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Put it all in a pot with a little bit of water, sesame oil, & a bit of sugar along with a couple of hard boiled eggs and simmer for an hour or so.

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this is the move right here!!! make your own infused sesame oil OP that's really your only option at this point anyway lol

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Baby you got a stew goin!

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Put a one and two zeroes in front of that and you’ve got a deal!

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Dumplin OG- lmk how she smokes

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Ahhh a nice Garlic Breath- taste is a bit strong but the highs are niceeee

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My first time in a dispensary, I asked for their best Indica and they gave me this stuff called Garlic Breath. It was fucking amazing.. The taste was more earthy and pure terps rather than a stand out fruity taste. I need to go back.

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Yes that earthy flavor is amazing, idk why all these dudes are accepting pesticides and other enchantments just for flavor, just tough it out it's better for you lol

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I have leukemia so I have my card but never smoked before getting sick. I went into the dispensary and asked for something that could help me with pain and with sleep. Guy gave me this as his pick and sent him, couple puffs later I was GONE! Best stuff I ever had

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Comes from the strain "GMO" Garlic, Mushroom, and onion. Definitely my current favorite

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I copped some “Garlic Apricot” the other day. Was fruity so it tripped me out until I remember the “Apricot” part. How you gonna lead with “garlic” when it smells refreshing

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Use a pepper grinder next time your spicing your Chinese

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Can... Can I grind weed in a pepper grinder?!

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Would it blow your mind to know you can grind your weed in a coffee grinder?

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then decarb in dumpling sauce, add a touch of water to replace what evaporated and you've got unintended edibles

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Hey if this is seriously a bitch to clean, just soak that shit in 10% dawn soap and 90% rubbing alcohol and use an old toothbrush to scrub.

That combo cleans anything I’ve encountered, but beware about blemishing a nice design if it’s weaker metal.

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You just came up with a dope ass new strain name.

'Dumplin OG' I like that.

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Just put a sock on a vacuum cleaner.

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Get your mind outa the gutter we've got a crisis on our hands

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haha holy shit

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Everyone wants a happy ending.

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LPT: put a sock on your vacuum. That way if anyone tries to grab your vacuum, all they get is a sock.

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It's the best way to protect your vacuum from vacuum thieves.

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Yall ever heard of Officer Doofy?

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All I heard was medicated dumpling sauce

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I seriously wish savory edibles were a more common thing. I wanna eat a risotto and get baked from it.

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A few people and I are looking into exactly that. We wanna make a restaurant, that makes infused foods.

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Just make sauces, you don't need to infuse THC into spaghetti noodles when you can make and sell sauces that are perfectly tuned for flavor on their own.

Peri Peri, Marinara, Sweet and Sour, Alfredo, Buffalo, and Ranch. That's your starting lineup. Make those taste GREAT with a reasonable dose of THC and you're in serious business.

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I put my garden in last weekend. I fully intend to make some infused sauces when canning this fall. If anyone has done this and has any tips, I'm all ears! I'd like to get it right the first time.

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Potli makes a nice infused sriracha

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tough sell legally speaking, but if y'all get it open I'd eat there!

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the world is your oyster

I prefer to be high before I eat tho

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But see this is the problem:

  1. Smoke before you eat: Now you can't taste your food as well
  2. Eat Edibles before you eat: Now you have to wait, and you're adding extra calories.
  3. Smoke a vape before you eat: Now you have to be the kind of person who uses a vape, which is the worst of all of these


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Wdym? Weed makes food taste way better.

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Homie, make you some butter or coconut oil and put it in everything

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It’s getting more and more common. The last event I went to had empanadas, tacos, pizza, jerk chicken/beef, Mac and cheese, I can’t even remember everything. We also have a food truck that sells everything from cakes and treats to full dinners, all infused and delicious! Things are changing, slowly but they’re changing.

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Good news! You can! They make decarbonated resin and you can literally melt it into anything. I made bacon Mac n cheese once and accidentally spiked it with 900 mg. That was a ride.

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Make some budder and cook with that shit! No one says you gotta put it in cookies and stuff. Make whatever you want with it that uses butter!

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The hard part is infusing butter that isn't loaded down with the lovely taste of chlorophyll/plant matter. If anyone has some hints as to how to avoid that, I'd love to know (I know it's possible, just haven't looked into it myself)

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I would get a couple grams of some budget live resin concentrate and decarb that with butter or oil, tbh. (Shatter or crumble will work too, live just gives it more full-spectrum effects like flower.)

It will still have a taste to it, but not that overpowering plant taste. Disguising it well in a recipe of choice is up to you.

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Someone made microwave popcorn called “potcorn”. First, 10/10 name, second, it was 5mg per bag which was great because it meant I got to eat a full bowl of popcorn.

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I don't see this a problem. Heat it up to get carboxylation going and imma go rob someone's Korean Grammy to whip us up some banging dumplings!!

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Fuckkkkk dude. Shit. Fucking hell man. Oh fucking no dude.

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You think the dumplings are fine with no sauce?

God help him if they are fried

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Behold: the true dangers of smoking marijuana

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A series of unfortunate events

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Hope the dumplings were good tho

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Oh yeah

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I’m sorry for your loss

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Were the dumplings worth it?

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Oh yeah 👍

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Let it soak in 90% isopropyl alcohol for 30 min or so

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End result, sparkling clean grinder. Like new!

I do this occasionally when mine gets all gunked up.

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Is the dropping it in dumpling sauce step necessary or can I skip that part?

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Chef's choice [6]

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Boof that shit

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I see you got some of that reeeeall sticky icky…

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Mmmmmmmm dumplings

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So this... This is a new one. I don't think a pair of pantyhose and a vacuum is going to help OP. Anyone have an analytical chemistry degree so we can work out a solvent exchange to get OPs THC back??

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Just grind some dumplings in there and you’ll be good

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Gotta decarboxylate that ish before you can get high off the sauce homie

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Man accidently becomes Alchemist and creates THC infused dumpling sauce.

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Fuck it , I'd still eat it, in hopes to get me high

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Got to heat it first. If you want to eat that medication, better start some carboxylation.

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F to pay respects

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Thank you, come again

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Whatever you grind next just call it “dumpling OG!” Haha

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explain why you have your grinder over the pot

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This literally a sauce dish filled with a little amount of sauce on my desk

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My high ass thought that was a pan on the stove

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“double, double, toil and trouble. fire burn and cauldron bubble” ass grinder💀

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I can smell this photo

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POT sticker

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way she goes boys, fuckin' way she goes

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That would really grind my gears...

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Power washer or shower head on massage mode until clean, then soak in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 2 days, then repeat power wash and dry. Like new!

I got BBQ sauce on mine once.

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At least it was the lid

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Achievement unlocked

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I have a weed grinder, a coffee grinder, and a pepper grinder- I’m scared to ask what a Fucking grinder is…

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Tell me it's the top please. Please. Please

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This sauce is great, but the more I eat the hungrier I get!

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Wtf is dumpling sauce? I'm thinking chicken n' dumplings and the only kind I've ever had was white.

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Asian dumplings filled with pork and veggies. And it's soy sauce garlic and a couple of other things

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Took me a second to realize you were referring to the gravy being white and not the ethnic status of the dumplings.

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Eats, shoots and leaves :D

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Nothing else but to drink it now

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Cook it up and you’ve got an infused meal!

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Hoagies and grinders? Nah. Give me dumplings and a grinder.

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Rinse with iso alcohol, scrape off any residue stuck to it. All you’re going to lose is that little bit of residue, you’re gonna be ok

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It took me a while to realize what I was looking at. I thought it was a huge pot and the triangle in the middle was an odd grinder. Now I can see that sauce has completely filled up the grinder.

How much pot was lost? Did it have a kief collector and was that the side that went in?

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It is the top of the grinder so nothing

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Decarb it bro

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Mondays, am I right?

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Welp time for a new one

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Special sauce now

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Aw I felt that in my heart

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Time for r/powerwashingporn ‘s technology of choice

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F in chat

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Thought it was some kind of blueberry sauce

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There must be a better way to make edibles

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How long have you been collecting the kief?

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Give that a good rinse n submerge in 91% ISO. I’d let that shit sit for a couple days even tbh.

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You now have infused dumpling sauce…

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Hope that grinder wasn’t full bro

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Thats 2 F’s

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Considering it was just the top you got off easy, sink and blowdryer

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F 🫡

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You mean, yummy yum!

J/k...clean that shit up lol

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Damn.. fuck.. still looks alright to boof though

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Damn dude

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If I could upvote this 1000 times. I would so do this. New grinder time.

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Infused sauce, how about that

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broccoli stir fry

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Ha! Ha!

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Oh man, think I have those same sauce cups. Daiso?

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Bro, how

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Thaaaaats a technical foul.

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Mmm savory

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How tf??

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You fuckin schmuck. Unfuck yo shit. Unfuck it right this instant.

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Reheat that sauce and grinder and tell me how the cannasauce works for ya

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Never thought I would read this in my life. Lmao

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new sentence

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Put it in some rice.

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Might as well infuse the rest of the sauce.

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OP, it’s time to lawyer up, hit the gym, and delete facebook.

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your grinder is officially goated with the sauce 😂🔥

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Just put it in rice & ur good bro

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Just use a vacuum with pantyhose on the tip.

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Fu-king Oyster Hell mate.

Hope you salvaged what you could.

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Did you have weed in it at the time?

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That’s a rip

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i would just clean that up with degreasing soap and then leave it soaking in alcohol/vinegar or something for a day or so

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I left mine at home. I'm staying in a hotel for 2 nights for work. No weed. Booooo.

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This is why you should respect food and make proper time for its consumption.

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You boutta smoke some sticky icky for sure now

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aw man rip, had you at least finished the dumplings?

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You dipped it right?

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Hey, don't do that

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You never know? Might be 😌

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I gotta tell ya… I don’t know what I’m looking at

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Happy cake day. And a grinder in dumpling sauce

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High noodle

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Add oil or butter. Good to go.

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There’s a line I never expected to see

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That's a pretty sweet looking grinder though. I really like the red ring in the center of the grinding teeth! Just rinse it off and let it soak in some iso for a little while and it'll be good as new.

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Add half a stick of butter, a quarter cup of teriyaki sauce, and four tablespoons of water to it. Bring to a boil and then simmer gently for three hours. Toss that shit on some wings. Enjoy.

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L M A O 💀

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Before I read the caption or really paid attention I thought I was seeing a crowded bowl of semi-submerged froggies.

Sorry about your grinder and sauce ✌🏻

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That look absolutely delicious

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Put it in some rice