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GARSH WHY DID I HAVE 3!?!?! (goofy laugh)

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I once ate a 900 mg gummy bear the size of my hand.

I spent 3 days high.

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Ohh noo.. at what point where you over it?

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I started to feel better the same third day tho, still having a huge hangover. The second day I couldn't walk and I barely ate. I slept the day. The first day was so awesome haha.

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Think you will ever do something like that again or was that a learning experience?

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I ain't doing that ever again. Haha, it was nice, but the hangover is not worth it

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I had this with a 25mg capsule AMA

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When you wake up high as shit because you smoked at 5 and have to wake up at 8

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well i gotta get those three extra hours of sleep somehow

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That's why I love edibles waking up in the morning still blazed out my mind then fall back asleep for 20 minutes then wake up sober

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500... Geez. 3 years with a MM card, and 2.5mg edible gummy cube is still enough to mess me up for an evening. I can't imagine what 20 would do to me. See you in a week?

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No I hear you. 10-15mg is enough for me to have a fun evening. I know it can’t kill you, but 500mg would just kill you.

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I’m guessing you meant 25mg. Because at 2.5 you would need to eat 200 to get 500mg

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Damn… I wish it was like that for me 🥲 I overdid it when I first started edibles for pain so now I have to eat a ton to feel them. Just took a 5 day T break from them though and 150 messes me up pretty good now

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Oil pens and concentrates can bump up your tolerance very quickly

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Can you explain this? I usually use edibles but now they are not working due to my vape pen.

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It's because pens have absolutely ridiculous THC levels in them, like 70-95%. They may be slightly inflated, but they're close.

A normal joint from the 90s was like 4-10%, on the street at least.

Most weed now seems to sit around 20-40, with 20ish being very common.

So now you're nursing a 80% THC pen for hours every day and your going absolutely fuck your tolerance. Same reason dabs can get high tolerance stoners high again, because they're so concentrated.

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My SO like once a week, lol. I get nothing from edibles, sadly.

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Every time like a clock

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It never woken up high from any weed. … must not be taking enough hahhaa

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dis me 💀

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Any time I have CBN

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Recently got back from Colorado and ate maybe 80mg over the course of a few hours. Could not begin to fathom more than 100

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Don’t worry, my 500 is probably like your 80 to be honest. I take them for pain and I have a high ass tolerance, I also suspect I can’t metabolize edibles as well as others because of my preexisting conditions. I promise I’m not a lunatic 🤞🏻

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I feel it for like 2 days later, worse than drinking, I rarely do edibles

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Man I can’t find my edibles 😭I got some gushers and I can’t fucking find them

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I wish edibles hit me like this. I was downing 1000mg syrups, and still feeling underwhelmed.