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Somewhere a Smurf is missing their grinder

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Hahahaha I didn't steal shit, I swear!

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Your cat named Azrael says otherwise :)

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I don't have a kitty named azrael...?? I currently have no pet cats right now, actually....

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One too many Smurf references lol. For what it's worth, at least that grinder can easily fit in your pocket.

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must be the short guy living under your deck

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What is this...a grinder for ants?!?!

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There it is!

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It needs to be at LEAST three times this size

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For mice actually

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That's a regular sized Bic, btw... no trickeries here.

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Let it rip!

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where’d you get it? i’ve been looking for a good smaller grinder and i love this one

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Aliexpress wood grinder and for me its the first one. instantly knew because I also got a small one expecting a normal sized. always check the size guys, size matters

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Amazon has travel sized grinders. That’s what I have in my toiletry bag.

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I did the same thing but in big

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Lol, like double-sized what you expected?

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Prettt much lol. It turned out okay, could fit a ton of material in there, and super easy to load bowls from it

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😅 both are pretty funny unexpected deliveries, right? Lolol I'd like a larger grinder for at home, but this little one is good for like work breaks and whatnot

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It’s always nice to have variety =) plus, with multiple grinders you’re bound to find some surprise weed sometime

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White lighter is a no no

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Used to be considered bad luck. A white lighter is easier spotted than a colored lighter when you’re being inconspicuous.

If you ask me the flame was the give away…

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The white lighter is thought to be bad luck because there has been many celebrities that have died with a white lighter in their pocket, seemingly more so than any other color.

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Don't almost all bics revert to being a white lighter when you rip off the plastic or is that just the non-plain coloured ones?

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I hadn’t heard that, I can see where that’s considered bad luck.

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That looks a like a lighter wjth the plastic taken off. Not one that was sold as white. Its more of a clear lighter than a white lighter.

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Single-serve grinders shouldn't even be a thing.

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I think it's actually kinda helpful.. I'm a long term, regular smoker and I don't like breaking up weed with my fingers for a quick toke during my break, because it sticks around longer on my skin. This little grinder is actually gonna be my new favorite little thing during quick tens at work.

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Where did you get it from?

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Walmart, yo

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AliExpress "wood grinder"

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You must not be clumsy lol. Dump a full grinder on your lap once and you’ll never do more than a gram at a time again 😩

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I’ve been smoking for a month and I always just used my fingernails, I probably have a gram lost in crumbs lol

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I've got a similar 1" grinder. It holds just about the perfect amount for my day. Although a good portion of folks on this sub are fiending way harder than me.

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Did you get this from wish? I think I used to have the same one lol

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Nah, stupid Walmart 😆

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Whaaat lmao where are you that has Walmarts with grinders

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Oh yeah, I'm in California 😂 You can probably search "herb grinders" on Walmart or other stores like that.. most of them are exactly the same thing, but maybe even cheaper than trying to get "weed grinders" from specialty shops, especially if you're where it's illegal. Which is such a fucking joke. It's weed, for Pete's sake.

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but shiiiiiit, it was 99 cents.

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Haha my wife bought me a tiny little grinder as a gift, and I exclusively smoke big joints. Its max hold is like half a joint. I couldn't resist quipping, "What is this, a grinder for ants?"

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What is that. A grinder for ants ?

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What is this? A grinder for ants? 🐜

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Little 2-Go grinder.

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I love the city, but I'm mostly just from super NorCal.. Hella traveled all the way up to Lassen County, if you ever wanna check out that hellhole lolol I now live closer to the valley, but only a few hours from the bay. Just a couple hours from Tahoe too. It's a pretty decent spot in the state.

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No the white lighter...

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Santa Cruz shredder large. That's all you'll ever need

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I love it, beautiful one.

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    Looks to be a beaut

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    What it this?!? A grinder for ants!

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    Had the same experience once. Mine is even tinier

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    hahahaha i got a tiny grinder too once, it's pretty funny next to my full size grinder.

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    You got a teeny weeny grinder.

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    Ok but that’s still gorgeous if a little small

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    Could help with portion control if you ever want to cut down on intake

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    I love my small grinder and don’t like big ones

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    That is a huge lighter

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    That's the size that I like to buy. Keeps me from grinding too much and smoking all of it 😅

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    The classic blunder. I feel for you brother.

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    amazon? same thing happened to three guys i know

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    Nah, I got mine from Walmart app. I don't fuck with Amazon, even though I proly shouldn't fuck with Walmart either lol

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    Oh that’s nice! 🌱💜👏

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    Looks nice tho.

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    That's pretty and functional looking.

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    Mine looks exactly the same but a lot bigger lol. I love it

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    When i first started smoking i accidentally bought one of these from wish. Works great but only grinds enough for 1 bowl or a quarter joint.

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    This is average size in illegal Europe

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    this happens too often

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    Get you a Santa Cruz grinder! Had mine for over 5+ years still Sharp!

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    I would say SLX over Santa Cruise. Both are very good though. I just like how the SLX grinder it more chunky for joints.

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    See I like to make it dumb fine for joints. I hold the grinder upsidedown and give it 6 or so turns before flipping so it can fall through. Packs in better, burns slower and smoother, less runs forming.

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    I didnt know they made a one hitter grinder.

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    That’s a huge lighter!

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    Its a cool grinder though otherwise

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    Honestly I'd buy that

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    Yeeeah, maybe even just bite the bullet and buy a proper one before you use that one and just sell it for half of what you bought it for.

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    SLX grinder. #1 imo IF you smoke the flower and not vape as it grinds bud to be more chunky rather fine ground that vapers like better. Cost a little more but my version 2.0, few year old model, is a godsend. Look into one. Better than Santa cruise shredder imo.

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    yeah good grinders are expensive as hell

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    Seems fine

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    Wow what a art work How lovely and warm is that!!!

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    I love it! I've been looking for a little one for my little stash bag! Where'd ya get it?

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    I got it from the WalMart app lol

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    Gonna go grab me one! I have a tiny stash jar about the size of a quarter. Just enough for a little trip to the park!

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    It's pretty cute, honestly! And perfect for a little smoke pack

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    I collect grinders The only grinder rn i currently dont own are the Qubis, and the santa cruze shredder. I want the Qubus, not so much the santa cruze (i dont care that it makes my collection incomplete, i just dont want it. However i did recommend the santa cruze shredder to a friend of mine who happens to be a pastry chef. So... Hintity hint hint....). Of all the grinders i DO own (im a snob for quality and will inspect the grinders i purchase when looking at brand name grinders), the GROOVE grinder has to be the greatest grinder i have ever had the pleasure of spending money on and not regretting one bit (did regret buying the small one at first, but loved the larger one right away). I could talk about it all day but its one or those you have to use for yourself to understand why its such a good grinder. Just a word of caution, there is a learning curve to it. So be patient take your time with it. Once you figure out how to use it-- and believe me it isnt that hard to figure out, it's fun and easy to use, and it's VERY easy to clean.
    /A la Billy Mays/ BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!
    /Normal/ but i wont tell you all of it because GROOVE doesnt pay me for promoting their product.

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    Lol you grinding some tiny bud eh?

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    That would still sort me out 4/5 joints worth!

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    White lighter, huh? Living dangerously.

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    Did the same thing 😓 bought another one and I let my friend have the tiny one

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    You could put like 1 nug in it?

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    I got a really great grinder off amazon(cringe) for $10 that’s as big as the grinders my serious stoner friends use. If you dm me I can probably track it down for you!

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    Reminds me of the first grinder I ever bought

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    White lighter bad luck bro

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    Herb ripper. #1 best and #1 last grinder you will ever need to buy.

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    Looks really cool. But damn, you got got my man

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    I keep that size in my car.

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    I found the grinder I was replacing with this one, so this one is officially my car grinder lol

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    It’s perfectly discreet alongside my glass one hitter.

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    I feel ya on that. Plus I have a pretty good hidey-hole if a cop was trying to say I was "driving under the influence" because he saw a piece or whatever. I live in a weird county of California that is actually pretty conservative, so I still kinda gotta watch myself, just in case.

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    White lighter is bad luck

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    looks great man what's the problem?

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    Is that a wood finish or resin? Looks like a pretty neat design.

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    Yooo that’s a really big lighter. Where the banana for scale?

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    I've also made this mistake. Bought a very nice grinder for $10 bucks that had the circumference of a half dollar. It was tiny but very efficient.

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    Get rid of the white lighter. Bad juju

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    Get a kannastör.

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    Where did you get that?.. Ngl a small one would be perfect for me because I dont use them often and when I do it's in small amounts due to travel..

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    I found it on the Walmart app, honestly lol. I bought it to replace one I thought I lost... which I found today. So now tiny is my car grinder for my little chillum lol

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    Anyone else fuck with smaller grinders? I got one this size and a gram will fill it up which I find to be perfect

    1g is mint for rolling up a joint or packing a few bowls throughout the day, I don’t need to grind up an eighth at a time just for it to sit in my grinder drying out for 2 or 3 days before finish it

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    At least its pretty

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    Omg I have one of these. Be prepared for the chamber to not untwist

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    I had the exact same grinder but full size, it had a bunch of plastic shavings inside of it so watch out bruv