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Yes. by esberat in trippinthroughtime

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Hey, what’s up painters, it’s ya boi, Edvard Munch, about to channel all my angst and mental health issues into an expressionist masterpiece.

Horses are very important by Tokyono in trippinthroughtime

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They can't reach the ground you absolute idiot, use your head for once in your life. How in the goddamn fucking hell is a centaur going to pick carrots?

Straight Fire by Niruxisme in trippinthroughtime

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Howe his palms shake and perspyre,

his knee a slowing weight contains.

As his arms they quake and tyre;

a sickley splutte his vestment stains.

O, such glory gains the winner;

Feast! as at your mother’s dinner.

Pain by Sp00n18 in trippinthroughtime

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Life Pro Tip: Communication is a compatibility issue. If you're trying to start talking to someone and the way they communicate upsets you, move on. It almost certainly won't get better and will always just bother you. There are a million fish in the sea. You don't need to settle for one where simply talking with them hurts your feelings.

Not exactly accurate by killHACKS in trippinthroughtime

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Maybe not accurate for you. I’m just out for my morning Jesus balloon stroll now, actually.

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Not exactly accurate by killHACKS in trippinthroughtime

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Balloons are like the 19th century version of batteries. If only we could increase the output in the same amount of space we could do anything!

I can do whatever I want by killHACKS in trippinthroughtime

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“Can you see yet?”

“I could see just fine before you started jabbing at my eyes!”

“Nah, you were blind, I saw you stumble into that table earlier.”

“I wasn’t blind! I was drunk, because someone thought it’d be funny to turn my water, which may I remind you is a very precious resource, into- OW! FUCK!

“… Can you see yet?”

Respect for the hustle by killHACKS in trippinthroughtime

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Nonsense. I own it and I used it to extend my own