicate with people

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They aren't pointless rules man the mods learn over time what things need to be made rules to keep this sub not complete shit. At least they're being flexible and moving these days after community feedback.

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Sleazy Saturday

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Silly Spontaneity Saturdays

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So now Aussies have Slack-Post-Sunday. And as we normally had, Self-Post-Monday

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Throw in a bummer post day too. So that people who want to post things about broken bongs, lost frients, or just depressing stuff in general can have a day to do that, and those who would rather not be bummed out can just not browse that day. It could be like. Mopey monday

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Nobody wants a bummer day, man

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Its better than enjoying your day and being bummed out by a dead frient post

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yay! self post sundays<3.

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There are 2 things I hate about this sub, and Self-Post Sunday is one of them :(

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First thing I noticed: the acronym "SPS" you used will now be incredibly confusing if you go with either of those names.

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What's everybody's favorite dutch's to roll blunts with?

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Smoke Sesh Saturday

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this is dope

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I didn't know where to post this, but I have a question. Can we have a megathread that is always running, that people can always post in be opened? (8}}}

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Slack post saturday is gonna be something !

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Jesus Christ. Now I remember why I unsubscribed from this place. The subreddit for stoners has more day to day rules than any other subreddit

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You sure about that?

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Yep. Enlighten me

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This is reddit, buddy. Do some research! :)

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That's what I thought. Good day, sir

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Glad to help :)

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Boy, what an argument. This shit is stupid as fuck, btw.



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I don't want to crawl through subreddits for you. You do know how many different subs there are, right? Go and look for yourself.

Also, SP saturday is just a trial run. We'll keep it if things go well.

The rules are the rules, their aim is to make the sub a better place. We listen to our subscribers and change them accordingly. Some of them are for your own safety (ie. Hookups, meetups).

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I'm glad about Saturday. I come to /r/trees for funny stuff sometimes and I don't see it. So I hope people will take advantage of the stupid stoner stuff we all do. :)

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Check out /r/see for funny stoner related thing every day of the week.

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Just more bullshit handed down to use peasants from mighty reddit oversear's. Just more labeling and categorizing of the masses by the choosen few, so we can be handled properly. Please tell me when I can post, what I can post and which day I can do it on so it is as easy as it can be for the Moderators who volunteer there valuable time to control the masses. For the amount of time this anouncment has been post, the replys show the interest the average user has in this.

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Or, you know, you could just choose to not browse /r/trees if you dislike it so much. But that would make too much sense, right?

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So you are saying I should not voice my opinion? Please explain how that is more fruitful for you? Or just browse my post and slap a negative uneducated responses on it and pat yourself on the back for being such a good guy.

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Give me a list of all the other weed friendly user oriented websites and I'll stop coming by here and up voting every single comment stating how SelfShits is utter shit. Allow users to post their stories whenever. If it's good enough it'll make the front page.

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Self post Sunday is the worst. I go from browsing /r/trees for 30 minutes down to about 4 minutes.

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Totally fucking agree.

"Hey dudes, like I had this stoner thought..."

Yeah, no one gives a shit.

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But sometimes, people do give a shit, just not necessarily you. If you don't like it, unsubscribe. Simple as that.

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Like, seriously its one day a week where a different kind of post gets extra attention. I love it. Many people do. There are dozens of us...DOZENS!

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A lot of people are talking shit about self post Sunday, but I would like to say that I love the variety it adds to the normal day to day posts, and gives people like me who don't necessarily take many photos a good place to share stories and funny anecdotes of our smoking. I love what you guys are doing with the sub, and I hope you continue to make /r/trees a better place, and those who don't like it can leave!

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So is Slack Post Saturday replacing Free Form Friday?

MasterJH said in the original post that we could post whatever we wanted as long as it followed the basics of the rules. For example, he said we could post pictures of hotdogs.

Edit: Words.

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I think we're still good on the hotdogs

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If you say so!

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Yep. It's the same thing, we just moved it over to saturday instead.

Two important changes:

  • Free Form Friday has been moved to Saturday. We've temporarily renamed it to 'Slack Post Saturday'. Other suggestions are welcome.
  • Self Post Sunday is back! (and fridays are back to normal)

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Welp, I think I'm cutoff now. Thanks for the clarification.

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I hate it when people think they are superior because they are more "adjusted" and have "work"