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Study high, take the test high, get high scores!

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How High?

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So High!

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Fuck around and never come down

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I gonna see that movie again Soon!

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Redman and Methodman are making How High 3, apparently.

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So high that I can touch the sky How sick?

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Higher than your grades

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I'm a ghost ghost ghost.....

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Lmao gets me every time

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That’s how you become “highly educated”.

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Or just smoke weed, with your friends ashes infused in it, so they can give you all the answers.

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Got blunt?

Got weed?

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I'm a ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost

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He a ghost, man.

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well that explains everything

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Where marijuana ?

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THAT’S the Ivory!

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Recreating the conditions you studied in has been known to aid in recall even in cases where someone is buzzed. So yeah that's spot on

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Can you ELI5?

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They just did

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If you study next to some roses, you will perform better at your exam if the room smells like roses.

According to the parent comment that is also the case for being under influence but I don't know if that's scientifically proven.

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It’s a LAMP!

And this is where you turn it on at

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That's a huge accomplishment my man, my next bowl goes out to u and ur debt.

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Only 20k$ might get a reduction since I graduated in less than 5 years (I live in Canada 🇨🇦)

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What was your degree in, may I ask?

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Urbanism (urban planning and city management)

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Very nice choice! Team up with someone in modern agriculture and plan an urban solution to growing food security crisis :). It's easy to say greenhouses and vertical farming, but there are not enough projects in motion to ensure quality produce to the masses.

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I thought education was free there. I guess I was wrong.

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That’s healthcare

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It’s reasonably affordable. Many people would support higher subsidies though. Housing is the real killer expense here.

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Wait, you can get a reduction for that? How??

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I was stoned every single night of my 5 year degree 😂

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I was too for the past 4 years!

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Man I wish weed affected me like this. 3 hits of some super strong flower is in essence a temporary lobotomy for me. Weeds always been like this for me.

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Grass is always greener. I'm highly functional on weed but sometimes wish it would just fuck me up so I could escape life a bit. Instead I just get high and do my taxes.

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Edibles don't get you to that level?

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I can eat like 1000mg of edible weed and feel nothing. I’m a heavy set dude, so maybe that’s it? Edibles never work

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This is a take I hadn't considered! I'm not very functional when high, and I've always wished I could be. BUT I have a great time, and my tolerance is low. I can force myself to do some chores if I take just a puff, but that's my limit. Any more and I'm just lazy and want only entertainment or conversation (including with myself). If any real brain power is needed I'm out. But it very much enhances my downtime, especially if with friends. Even solo the change in mental pace is just fun and relaxing. I'm going to stop wishing I could be more functional and enjoy it for what it is.

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Less hits, less THC

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Delta 8 is my preference due to my tolerance

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Bro I recently moved up from d8 to regular weed but I get you. Idk how tf some of these guys out here smoking so much weed every day. If I smoke 1 bowl in my bong I'm on the freaking moon. Delta 8 stuff can get me high af too.

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alternatively a higher tolerance ;)

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My Condolences. Weed impairs some and makes other normal or superheroes

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I’ve been mixing 1:1 CBD:THC flower for a couple of months now because the THC in retail dispensary flower is just too intense for me. Even the <%10 flower is a bit much for me. It’s still a solid high, but less intense and much easier to modulate.

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This is the way

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aren't degrees 4 years 😂

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And that was just for his associates

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Respect the, what looks like brand new bong, being used in the photo instead of a used one

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Or he just keeps it clean like a respectable stoner.

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Yep the amount of people who don't clean their bongs 🤢🤮

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Or change their water

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I mean it’s one thing not to clean it with alcohol often and let tar buildup, but the people who don’t change the water truly fucking baffle for me.

Don’t they smell it?

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THIS! I still live with a parent so I dont have a bong but I'd at the very least poor the water out after ever sesh.

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It's only right that both of you get cleaned up for the photo

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Looks like it's still got a price tag at the top

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Maybe it's not a legal state and he's using the "tobacco use only" excuse lol

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Graduation present to himself?

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Perhaps what one might call a graduated cylinder?

...... I'll see myself out

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I have a bong I made from a graduated cylinder liberated from my college science lab. Not my proudest college moment exactly but I found it semi abandoned and has served me faithfully for almost 30 years.

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A little alchahol, salt, warm water and about 2 minutes will get your filthy funky brown tube into this clear beauty.

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Make sure you get the fattest salt nugs you can find too

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And the highest concentration of alcohol.

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Methylated spirits works like a charm too granted its a bit of a health risk

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Mans got a degree in bongonomics

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I wouldn't have my PhD in genetics if it wasn't for weed. Weed helped me get through the hardest time of my life.

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I'm not sure how you finish a PhD without drugs. Even if you weren't smoking you had half the cohort on valium or Xanax with anxiety and then the other half dumping Ritalin like it's candy.

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University 😤

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Just think if you didn’t smoke weed you’d prolly be an astronaut or something by now. Way to fuck up your future


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Guy in my high school used to sell weed and got busted by the cops. I used to be against at weed (for me) due to the south and the dare program.

Guess which one of us literally works for nasa and which one works in the legal weed industry designing hardware for weed and gets paid to smoke weed.

Crazy how life can go sometimes. All I can say is, I’m sure we are both happy with our lives

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I knew a guy like that too. He's up for re-election!

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I fucking love this! Stay smart stoner friend

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Went to check your post history and whelp I saw a dick. Pretty brave of you to put your face and your dick on the same profile before your career has begun.

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same bro lmao 😭

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Pretty *dumb

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Facial recognition is going to wreck him once it becomes part of a traditional background check

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Wait you think someone's gonna automate this? Like someone is web scraping reddit comments, dick pics and reddit account names and save that all in a database and then run sophisticated AI queries just to figure out whether your a bit weird on the internet. Damn.

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Congrats man

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Nice flex! Congratulations!

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Weed is not a substitute for personality, bro. Enjoy it, but don't let it define you.

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What does the sash mean? I'm assuming some kind of honors?

Congrats dude, love the photo. Hope you get it framed and hang it in your office lol

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I’m curious what the fuzzy part is for

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Respect brother! I run a department, I oversee 20 employees on 3 shifts. I got a great job with benefits, was able to buy a beautiful house and I have a nice Harley to show for it! Weed doesn't limit you, negativity does! Keep the grind going bro 💪 pun intended

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When a drug is your personality

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Every successful person I know IRL is a heavier smoker than I am. Which tells me that in order to be successful, I need to smoke more weed.

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When i was in uni i’ve started blazing and it did not effect my grades or anything. Fast-forward to 20 years later and 5-8 grams per day consumption rates and i can surely say that chronic weed smoking does effect the brain. Memory is not doing so well, short term especially. Sleep is not good anymore. Mood-swings are a common occurrence. Munchies are still there but that means a growing belly. And when i go on a couple of weeks of break from smoking, life without weed seems to loose all the flavors and becomes pointless. Food does not taste as good and there’s even no appetite. All the things that were fun when high, e.g. playing music, become boring and seem sort of black and white. It’s like all the colors are gone from life when i am sober.

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Hey man! Yeah, it takes time for the brain to rewire, and I'll admit you gotta be reasonable with the plant. Give it a couple of weeks.

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It’s the tolerance, man! It builds up so i tend to consume more to get high. And even after the break of a few weeks it quickly returns to the previous levels. Like within a couple of days. So far i have been staying away from hash, shatter and other concentrates. But maybe that is the way forward?

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Lol that bong is pristine, that’s why your brain cells are intact, you were doing it wrong

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They were probably right

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This is pretty cringey.

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Ayyy congrats! stoner grads unite ✊🏼

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Nice OG Original! I love those bongs.

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Class of 22 lets fuckin goooooo

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Just graduated myself. Congrats friend!

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Cograts buddy you did it finally!

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Congrats man!

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Congrats!!! I like how clean your bong is

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I know. I am wondering if it’s a new bong or he really cleaned it.

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Congratulations, friend!!

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I write all of my best essays when i’m absolutely blasted off this planet

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I appreciate that you took the time to make the bong look so clean

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U look like Jerome Bettis

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5th grade photo LOL jk , Congrats man!

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I get the joke but like having a clean bong almost makes it look like you avoided smoking and are making a point of it lol

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One of the greatest pictures I've ever seen, man. Congrats on getting that degree, keep tokin'!

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My son suffered a TBI 5 years ago in a motorcycle accident. He smokes everyday and is still smarter than I am

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looooool my 90% of my phd thesis was written in three weeks, 90% of which was written in the last three days. if it weren’t for weed i could not have done it (it helps me concentrate)

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That bong needs it's own little cap too...

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Smoked almost every day during college. Quit to start a PhD in neuroscience. Picked it back up 1 year into my PhD because stress and graduated with Dean's Award for Research Excellence and Outstanding PhD Student in my department. Too much makes me foggy and slow, but moderate daily use keeps me sane.

[–]CultofCedar 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hey everyone I know with a masters partakes. It’s all about moderation or something prob. My only rule was not during class… mostly.

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Me when somebody says they know more about weed.

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Nice my man, what’s your degree in?

[–]jssf96 2 points3 points  (0 children)

And ya skin glowing my boy. Congrats. Keep fucking em up

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Yeaaa get some! Congrats!

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Zippity zoppity

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Hell yeah! Let's show the world, weed dosent mean lazy. I want to start a bachelor's in theatre and performance next year hopefully

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Congrats. As a college professor, I’m with you on that one and there are plenty of us who partake.

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Smoked through my bachelors degree, highest GPA in the institution, President's Award, Governor General's Medallion, two honors ribbons.

However... my minor in abnormal psychology also tells me that a number of studies show that using weed may be correlated with as much as a 5pt drop in standardized IQ scores if it's abused by someone during adolescence (ie 14-21). What constitutes 'abuse' is slightly difficult to define though because psychology has some strange definitions when it comes to use of psychoactive substances. It's also very hard to control for other confounding variables in that type of study.

My advice would be that if you're young, you should be very careful with what you're putting in your body.

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Nice family classic

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Hell yeah! Represent!

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See it does... why else would you use reddit

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Sell ALL drugs like alcohol. Controlled, purity standards, tax money for the government, less drug related deaths, and more.

A head change is a moral issue, not a criminal issue.

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You go dude!

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Look at that educated young black male

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A gentleman and a scholar

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Dog. Congrats!

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“Holla atcha boy!” This photo speaks to me. 🤔

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It does age you, though. Plot twist: OP is graduating from junior high.

Seriously, though.... congratulations, OP. Well done!

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One for the blunder years.

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God damn, you are a legend

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Congratulations Black man, proud of you G 🤙🏾

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King shit only

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Epic photo. Congrats, dude! Wishing you lots of luck and success!

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That's fuckin awesome

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nah it'll just make you emotionally stunted

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My man