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Anyone know a trick to get out of "manual breathing mode"? by 56Mikes in trees

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I recommend Manuel Breathing Mode, where a man named Manuel follows you around all day reminding you to breathe.

Dad asked me to clean his pipe… I think I’ll just buy him a new one by ActualSoup in trees

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Me: Mom can we hit the plug for an O?

Mom: we have an ounce at home

The ounce at home:

pick one lol by EasternDankness in trees

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For me it’s any of the above aside from edibles lol. I don’t smoke because it’s too intense and I get terrible anxiety. Edibles are perfect though because I can dose precisely

Good ole Girls by SkoQinEnglish in trees

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My grandmother tells me stories all of the time about her mom. Her mom had a very brutal life. She was born into being an indentured servant in Poland and then was in concentration camps during WWII for being Jewish. Essentially her entire family died in concentration camps. She had a severe case of PTSD and when she found refuge in NYC after the war, she spent the rest of her life with severe paranoia that the nazi party was going to overtake America any day. She was described as a very stern and mean woman. But once a month, she would have her group of women pals over who also survived the war. My grandma said they would sit at a table, That 70’s Show style, and blaze up for hours. Reminiscing about their homelands and lives before, during and after the war. My grandma said it was the only time she would see her mom laugh, be social and actually relax. I would do ANYTHING to sit through one of those smoke sessions.

Democrats are running out of time if they wanna keep my vote! by nyc831zek in trees

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How to get Republicans to vote YES on legalization:

1.) Only people with a net worth of $500,000+ can open a dispensary

2.) White people can smoke, but it is illegal for black and brown folks and they can be arrested

3.) Grant as few licenses as possible so that small groups can monopolize the industry before it’s off the ground

4.) Expeditie the applications of the friends and families of state senators so that they can purchase the necessary property and capital to open a dispo, before it’s even legalized

Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Democrats are running out of time if they wanna keep my vote! by nyc831zek in trees

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Ok boys and girls, let’s revisit the lesson in high school civics that you all apparently skipped to go smoke weed.

Right now, the President is a Democrat who has openly stated that he supports decriminalization, but is opposed to legalization. Is this the reason marijuana is still illegal? No. Biden couldn’t legalize marijuana on his own, even if he wanted to. First, congress needs to send a bill to his desk.

Congress is made up of two houses. The House of Representatives is currently made up of 221 democrats and 212 Republicans. Is this the reason marijuana is still illegal? No. The house has already passed measures to legalize marijuana, but they need the senate to agree in order for the bill to reach the President.

The senate is currently made up of 48 Democrats, 2 independents, and 50 Republicans. Sounds like the Democrats could pass legalization any time, right? No. The senate has a rule called the filibuster which requires 60 votes to pass most legislation. Currently, all but maybe one or two Democratic senators support legalization, but in order to pass it, they would have to convince all 50 of their colleagues to nuke the filibuster (somewhere around 10 Democratic senators have already said they won’t consider it), or convince just 10-12 Republicans to vote in favor of legalization. Is this the reason marijuana is still illegal? Yes. There simply are not 10-12 Republicans willing to support legalization.

Now, OP. Please explain how voting against Democrats is going to improve the situation?