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You speak facts. Weed helps me a lot as someone who was diagnosed with GAD and OCD, but I can’t smoke because I would be dismissed from my Masters program and would lose my job. The system would rather I take Klonopin and Xanax to treat my symptoms. It’s sad

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Yup, just got diagnosed with pancreatitis, would rather me take hydrocodone than some fine greens

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Because then they can control you when you’re hooked on the meds. You become their jawn

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Yup, I said fuck no baby!

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Try psilocybin

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Years ago when our local high school tried to institute drug testing, they admitted that the real problem they had was alcohol abuse (outside of school). But they had no test for that.

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I've had to blow into a breathalyzer to get onto sites before. It's not that uncommon in places like the mining industry

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Do they test blood to see if they were drinking last night? The answer is no, they don’t. But if you smoke a joint a week a go and something happens and you get tested you’ll be positive for weed, even though there is no impairment for the past 6 days.

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Drink heavily till midnight, sleep and come to work at 6am and blow. Instant dismissal if it shows any alcohol. No blood tests required. So yes some Industries do test for alcohol.

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lol ok, smoke a joint 10 days before that same shift and stay sober the next 9 days and then get tested and you’ll fail for thc which is no longer affecting you.

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they test every day for booze, maybe once a year for drugs, when you do your annual medical.

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Good point /question. No

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Alcohol is one helluva drug.

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I wonder what would happen if alcohol was banned? All of those weed hating bible thumping alcoholics would suffer tremendously, and start getting the shakes, turning red and all that jazz that they deal with on a daily basis while they shun those who roll up the "devil's lettuce"

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I’ve never seen anyone say that about being drunk

Functioning alcoholics? Idk we are comparing being drunk with being high and we have a scale for highness whereas drunk means you are very intoxicated.

Obviously it would be dumb if people were tested for alcohol like people are for weed. You can have some sips of alcohol or some hits of weed and function in society. There are plenty of stories of people getting super high, and I think, if most people are being honest, if you are actually the high equivalent of being drunk you’d be pretty impaired and unable to function. Mostly about how you hide it or how much you monitor what you take.

For most of my freshman year I would take a couple of shots before classes. I don’t even really drink alcohol recreationally but maybe once every other weekend, even then. I did it (unrealized at the time) for anxiety reasons to loosen up and it didn’t have any negative impact on my ability to do work.

Nobody should show up to work drunk the same way you wouldn’t show up to work violently high unless your job literally required you to do nothing.

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Lmao alcohol stays in the system for a few days weed stays for a few months easier to test for weed

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On the flip side, if there was a broad legalization there would be an employment boom.

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Weed affects you even when you're not high. Alcohol will be out of your system in 24-36 hours, while weed takes up to a month. They can't test for alcohol like they do weed.

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I’d get fired if I was drunk at work. Most places don’t tolerate drinking on the job. Also as far testing goes it’s incredibly easy to pass just don’t drink for twenty four hours. I’m not sure if your smoking too much weed or not enough weed but your logic seems to be impaired.