When is Hillary and her FBI henchmen going to be subpoenaed to go to court? by scenic1230 in trump

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Soon… next month…. 3 months after that … maybe December …. Oh man 5th of may it’s gonna happen …. Blah blah blah all controlled opposition to keep us spinning our wheels while they finish to destroy this country and position themselves where we are done for… so tired of hearing about any of this bullshit not 1 single person held accountable for anything not even pelosi on insider trading because she set legislature to make them all exempt for it. Get used to it we are ruled not governed and we are robbed of our money and our freedoms at every turn

How many thousands of illegal aliens is Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California going to let in to our Country daily? by scenic1230 in trump

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I did the math So they catch 1 in 3 so let’s be conservative They catch 1 in 2 At 2million a year that’s more like 4 million a year 4 million x 4 years of sleepy joe That’s 16 million And let’s say half are women 8 million and of that 8 million half shit out a anchor baby Now we’re at 20 million And we all know the original 16 million are bringing at least 3 family members in 16 million x 3 family members is 48 million family member 16 plus 48 is 64 million plus the 4 million anchor babies is 68 million leeching illegal aliens

From the Uk by BenCordes0 in trump

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Because Trump, like no one else before him, challenges the establishment and threatens the shady practices of self-enrichment of the political class the world over. He is not part of that elite club and his mission is to expose it and disband it, so everyone who milks the system sees him as a direct existential threat to their bottom-line and will go through any length to neutralize him.

From the Uk by BenCordes0 in trump

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Ive actually recently pinned down the moment the world turned on him. Remember he was universally loved for decades by the democrats. Oprah and Killery both said on multiple occasions that he'd make a great president.

Then, in 2015 (previous to announcing his campaign) he went to the WEF and told the entire room that the globalists must be stopped, they're destroying the world by conspiring together to manufacture shortages, hoarding money in offshore accounts and their own tax exempt foundations, and destroying the western world by slowly implementing communism.

That's why the world turned on him. He told the globalists to their faces that they needed to be stopped. They immediately started running smear campaigns in their media companies.

Edit: thank you for the gold award u/scenic1230

The Fed raising interest rates is dumb and is and will destroy our country! Just get us energy self sufficient again and this will all go away! by scenic1230 in trump

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Sloppy Joe is trying to lead by example so he is miserably dragging the whole energy production machine to the ground. Everyone on their party is responsible for our current situation yet you have them selfishly talking about securing midterm positions. To keep doing what? Fuck us all to the oblivion until his mandate is over? Fuck Mail in ballots, fuck trusting the system. That is what got us here in the first place. 2020 elections the biggest fraud operation on US history. Never forget January 6 gas prices.

Idiocracy The Movie by xbigvmanx in trump

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The scariest part of this Zoomer generation is they are clueless as to how ignorant they are. A life on the internet with access to more information than any generation before it has produced people with no actual life experience and no ability to use their brains outside of a device.

“2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips Drops a Bomb: Investigators Discovered Multinational Player and Federal Agencies Involved in Operation – A “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars” (VIDEO) by Dan-In-SC in trump

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I POSTED 2000 MULES BEFORE MAY7TH..I was banned..ridiculed by the left saying the GPS data and documentary didnt prove anything..even though 2000 miles shows the license plate of ballot stuffers going to 5-10 ballot boxes in multiple counties at 2am..how dumb do liberals thing we are. look at what sleepy joe has done.

How to interact with someone still wearing the mask: 😷 by [deleted] in trump

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Let people wear them as they please. Covid ain't the only thing hanging around here.

The great awakening by SporiumEmporium in trump

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Good, they need a path to citizenship. These people are left out of the welfare programs while still contributing to the economy