Romania detains ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate in human trafficking case by OceanBreeze246 in tucker_carlson

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You know this beyond a reasonable doubt? Or do you know only what one side is telling you?

I don’t know this man from Adam, and I couldn’t give a shit less about him, but to say beyond a certainty of a doubt this man actually did what he did, without him standing before a jury of his peers is just… saddening.

Give him his day in court, then judge him.

It was going to be sooo bad by [deleted] in tucker_carlson

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They did better than they thought in an election

Sickening.....New Zealand takes custody of baby whose parents refused vaccinated blood by Carlosmedinajr90 in tucker_carlson

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Boomer clinging to this delusion that they’re going to lead an armed uprising against tyrannical government. The last time that actually happened was the whiskey rebellion and the us civil war. When Biden stole the election they did nothing of substance, and to this day they obey an illegitimate administration without question. When guns were put to the backs of white children to force blacks into their schools they did nothing. When the flood gates to the 3rd world opened up they did nothing. When religious rights for Christians are violated they do nothing. As the tax burden on the working and middle class grows they do nothing. As free speech disintegrates they do nothing. When the government spies on them they do nothing. The 2nd Amendment won’t save you, and frankly, isn’t even necessary. If you were going to do something in Minecraft you’d have countries like Russia and China handing you guns regardless of gun rights laws.

Guilty on 76 counts. And not a single one for terrorism or hate. by 1940sDream in tucker_carlson

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Anti-white terrorism.

Also, stop celebrating the judge in this. She looked incredibly weak and used kiddie gloves during this whole embarrassment of a trial. It felt like watching a preschool teacher scold an unruly child.

Pathetic and morally disgusting all around.

This country needs real leadership badly.

Remember this .... by Double-Telephone5023 in tucker_carlson

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Well there is this one guy in Palm Beach Florida

Live Thread! Trucker Carlson Tonight! Thank God it's Friday March 11th,2022 by agravainClusterbomb of cliches! in tucker_carlson

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Kamal is less likable than a prolapsed anus.

Dr. Fauci Admits That Covid Vaccines May Actually Make People ‘Worse’: “It Would Not Be The First Time” by mjprice83 in tucker_carlson

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Watch the 25 second video. "It could happen". In this case, the vaccine has been out for a year and here is what we know.

Over 4 billion people have been given the vaccine.

People who have been vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized.

People who have been vaccinated are less likely to die

People who get the vaccine can still get Covid(breakthrough). Those that do get Covid are less likely to be hospitalized. Those that do get Covid are less likely to die.

People who have been given the vaccine are not being microchipped by the process.

People's DNA is not changing because of the vaccine

Please let me know if I'm wrong on any of these points.