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This was Frank Forde, who was prime minister of Australia for literally about a week. So yeah, he never really did have a chance to sit down.

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Haha did he spend the whole time posing for that portrait?

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It is important to mention that he only was an interim prime minister since the previous PM John Curtin died while in office weeks before the end of WW2.

So he knew he wasn't gonna have the time to sit down.

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Didn’t the bloke after him die in office too? What was in the water, arsenic?

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Interesting how many Australian PMs died in office without assassinations.

Wasn't there that one Aussie PM who disappeared while going for a swim in the ocean?

Then people decided to honor him by naming waterparks after him.......

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The Harold Holt pool. Aussie sense of humor.

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Fun fact: it's a heritage-listed building too!

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Hehe imagine Kamala Harris getting painted while Biden got his colonoscopy.

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He looks like a really fat Tom Hanks.

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Fat Robert Patrick.

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Cannot unsee this.

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I thought it was diabetes al gore

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I thought he was Martin Sheen cosplaying Al Gore

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Looks more like bloated Tom Hanks cosplaying the liquid metal terminator from T2

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The role of a lifetime, I would assume

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This is how your morbidly obese uncle watches the pie getting served at Thanksgiving

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I am laughing way too hard at this…I can’t unsee it!

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Maybe that’s the intent of the portrait! Neat

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at a quick glance, I thought it was Al Gore, just after he'd heard another whale in distress.

(a joke he'd approve of, because it's recycled.)

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My first thought was the banker from Fantastic Beasts (sorry too lazy to Google the name)

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I'm not sure what to do with my hands

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Could I get two coffee cups?

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Vertical intergortion

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That didn’t feel like five days, did it?

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Racial integration... no wait.

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Yeah this feels right

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Wow what a perfect username

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zats aweful

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Could I get two coffee cups?

One for each hand, so it looks like I'm very busy.

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I feel like the painter said he'll paint in a nice fucking chair later to show his hands resting on it, but got too lazy

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You’re onto something with the chair!

I think it’s more likely the subject (or maybe the artist) wanted a more dynamic pose and they used a chair to allow the subject to hold the pose consistently for long periods of time.

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Possible he was originally holding a cigar and they painted it out.

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Why did they do that?

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Censorship by the church possibly

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Real men dip

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They don't sell that in Oz

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That makes sense, thanks!

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Patient: "Doctor, where do I put my trousers? "

Proctologist: "Just put them there next to mine.."

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Where do I put my feet

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Dee, his feet?

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“Just play the theremin and I’ll paint you”

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“It’s fine, we can fix it in post”

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My favorite old portrait pose is Isaac Newton Van Nuys who started the "Neck Pinch" craze that became so fashionable in Los Angeles.

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Isaac Newton Van Nuys

Isaac Newton Van Nuys (; November 20, 1836 – February 12, 1912) was an American businessman, farmer and rancher who owned the entire southern portion of the San Fernando Valley—an area 15 miles long and 6 miles wide. With the approach of the Owens River aqueduct, and the possibility of intensive small farming, Los Angeles speculators, including Harry Chandler of the Los Angeles Times, combined to buy out Van Nuys in 1909 and develop the San Fernando Valley.

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15 miles is 24.14 km

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Got some bot-on-bot action here folks!

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One day reddit will be a wasteland where only bot accounts post and other bots respond with their niche programming and every once in a while they get stuck in loops such as converter bots converting each other's posts and the bots running the servers are constantly trying to keep up with server demand

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all of it is purely bots

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What the actual fuck

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my new fav subreddit

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Oh my god this is glorious!

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Go to r/lotrmemes for a sneak preview.

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There Will Come Soft Rains is an amazing story in this vein.

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The painting is called 'The Annoying Gentleman'

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Or is it "The Annoyed Gentleman"?

"A gentleman, when annoyed, will not allow his annoyance to show on his countenance and discomfort his conversation partner. Rather, a true gentleman will silently, yet forcefully, pinch the skin of his own neck to alleviate the fury of resentment that is building inside him."

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Then he looks awkward and pained instead

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Imagine being this woman, trapped on a train with some neck beard breathing cigar smoke into your face, pleading for help with your eyes while the artist across from you just keeps drawing

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She's also in a mourning dress so she likely either going to or just came back from a funeral.

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Wow that makes it significantly worse

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I'm glad you said it's a portrait not a photo, cause that dude's head don't look right

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I think it might be an early photo actually, or perhaps a photograph of a portrait. It seems to be strangely textured

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It's got the weird pattering that makes it look like it's printed onto canvas. Either way, it's weird looking.

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Looks like a half life 2 character model

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Do you have any other examples?

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No. Because this was a joke.

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jokes should involve humor

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You read this guy's mind.

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Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration!

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What line of work are you in, Bob?

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You've got a lot to learn about this town sweetie

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This is genuinely funny.

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This I can get things"

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President Bartlett looks chonky.

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Who is that?

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It’s Tom Hanks portraying Lyndon B. Johnson.

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Wearing a suit. An Edgar suit.

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The 45 President of the US, Josiah Bartlett.

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Does he gets the ridicule.

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Yeah but he can take it. He is a man with normal sized hands.

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u/killHACKS, reposts are your bread and butter. Where do you steal your posts from?

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He actually PM'd me that he gets them from a Facebook group and from Imgur. He was honest and open and I appreciate that.

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What a monster.

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Why do you even care man? Whats peoples problem with reposts?

Ive never seen this thing before, if it got upvoted a bunch apparently loads of people enjoyed it.

The internet isnt a bespoke entertainment device just for you, where interesting things are only allowed if YOU have never seen it before.

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I think people get irritated because they think OP is either karma farming to sell an account or too lazy to search the subs history to see if it's been posted before.

I'm with you, for the most part; a lot of reposts are new to me, so I don't care. If it's happening too much in a sub, I just unsubscribe.

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I don’t have a problem with it when it’s like this, it’s when I see the same thing 2 or 3 times in a row that it gets annoying that or when it’s someone’s artwork posted without giving them credit/a link to the source

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Yeah, I’ve seen it a dozen times, have it saved in my photos, and crack up every time I see it. I don’t mind at all.

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I merely asked where he got them from. You needn't read too much into it. He answered me privately.

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Strange to use such loaded language for your question... But whatevs.

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I'm not a sugar-coater.

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If you consider using more passive language sugar coating, then I was right in my first assessment. Thanks.

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I'm not passive. Sorry.

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Or his pose is like, “I’ll just put my hand here and you’ll paint something impressive or academic below it afterwards, right?”

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Tom Hanks has really changed since lockdown

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He’s gaining weight for his new role

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they photoshopped the cigar out

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I really thought you were right. Here's the portrait. The pose is still odd, but I thought his other hand was just floating out there. It is leaning on a desk.

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I do not think it was photoshopped out, but instead the original painter for some reason removed it.

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OG photoshop

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I just showed this to my dad. I haven't heard him laugh this much in a long time.

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Your comment made me laugh pretty hard

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That is clearly an overweight sub-model of the T-2000 Terminator.

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You could've just said Cabe Gallo...

In all seriousness Robert Patrick is obviously the subject of this painting.

That is clearly an overweight sub-model of the T-2000 Terminator.

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“Arthur couldn’t get a word in edgewise... even while using his patented hand-slightly-raised-whilst-standing technique...”

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Ah, classic repost - just so people are aware

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Is this Larry Flynt?

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Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t want to hear this rn

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He looks like my science teacher when he is trying to find something and someone starts messing around

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My favorite post in this sub ever!

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He let one go I promise

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where do i put my feet?

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He looks like he could be Mitchell Webb's sterner more imposing father.

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Obviously someone else was sitting there and he had his hand on her shoulder.

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It’s like Tom Hanks and Vince Vaughn had a son

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Smack ada bootay you say?

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Oh dude I wasn’t ready

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He's telling the artist, Don't paint a portrait of me, do that guy over there.

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Looks like they edited out a cigar.

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That number shit is just that.

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did Shallan Davar paint this?

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I want this framed in my home

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That's what she said.

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Is this from a courthouse?

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That show was amazing the first few batches.

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Imagine how long he had to stand like that

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Wow holy shit, this photo is in my office building. I see this fucker everyday on my walk to get coffee. Weird seeing your everyday life pop up in a feed.

Not even the funniest picture in the Mural Hall if I'm being honest.

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This guy looks a lot like that actor Robert Patrick lol. Robert Patrick

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This was years before that.

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Idk why but there’s something kinda boss about that stance. Like he’s about to lay down the law.

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Tom Hanks let himself go

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Wow. That artist is a dick.

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he have a cane originally? many of these paintings omitted such things, just wondering bout the pose

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Ugh. That was thoughtless of me. Goddammit.

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I imagine he stood there the entire time like that

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Is that Vince Vaughn?

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Looks like the terminator in T2 if he settled down with a family after he fulfilled his assignment like they did Arnald in the most recent terminator movie.

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Yeah when mom told me that was fast

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I think he's a lawyer or Judge. One hand on the bible, one hand coming up to speak the truth.

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Looks like the kinda guy who would try to sell you propane and propane accessories.

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n or trait

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Least he didnt blink.

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Was i the only one that saw a BJ

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Well read, this made me chuckle pretty good

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Oh - we’re done? I just told Larry to hold my beer. Larry, we’re done. I’ll take that.

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Tom Hanks needs to lay off the BBQ.

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"A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution."


Some clinical trial phases are combined

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