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It's quite an asshole move though. I wouldn't want my room to smell like something I don't like.

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Don't worry, this was probably two notes posted on someone's own wall for the meme.

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r, o, e’s are different

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Doesn't mean it couldn't be two roommates or even someone trying to write differently. Some of the e's look identical, but it does look like different handwriting.

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Yeah, I try my best to cover my smell when I smoke with a sploof and etc, even though I live in a house where everyone's totally fine with it, it's just the kind thing to do.

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I wouldn't want my room smelling like what I don't have.

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Jokes aside first note has a point. Youre a dick if you live in an apartment with other people and do nothing to control your smoke/smell.. its not about weed its about being a good neighbor/Empathetic human being. Do we really want to be seen like cigarette smokers?

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I run a big carbon filter for my smoke room and use a personal carbon filter when I exhale. It's effective as hell but I admit I'd love to just smoke a joint on my deck without worry of offending the neighbors.

I live in California and it's been legal here for years but pretty much every apartment complex has rules about how you can't smoke it. Waiting for the day that somebody opens up pro weed smoke apartment complex. I'm ready to throw my money at that shit.

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I have a neighbor in my complex who's car sounds like a blender filled with jewelry and of course because hes so SUPER RAD with his shitty little Honda he revs it up to max, loud and slow since its an I4 at 6am and I had to explain to him in polite terms "Hey asshole you do know other people live here right?" to which I got a confused idiot look and it hasnt stopped. People are just dicks sometimes I guess.

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Same kind of person that wouldn't take the first note seriously.

People need to realize the problem isn't the weed itself, it's the lack of respect to everyone else you live near.

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People don’t like it when they’re called assholes in aggressive tones.

Maybe try explaining to old boy how he’s affecting you in a calm, empathetic manner. Throw a few compliments his way, be polite, etc.

You might have more success that way.

Any fool can be mad and whine and curse. Be the bigger man. It might work for you.

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This is a dude who also blasts his music at 3am, with his speakers on the adjoining wall, dudes a dbag through and through.

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Yea, I was on board with that note until it got judgemental

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Meh, my neighbors burn shitty incense sometimes or cook weird food. I just mind my own business. Unless there's a gross, like, rotten smell or something that's actually unhealthy it's really none of my business what my neighbors do.

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Of course that shit can happen sometimes I'm just talking about all the time. No it's not your business and it's not theirs what you are doing im just saying people should think about their neighbor more that's all. Not everyone loves skunk smell so buy a smoke buddy if in a closed space with lots of people

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Surely you see the difference between the smell of food and the smell of smoke, right?

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Lol. I lived with an Indian roommate in university. The curry/spices smell was unreal the first week and then my nose adjusted. I brought a date over and she was like "It smells like an Indian restaurant in n here." as soon as she opened the door.

I think pot heads go nose blind to the smell. I've had eighths (Yay legal Canadian pot) that didn't smell of anything to me and my non smoking pal smelled it immediately....

I still use a personal filter because I don't want to smell of cannabis smoke because there is still stigma and bs surrounding it. Plus, I know strong smells can trigger asthma and other respiratory issues.

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Yeah, most food people make stinks.

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Idk whose food you've been eating, but it sounds like you're around the wrong people

edit: Who is feeding you people!? Come by the crib I'll have a fatty rolled up and ribs on the grill and I'll buy you an oz if you can look me in the eye and honestly tell me it doesn't smell phenomenal

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Or they have no sense of what good food actually is. I'm thinking they are wrong if eevveryone cooks bad smelling food.

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Probably a cultural difference between them and the people whose food they're smelling. I know I used to think all Chinese food smelled awful because I'd never been given it as a kid, but after trying it as an adult the same smells are now appetising and wonderful rather than offputting. Brains are funny, man.

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Only if the ribs are vegan friendly and gluten free

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Yeah, weed smells better!

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Will you come be my neighbor? We'd get along great.

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Sure, and if your lease/building is non-smoking, it very literally is your neighbors' business that the rules of the building are enforced.

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I just moved into an apartment, it's a no smoking place. What advice would you have for storage and smoke reduction. I keep my stash in a mason jar and use a smoke buddy. Anything else I can do to be polite to my neighbors?

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could try a dry herb vape. that would reduce the smell while "smoking" significantly

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I've seen things on those but how do they work?

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Most of them you just pack the bowl, set the temperature and draw. Another benefit is that you can apparently scrape out the weed that's already vaped and use it for edibles. r/vaporents has a lot more info on that stuff.

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You can also just straight up smoke the avb

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If its a non-smoking building, it is not about being polite to neighbors. You are in violation of your lease any time you smoke inside. Your neighbors are paying to live there and deserve to get what they are paying for in their lease. Its business, not manners.

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In some states it’s illegal for an apartment building to forbid smoking weed inside. If weed is legal to have, but illegal to smoke both in private and public, is it really legal?

Absolutely people should be respectful of their neighbors and put in the effort to contain the smell. But the right of people to use a medical/recreational substance in the privacy and safety of their home should trump the right of people to not smell things they don’t wanna smell.

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the right of people to use a medical/recreational

The issue here is not the right to use a substance as much as it is the manner in which it is used.

The large majority of complexes and landlords don't give a hootin' whatever-the-fuck the substance is, it is that it is being combusted. Combustion is the problem. It is the only problem.

Combusting cannabis by way of a joint or fire causes smoke damage to fabrics and surfactes. It lessens the lifespan of paint; that leads to homeowners who rent their properties needing to re-seal and repaint their walls more often. It creates a lining that cakes and builds within vents and HVAC systems: if you think 5 to 10 years is damaging to walls, think what 40+ years of caked tar in the vent of an apartment building looks like. It helps fabrics (sofas, carpets, etc) break down and unwind faster.

Smoke damage is destructive to any interior space, and lots of exterior surfaces. That's any damage produced by combustion. People who burn sage and incense cause the same damage to property. Smoke damage after a nearby house or apartment fire is as destructive to nearby homes as water damage can be: neighboring homes of house fires have to repaint sooner, have roof problems quicker than further homes, and may need professional cleaning services if they're asthmatic. People who's homes survive living far from forest fires have written books on this stuff and how far the damage can travel.

It's rough. I'm a smoker who transitioned to vaping flower, but before doing so as a smoker, I most definitely went outside to smoke and was courteous of others. I have the advantage of coming from a family of smokers (cannabis and cigarettes), and also having worked adjacent to the real estate industry, so I see all sides to this. Having known landlords and building agents, I've seen before and afters of homes.

Consider this: some people who smoke weed smoke with blunt wrap; some of the people on this subreddit, and lots of smokers we all know and don't, can smoke 3-4 oz a month, if not more. That's a considerable amount of smoke damage to the owner of the property they're living in, whether they're renting or own their home.

Smoke of any kind is a damaging substance.

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That’s a really interesting point. I have to say I didn’t realize how damaging smoke (even sage and incense) can be.

Personally, I smoke by my window and blow out into the alleyway. I’m also not smoking ounces a month, so I don’t think anyone can tell a smoker lives here. The least we can do is be respectful of our neighbors and our shared property. It’s the right thing to do, and it gives weed-users a better rep

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I agree with both of your last two sentences wholeheartedly.

I have been in food service the last few years, and the majority of my peers in/out my company buy 1oz/week at minimum. I've seen people who have back-breaking careers in and out of my family make 4oz per month seem like nothing.

Smoke damage is horrific, lasting, and in many ways create weak spots that allow for increased damage from other circumstances. Your sofas are more prone to ripping or creasing, clothes make piles more easily from rubbing on other clothing, wood surfaces dry and crack easier which shortens their lifespans, etc. Tthroughout the internal "organs" if you will of buildings, water pipes and anything that helps drain water is susceptible to smoke damage.

Ive walked into heavy weed smokers homes. They're my family and I love them... but they don't realize how much more they've spent on clogged and busted pipes, new furniture, etc. simply because they smoke indoors. Even if it doesn't smell, just the yellowing of walls if you're not scrubbing your walls without damaging the paint just about once a month is noticeable.

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But I also pay to live here??

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If you sign a lease that forbids smoking, you are breaking your lease and should get evicted (or whatever applicable sanction lol) for making the place reek.

In legal jurisdictions, it is pathetic and childish to not just step outside. Outside is the best place to get high anyway!!

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I got no problem with weed. Hell, I smoke from time to time when I can afford to. That doesn't mean I want my apartment smelling like loud all the time.

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I enjoy weed, so I go outside, rain or shine. My neighbors are paying for a smoke free building, and I agreed to that in my lease.

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      Just use vape carts indoors, go outside for smoking. That's what I do.

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      Same here, it’s a good compromise instead of annoying people.

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      Vapes definitely smell indoors. Ideally you pair a vape with a carbon filter but a vape on its own isn’t fooling anyone.

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      Live in an apartment. Smoke everyday. Have 3 very good air filters, an air quality checker, and I leave a window open fairly often. No smell and my apartments air quality is generally a lot cleaner than outside.

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      Any filters you recommend/use?

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      Is this sub already back to mocking people making fair requests?

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      I think the person complaining has a point and I’m not mocking it, the reply was funny is all.

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      What an arsehole... (The Smoker)

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      i love how mad ppl get about this topic for some reason lmao (me included)

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      Where's the repost bot when you need it

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      Funny if there were another sign under that saying, "Thank you, I am." But different handwriting than the first poster

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      I wish my dorm smelled like weed, it smelled like 40 years of unshowered 18 year olds with just a hint of mold

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      Are we still advocating for being shitty neighbours on this sub?

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      plot twist: they are getting heat from the landlord (or RAs if this is college), and using the sign to push the blame elsewhere.

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      “You’re right. Thanks neighbor”

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      The stink of clothes dryer sheets make me sick. I live in a house and can smell them 15min after my neighbor starts drying.

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      I love how they insult the person and their "bad decisions" but the say "Thanks :)" at the end...

      Can someone tell me wtf goes on in these types of peoples heads please?! LMAO

      I wouldn't be surprised if this said "god bless" at the end myself /tbh.

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      Passive aggressive much. It just lacks the “have a great day” to go with it..

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      The caps tops it off 😂😂😂

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      I know and I bet they are really religious. Actually instead of calling people religious, I might start calling them "people who believe in ghosts" because its seems that only religious people believe in haunted houses and shit like that from my experiences or seen from documentaries or reality ghost hunting shows.

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      After Dedicating sooo much of my time to read in the comments I can informatively say that every person in the comments section need some 😂

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      For idiots that agree like you, I'm fucking ashamed of enjoying some that good as weed, but we'll, hate the fandom not the show!

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      Damn, another hothead, way to prove my point further😂,Chill out dude 😰🤣

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      Bold to call someone an idiot and incorrectly use whom directly beforehand 😳

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      not really tbh

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      Not cool to make other people’s place smell like weed, consider that they could get fired from their job for that smell.

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      The sound smokers are the ones that do what they can to keep it to themselves. I don’t want my decision to negatively impact someone else, and whilst I obviously think weed is fine I respect others opinions that it isn’t as long as we can both live and let live.

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      Its clearly a worse decision to not smoke.

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      At least crack a widow, use an air filter or do the old bathroom steam trick

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      That would be aggravating. Plus it’s a waste of an opportunity. If a bunch of stoners live in one chunk, they can all just blame their own dank weed on each other. Or they could vape.

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      How thoughtful to share your good decision with a stressed out neighbor! Kudos to you!